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South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Records

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Collection Summary


UA 5.3


College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Records


South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University




56.42 linear feet (56 record boxes, 1 document case)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item . College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Records, UA 5.3. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station's mission is one of the cornerstones of a land grant university. In addition to enhancing the quality of life in our state, our research directly supports the teaching programs offered by the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, the College of Education and Human Sciences, and the educational program delivered by SDSU Extension. The collection is composed of material generated by the stations and includes financial reports, general office records, research, institutional reviews, and publications, including some bulletins and circulars. Also included are files related to station biochemistry.

Historical Note

The Hatch Act of 1887 established the Agricultural Experiment Station. This act required all of the colleges established under the Morrill Act of 1862 to establish a department to be known as an "Agricultural Experiment Station." This station was to acquire and diffuse practical and useful information on topics related to agriculture for the people of the United States. Promotion of scientific investigation and experimentation was also a requirement of the act. An annual report was to be provided from all stations and periodic bulletins or reports of progress were to be distributed. Federal funds were provided for this venture, and in 1887, Dakota Agricultural College, as South Dakota State University was then known, established its Agricultural Experiment Station along these guidelines.

Today, much of the Agricultural Experiment Station research is done at Brookings, however, a considerable amount is conducted at six field stations and at the West River Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Rapid City. Field stations are maintained to conduct research designed to solve local or special purpose problems. Beyond this, research on farms and ranches, in wildlife areas, in streams and reservoirs, and with cooperating business and institutions results in research being conducted in nearly every county of the state.

The research function of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences results from carefully designed experiments providing a base of new knowledge and service to the citizens of South Dakota. This new knowledge is effectively used by farmers, ranchers, homemakers, industry, in the campus classroom, and in extension education programs throughout the state.

Research may be grouped in the following subject matter areas: livestock, crops and soils, community and public affairs, animal health, fertilizers, garden and orchard, home and consumer, water resources and irrigation, forestry, insects, farm machinery, marketing, business management, farm buildings, pollution, range and grass, fisheries, plant diseases, wildlife, sociology, and biostress in plants, animals and humans. Research is financed by state and federal appropriations, industry grants, and federal and state grants. Research results are published in Experiment Station or Extension bulletins, journals of scientific societies, and a quarterly publication, Farm and Home Research.

Contents Note

The South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Stations Records is composed of material generated by the stations and includes financial reports, general office records, research, institutional reviews, and publications, including some bulletins and circulars. Also included are files related to station biochemistry.

The administrative files are composed of general office records generated by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Folders contain newsletters, committee files, task force files, correspondence, brochures, programs, and financial data. In addition, the series contains reports of the Agricultural Experiment Station during the time period of 1907-1916. This information should also appear in the published reports of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

The research is composed of research conducted by Experiment Station staff. Folders consist mainly of final reports, but may also include some correspondence. Material for inactive and terminated projects is also included.

Publications consist of bulletins, circulars, leaflets, and pamphlets published by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station on research conducted by staff of the Experiment Station and are meant for distribution like a periodical. Some cross-over in subject and title may occur between bulletins and circulars. This is an incomplete collection of Agricultural Experiment Station publications. Items are added to this collection only after it has been determined that the library's collection is complete. It is suggested that, when conducting research, the library catalog be search for a particular title, author or number. Various other South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station publications can be found in this collection. Folders consist mainly of report or preliminary reports. Also included are leaflets and pamphlets and a video cassette on manure management. Leaflet or pamphlet numbers were included if present on the publication.

Records related to seed releases and station biochemistry can also be found here. The seed releases material is comprised of information regarding various seeds that have been developed through the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment station. Records related to South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Biochemistry consist of are administrative files, research, and publications.

Key Words

  • South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Research, Agricultural

Container List

11Administrative: Agricultural research work, financial1947-1954
12Administrative: Animal Husbandry Field Day (programs)1953-1954
13Administrative: Annual Reports (correspondence)1970
14Administrative: Article submissions by faculty and staff1982-1984, 1996-1998
15Administrative: Chemicals used1972
16Administrative: Chemicals used1974
17Administrative: Chemicals used1976
18Administrative: Commodity checkoff1989
19Administrative: Committee: South Dakota Citizens for Research and Extension1979
110Administrative: Committee: South Dakota Organize Fuels1978-1982
111Administrative: Committee: South Dakota Pesticide Assessment proposed special local needs registration procedure1989
112Administrative: Cooperative Extension hearings1987
113Administrative: County demonstration plots (map)1953
114Administrative: EPSCoR Update (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) (newsletter)2004
115Administrative: Ethanol article, Argus Leader1993
116Administrative: Experiment Station Staff Notes (newsletter)1959
117Administrative: Horizons, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Centennial, 1887-1897 (brochure, poster for Orville G. Bentley lecture)1987
118Administrative: Horticulture-Forestry Quarterly Review (reports)1984-1987
119Administrative: Joint Committee on Appropriations Sub-Committee on Warner Amendment Funds1986
120Administrative: Northern Grain Insects Research Laboratory Mission revision1993
121Administrative: Northern Plains Biological Field Station (newsletter)1988-1992
122Administrative: Oak Lake Field Station (brochure, program)1994, 2007
123Administrative: Oak Lake Field Station Use of (correspondence)1989
124Administrative: Oak Lake Journal (newsletter)1994-1998
125Administrative: Poland connection1995
126Administrative: SDSU in the Mid-80s (Jim Satterlee speech)1986
127Administrative: State Appropriation analysis1993
128Administrative: Survey Biotechnology: National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges and U.S. General Accounting Office1985
129Administrative: Survey Census of Agriculture, U.S. Dept. of Commerce1988
130Administrative: Task Force Graduate research: final report1984
131Administrative: Task Force Patent and copyrights: correspondence1985
132Administrative: Task Force Research Advisory: Recommended policy for assessment, utilization, and accountability for grants and contracts indirect funds1985
133Administrative: West River Ag Center dedication (program)1997
134Administrative: Financial Reports1907
135Administrative: Financial Reports1908
136Administrative: Financial Reports1909
137Administrative: Financial Reports1910
138Administrative: Financial Reports1911
139Administrative: Financial Reports1912
140Administrative: Financial Reports1913
141Administrative: Financial Reports1914
142Administrative: Financial Reports1915
143Administrative: Financial Reports1916
144Research: Bolivia project1993
145Research: Custer, George A.1984
146Research: Department of Agricultural Engineering 1991 Research Summary1992
147Research: Eastern South Dakota Agricultural Research: Progress report1976-1981
148Research: Eastern South Dakota Soil and Water Research Farm: Annual report1994
149Research: Genetic engineering policy for the State Agricultural Experiment Stations adopted by the Experiment Station Committee on Policy1981
150Research: Grasshoppers proposal to Governor Janklow (B.H. Kantack)1985
151Research: Jerusalem artichoke1982
152Research: Northwest Agricultural College in China1982
153Research: Plant Pathology history at SDSU (by Wayne Gardner)1986
154Research: Proposed water distribution and delivery system modifications for the James Valley agricultural research and extension center1982-1983
155Research: Quaker Oats1988
156Research: Rangeland Grasshopper Management1988
157Research: Restructured meat1983
158Research: South Dakota Soil Fertility Research: Progress report1982, 1986
159Research: Selenium, 1934-1983undated
21Publications: Bulletin index1887-1950
22Publications: Alfalfa in South Dakota: Twenty-one years research at the Redfield Station, Bulletin 3831946
23Publications: Analysis of small grain performance in South Dakota 1942-1951, Bulletin 4221952
24Publications: Cows, calves and grass: Effects of grazing intensities on beef cow and calf production and on mixed prairie vegetation on Western South Dakota ranges, Bulletin 4121951
25Publications: Crop production practices for irrigated land in the James Basin and Angostura areas, Bulletin 5171964
26Publications: Crop yields as related to depth of plowing, Bulletin 3691943
27Publications: Dual: An early grain and forage sorghum, Bulletin 4671958
28Publications: Farm plans for wheat farmers in North Central South Dakota, Bulletin 4881960
29Publications: Fertilizing irrigated rotations in the proposed Oahe irrigation area, Bulletin 4161964
210Publications: Grass, Bulletin 3001941
211Publications: Grass performance in South Dakota, Bulletin 5361966
212Publications: Grasses and legumes: Production and management for South Dakota, Bulletin 4271953
213Publications: Growing pedigreed sugar beet seed in South Dakota 1910, Bulletin 1291911
214Publications: James hulless oats, Bulletin 4011950
215Publications: Northern alfalfa seed picture: Marketing, Bulletin 4831959
216Publications: Oahe intermediate wheat grass, Bulletin 5061962
217Publications: Producing grass seed in South Dakota, Bulletin 5021961
218Publications: Plant introductions, Bulletin 2241927
219Publications: Rushmore spring wheat, Bulletin 3941949
220Publications: Selecting and breeding corn for protein and oil in South Dakota, Bulletin 1531914
221Publications: Teton alfalfa: A new multi-purpose variety for South Dakota, Bulletin 4691958
222Publications: Twenty years of soil management on a Vienna silt loam, Bulletin 5081962
223Publications: What farmers think of farming, Bulletin 2231927
224Publications: Circular index1920-1950
225Publications: Attractive farm homes, Extension circular 4121944
226Publications: Budgets for major livestock enterprises in South Dakota, Circular 2201977
227Publications: Central substation, Highmore, South Dakota: A progress report, Circular 1241956
228Publications: Chemical control of weeds in South Dakota, Circular 69 (revised)1951
229Publications: Dry-land crop production on the clay soils of Western South Dakota, Circular 851951
230Publications: Feebar barley, Circular 671947
231Publications: Fertility maintenance and management of South Dakota soils, Circular 921952
232Publications: Graphic views of changes in South Dakota Agriculture, Circular 781949
233Publications: Grasses and legumes for South Dakota, Circular 811950
234Publications: Irrigated crop rotations on the clay soils of Western South Dakota, Circular 831950
235Publications: Irrigation research in the James River Basin: A five-year progress report, Circular 1071954
236Publications: Most profitable rotations for the corn belt of Southeastern South Dakota, Circular 1291956
237Publications: Planning a father-son farm partnership, Circular 1421958
238Publications: Progress report of research in crops and soils, Circular 86 and 981951, 1953
239Publications: Rammed earth walls, Circular 1491959
240Publications: Research in crops and soils: A progress report, Circular 113 and 1361955, 1957
241Publications: Soil survey and land valuation for tax purposes, Circular 1091954
242Publications: South Dakota crop varieties: Recommendations and descriptions, Extension circular 4741952
243Publications: South Dakota's farm and home development program, Extension circular 5251955
244Publications: 100 Practical farm questions asked and answered by Highmore Experiment Farmundated
245Publications: Agricultural outlook for South Dakota, 1957,Extension leaflet 1831957
246Publications: Best practices: Manure management (videocassette)2001
247Publications: Delinquency Proneness1981
248Publications: European corn borer service release1950
249Publications: Farm credit: Uses and sources for South Dakota Farmers1955
250Publications: Federal public land laws and policies relating to intensive agriculture, Volume 3, Working paper, Federal public lands: Economics of farm size in Western United States1969
251Publications: Handbook on the soil bank1956
252Publications: How can we improve the quality of cream and butter in South Dakota?1951
253Publications: Improving water quality through the South Dakota Oakwood Lake-Poinsett rural clean water program: Project summary1991
254Publications: Input and output data for principal crops on selected irrigated soils, Tri-county and Platte Valley areas, Central Nebraska1951
255Publications: List of Series 4: Publications1940, 1941
256Publications: Pasture Field Day: Report1978
257Publications: Central Crops and Soils Research Station, Highmore, South Dakota: Progress report 1997, Plant Science pamphlet 711998
258Publications: Preliminary report of potentialities for dry milk production in the Sioux Falls area of South Dakotaundated
259Publications: Production adjustments in agriculture during 1945 in South Dakota: Preliminary report1944
260Publications: Small grain variety trials in South Dakota 1949-1953, Pamphlet 271954
261Publications: South Dakota Soil Conservation Districts law and amended1947
262Publications: Soil testing for South Dakota, Agronomy pamphlet 171949
263Publications: South Dakota's report for the Northern Great Plains Committee: Long time agricultural planning1938
264Publications: Soybean information1994-1996
265Publications: Twelfth Annual Report of Cooperative Cereal Investigations on the Belle Fourche Experiment Farm, Newell South Dakota by Arthur Ellison1919
266Administrative: Correspondence and Agreements1999-2003
267Administrative: Department of Energy Project1999-2003
31Administrative: Annual Progress Report1956-2005
32Administrative: Soils of South Dakota1959
33Administrative: Lease: Larsen Farm, USDA Northern Grains Insect Lab1962-2013
34Administrative: Agreement: U.S. Dept. of Interior Cooperative Fisheries Unit1963-1970
35Administrative: Inactive Cottonwood Field Station Session Laws Public Lands1964
36Administrative: Past Project List1964-2010
37Administrative: Harold C. Futzel Ag Engineering gift1968-1971
38Administrative: Veterinary Science Projects1968-1990
39Administrative: Ag Engineering Farm1969, 1997, undated
310Administrative: Inactive Cottonwood Field Station Correspondence1969-1989
311Administrative: Project: Wildlife and Fisheries Admin1970-72, 1974-78, 1980, 1982-83, 1988
312Administrative: Budget Summaries Fiscal Year1973-19941973-1994
313Administrative: Lease: Knights of Columbus Agriculture Experiment Station1973-1994
314Administrative: Animal and Range Science Poultry Unit Correspondence1974, 1988-89, 1994-1997
315Administrative: Request: Clifford Anderson Farm1974-1985
316Administrative: Bread Farm Agreement: Administration1974-1986
317Administrative: Ag Experiment Station LRC Committee1976
318Administrative: Memo of Understanding: USDA Soil Conservation Service1976
319Administrative: Lease: Black Hills Exposition, Inc.1977-1995
320Administrative: Ag Unity Several1980-1982
321Administrative: South Dakota Stockgrowers Association1980-1985
322Administrative: Request: Leo Clazin1981-1997
323Administrative: Signs of Campus1981, 1984
324Administrative: Certified Seeds Policy1982-1983, undated
325Administrative: Consultation on the Future of Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension in South Dakota1982
326Administrative: Crop Improvement: Memorandum of Agreement1982, 1986, 1993
327Administrative: South Dakota State Weed Policy Statement1982, 1993, undated
328Administrative: Variety Release policies1982, 1985-1989
329Administrative: Agreement: Hyde County Soil Conservation District Tree Storage at Highmore1983
330Administrative: USDA: Soil Conservation1983-1987
331Administrative: Agreement: USDA Soil Conservation Service Highmore Field Station1984-1989
332Administrative: Ag Experiment Station Centennial Committee1985-1988
333Administrative: Centennial Speakers1985, 1987
334Administrative: Crop Improvement History1985-1986, 1991
335Administrative: Karnal Bunt Research1985, 1996, 1998
336Administrative: policies and Procedures for Release Plant Cultivars, Clones, Etc.1985-1987, 1992, 1995, 1997
337Administrative: Project: Wildlife Berry C.1985
338Administrative: R.R.C. Research Priorities1985-1996
339Administrative: Antelope Field Station Park Pond Dam1986-1990
340Administrative: Flax Agreement International Seed Producers1986-2003
341Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Dairy Food Research Center Folder 1 of 31986, 1995-1998
342Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Dairy Food Research Center Folder 2 of 31996-1998
343Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Dairy Food Research Center Folder 3 of 31997, 2006-2007
344Administrative: Seed Articles1986, undated
41Administrative: Agreement: City of Spearfish, South Dakota and SDSU Horticulture and Forestry1987
42Administrative: CSRS/USDA Departmental Review Wildlife and Fisheries1987-2001
43Administrative: Maintenance and Repair Review1987
44Administrative: Russian Wheat Aphid Research1987-1989, 1991-1992
45Administrative: Bromegrass Variety Cottonwood1988
46Administrative: CSRS/USDA Departmental Review Veterinary Science1988, 2001-2009
47Administrative: ESCOP Seed Policy1988-1989
48Administrative: Faulk County Land1988
49Administrative: George Beggar, Fargo, North Dakota Radio Manuscript Donation1988
410Administrative: Dakota Lakes Field Station Agreements, Etc.1989-1990, 1992, 1995, 1997, undated
411Administrative: Dakota Lakes Field Station Correspondences1989, 1994-1996, 1998-2000, 2004-2006
412Administrative: Lakes Andes-Wagner/Marty Research Demonstration Project1989-1990, 1993, 2001
413Administrative: Lease: Dakota Lakes Irrigation Farm1989-2000
414Administrative: Responsibilities and Guidelines Concerning Development, Release, and Multiplication of Publicly Developed Germplasm and Varieties of Seed-Propagated Crops1989
415Administrative: USDA Ag Communications Review1989-1996
416Administrative: Weed and Pest Control Commission1989, 1991-1993, 1995, undated
417Administrative: Agreement: USDA/Agricultural Research Service/NCR, Agricultural Research Service Research Support Agreement1990-1993
418Administrative: Agricultural Communications1990, 1997, 2001, 2005
419Administrative: Ag Engineering Field Grid Sense Request for Patent Evaluation1990-1991, undated
420Administrative: Biotechnology Regulation Impact Assessment Committee1990
421Administrative: Cooperative Agreement1990-1993
422Administrative: Cooperative Support Agreement CSRS/USDA1990-1994
423Administrative: Diversity Vol. 6 No. 3 and 41990
424Administrative: Memo of Understanding: USDA Soil Conservation Service1990-1992
425Administrative: Pioneer Wheat Agreement1990-2001
426Administrative: Underground Storage Tanks1990
427Administrative: Ag Engineering Scan-Air1991
428Administrative: Contamination Assessment1991
429Administrative: Crop Improvement Correspondence1991, 1994-1995, 2000, 2002-2006, 2009, 2011
430Administrative: Departmental Reviews1991-1996
431Administrative: Map: Ag Experiment Station Brookings Area1991
432Administrative: Lease: SDSU and South Dakota Swine Test Station Corporation1991
433Administrative: Hard Red Winter Wheat A.K.A. Rawhide1991
434Administrative: Patenting Life1991
435Administrative: Plant Varieties Royalties1991-1992
436Administrative: Rural Sociology Correspondence1991, 2005-2007
437Administrative: Southeast South Dakota Farm Correspondence1991, 1993-1994, 1996-1999, 2002-2003, 2005-2007, 2009, 2011
438Administrative: Agreement Texas Tech University Cattle Feeding Study1992
439Administrative: Animal and Range Sciences Correspondence1992, 1994-2001, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011
440Administrative: Antelope Field Station Correspondence1992, 1995, 2003, 2008, undated
441Administrative: Central Field Station Correspondences1992, 1995, 1999-2000, 2003, 2011, 2013
442Agricultural Research Service: Cooperative Agreement: USDA/Agricultural Research Service/SDSU1992
443Administrative: Ecology of Commerce1992
444Administrative: Exploration of Benefits from Agricultural Research Service and Cooperative Research1992
445Administrative: Hazardous Materials and Lab Safety Committee1992-1994
446Administrative: Letter from Fred P. Miller Regarding Plant Variety Royalties1992
447Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Minnehaha Soil Conservation Service1992
448Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Crop Variety Development1992
449Administrative: policies and Procedures for the Release of Plant Varieties, Clones, or Breeding Materials1992
450Administrative: Release Royalty policies1992-1994
451Administrative: West River Field Stations Correspondence1992-1994, 1997, 2003-2004, 2007, 2009
452Agricultural Research Service: Agreement: SDSU/USDA/ Agricultural Research Service1993-1994
453Administrative: Agricultural Engineering Correspondence1993, 1996-2000, 2002, 2005-2010
454Administrative: Biostress Symposiums1993
455Research: Canola Research1993-1994, 1996-1999, 2002
51Administrative: Consortium for Plant Biotechnology1993-1995
52Administrative: Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service1993-1995, 2000-2004
53Administrative: Cottonwood Field Station Correspondence1993, 1995-1996, 2008
54Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Foundation Seed Stocks1993
55Agricultural Research Service: Memo of Understanding: Agricultural Extension Service/USDA/Agricultural Research Service Northern Plains Insect Research Laboratory1993-1999
56Administrative: Midwest Plant Biotechnology Consortium1993-2002
57Administrative: Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory1993, 2004
58Administrative: Physical Plant Correspondence1993-1995, 1998-1999, 2001
59Administrative: Plant Science Correspondence1993-1996, 1998, 2003-2007, 2009-2010
510Administrative: Raymond A. Moore Biostress Research Poster Day1993-1994, 1996-1998
511Administrative: Seed and Crops Industry1993
512Administrative: Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Center Request for Expansion Proposal1993
513Administrative: Dean's Office Correspondence1994, 1996, 1998, 2007
514Administrative: Elder Agreement1994
515Administrative: Ft. Meade Pastures1994-1998, 2000-2001
516Administrative: Oak Lake-Astoria Field Station1994-1996, 1998
517Administrative: South Dakota Crop Improvement Association Agreement1994
518Administrative: South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Folder 1 of 21994-2006
519Administrative: South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Folder 2 of 21994-2006
520Administrative: Support Letters and Correspondence1994
521Administrative: Terminated Grants1994, 1997-2001
522Administrative: Ag Experiment Station Requests1995-1996
523Administrative: Colleges of Agriculture at the Land Grant Universities: A Profile1995
524Administrative: Dairy Science Brown Swiss Agreement1995, 1997
525Administrative: Economics Correspondence1995-1996, 2005-2007, 2009-2010
526Administrative: Farm Department Correspondence1995-1996, 1999-2004, 2006, 2009
527Administrative: Home Economics Correspondence1995, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009
528Administrative: Horticulture Forestry Correspondence1995-1997, 2005, 2007
529Administrative: Lay Statements: Terminated Projects1995-1997
530Administrative: Lease: Central State Fair, Inc. West River Research and Extension Center1995
531Administrative: Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council1995, 1998, 2000-2005, 2007, 2010-2011
532Administrative: New Construction1995
533Administrative: Poland Connection1995-1997
534Administrative: Poultry Unit1995-1996
535Administrative: South Dakota Farm and Research Magazine1995-1998
536Administrative: Travel and Expenses Regulations1995, 2005, undated
537Administrative: Visions for the Future Campaign1995, 1998, 2000
538Administrative: Agreement: South Dakota Swine Test Station Corp.1996
539Administrative: Technology Transfer Tracking System for N.R.E.L.: Overview and Results1996
540Administrative: Central Asia Livestock Regional Assessment Workshop1996
541Administrative: Farm Unit Farm Department1996-2000
542Administrative: Coop Fish and Wildlife Annual Report1996-2005
543Administrative: Global Grassland Ecosystem Modeling Development and Test of Ecosystem Models for Grassland Systems1996
544Administrative: Graduate School Grants Correspondence1996, 2000
545Administrative: Greenhouse Renovations1996-2001
546Administrative: Horticulture, Forestry, Landscapes, and Parks1996-1997, 1999-2000, 2002-2004
547Administrative: Agricultural Extension Service Lose Control1996-1998
61Administrative: Executive Summary of Institutional Self Study1999
62Administrative: First Review of Processes, Progress, and Prospects1999-2006
63Administrative: Correspondence1999-2000, 2002-2005
64Administrative: Harding Red Winter Wheat1999
65Administrative: International1999-2002
66Administrative: Lead Forward Land-Grant1999-2004
67Administrative: Loss Control Committee1999-2001
68Administrative: Maintenance and Repair Projects1999-2003
69Administrative: Matthees Vet Science Project1999-2004
610Administrative: National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules1999
611Administrative: Phosphorus Research1999-2001
612Administrative: Physical Plant Correspondence1999, 2001
613Administrative: Plan of Work: Meeting Dallas, Texas1999
614Administrative: Plan of Work1999-2005
615Administrative: Plant Variety Protection Office Official Journal1999
616Administrative: Receptor Binding Specificity of the K 88 E.coli Vet Science Project1999-2004
617Administrative: Report, Correspondence1999-2004
618Administrative: Report of the Strategic Planning Task Force on USDA Research Facilities1999
619Administrative: Review Report1999
620Administrative: SDSU Institutional Self-Study1999
621Administrative: Stress Station Executive Proclamation1999
622Administrative: USDA Report: Salary Analysis of State Agricultural Extension Service.-Forestry and College of 18901999-2005
623Administrative: Veterinary Science Correspondence1999, 2005, 2007, 2009
624Administrative: Volga Grassland Information1999
625Administrative: Wildlife and Fisheries1999, 2003, 2005
626Administrative: Year of Advocacy Advancement Strategic Choices1999-2000
627Administrative: Yellow Ore, Yellow Hair, Yellow Pine1999-2000
628Administrative: A.B.E. Julson Project2000-2002
629Administrative: Bison Research2000
630Administrative: Carbon Sequestration2000-2001
631Administrative: Curriculum Handbook2000
632Administrative: Dean2000-2003
633Administrative: FCS Krishnan Project2000-2003
634Administrative: Final Report of the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council2000
635Administrative: Hard Red vs. White2000
636Administrative: History of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences2000
637Administrative: Johne's Disease in Cattle and Buffalo Vet Science Project2000-2002
638Administrative: Johnson, P. Agricultural Research Service Project2000-2002
639Administrative: Literature Review of Phosphorus Accumulation in Soils and the Impact on Runoff Water Quality2000
640Administrative: Menu2000
641Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Barley Nursery Inc. S.D.N.L.A. and South Dakota Agricultural Extension Service.2000-2004
642Administrative: Ag Experiment Station Directors Association Correspondence, Executive Director2000-2008
643Administrative: Plan of Work2000-2011
644Administrative: Plant Science2000, 2002-2006
645Administrative: Proceeding of 2000 Fluid Forum2000
646Administrative: Program of the National Institutes for Water Resources 2000 Executive Summary2000
647Administrative: Reports and Correspondence2000-2005
648Administrative: Report on the Soybean Research2000
649Administrative: Risk Management Committee2000-2003
650Administrative: South Dakota Cattlemen's Association2000
651Administrative: SDSU Ag Research Biotechnology Newspaper2000-2003
652Administrative: SDSU Foundation Ag Experiment Station2000-2004
653Administrative: Transgenic Plants Folder 1 of 22000, 2002-2003, 2005
71Administrative: Transgenic Plants Folder 2 of 22001-2004
72Administrative: USDA Reports: Program of Research2000-2011
73Administrative: Veterinary Science Department Annual Reports and Program Review2000-2001
74Administrative: Water: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change2000
75Administrative: Wildlife, Fisheries Correspondence2000, 2005, 2007-2009
76Administrative: Appraisal Report of Real Estate2001
77Administrative: Baer Dairy Science Project2001-2006
78Administrative: Economics2001-2005
79Administrative: EPSCoR Biocomplexity2001-2004
710Administrative: Handbook for Academic Personnel Management2001
711Administrative: Issues in Carbon Sequestration2001
712Administrative: Lead Forward Land-Grant2001-2002
713Administrative: MBI International2001-2002
714Administrative: Memo of Understanding: SDSU and South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council2001-2004
715Administrative: Muthu A.B.E. Project2001-2005
716Administrative: Sergeev N.F.S.H./F.C.S. Project2001-2005
717Administrative: Veterinary Science2001-2006
718Administrative: Vice President Administration Correspondence2001, 2004
719Administrative: Agricultural Extension Service Project Lists2002-2003
720Administrative: Agreement: USDA/Agricultural Research Service Animal Science and Dairy Science2002
721Administrative: Agreement: Broth Enterprises, Inc.2002
722Administrative: Consultant Agreement SDSU/SDDOA2002
723Administrative: Antelope House Foundation2002
724Administrative: Biosafety and Security Plan2002-2003
725Administrative: Bio Terrorism2002
726Administrative: Department Standards Documents2002-2005
727Administrative: Financial analyzes2002-2003
728Administrative: GND Stakeholders2002-2004
729Administrative: Haz Mat2002
730Administrative: Johnson, P. Agricultural Research Service Project2002-2004
731Administrative: Lead Forward Land-Grant2002-2003
732Administrative: Managing Manure with Biogas Recovery Systems Improved Performance at Competitive Costs2002
733Administrative: Methane Digester2002-2004
734Administrative: Miscellaneous Correspondences2002
735Administrative: Native American Experiment Station2002
736Administrative: Rural Sociology Correspondence2002, 2006
737Administrative: Solid Liquid Separation of Livestock Slurry2002
738Administrative: South Dakota Crop Improvement Association Director2002-2004
739Administrative: South Dakota Hall of Fame Dr. Raymond A. Moore2002-2003
740Administrative: Tidemann Ag Admin Project2002-2005
741Administrative: Young Veterinary Science Project2002-2003
742Administrative: Agreement: Nondisclosure between SDSU and Kepto, Inc.2003
743Administrative: Agreement: Site License U.S. Climate Equipment Antelope Station2003
744Administrative: SDSU Ice Cream Agreement between SDSU and South Dakota Made Store2003
745Administrative: Anaerobic Digestion2003
746Administrative: Audit Report2003
747Administrative: Bio NMS Waste Treatment System2003
748Administrative: Correspondence and Brochure2003
749Administrative: Correspondence and Photos2003-2005
750Administrative: FAPRI US. and World Agricultural Outlook Report2003
751Administrative: Highmore Research Station Visit2003
752Administrative: Lead Forward Land-Grant2003-2004
753Administrative: Livestock Odors2003
81Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Peaceful Prairie Nursery, S.D.N.L.A., and South Dakota Agricultural Extension Service.2003
82Administrative: Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center2003
83Administrative: Oil Crops: Situation and Outlook Yearbook2003
84Administrative: Possible New Land2003-2005
85Administrative: R.C.M. Digesters Inc.2003
86Administrative: Return on Investment2003
87Administrative: Specific Cooperative Agreement2003-2004
88Administrative: Viable Dry land Cropping Systems for the West Central Great Plains2003
89Administrative: Agreement: SDSU and Agri-genetics, Inc.2004-2005
810Administrative: Agreement: SDSU Syngenta2004-2005
811Administrative: Correspondence2004-2005
812Administrative: feasibility Study for Constructing a Centralized Anaerobic Digester at SDSU2004
813Administrative: Foundation Seed Stocks Financial Report2004-2005
814Administrative: Maintenance and Repair Lists2004-2006
815Administrative: Material Transfer Agreements2004-2006
816Administrative: Monsanto Technology Agreement2004
817Administrative: National Council for Science and Environment2004-2005, undated
818Administrative: Non-Basin Surface Runoff2004
819Administrative: Pre-feasibility Study for Constructing a Centralized Anaerobic Digester at SDSU2004
820Administrative: Report2004
821Administrative: Research Funding Request Fiscal Year20052004
822Administrative: Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm Beresford Progress Report2004
823Administrative: Agricultural Extension Service Logo2005
824Administrative: Agreement: Rural Technologies Inc. and SDSU2005
825Administrative: Ag United for South Dakota2005
826Administrative: Agro-Terrorism Group of South Dakota2005
827Administrative: Annual Reports2005
828Administrative: Asian Soybean Rust Newspaper2005
829Administrative: Charles R. Bodner Letter2005
830Administrative: Corn Fiscal Year 2005-20062005
831Administrative: Crothers Award2005
832Agricultural Research Service: Correspondence2005
833Administrative: Dairy Science2005-2006
834Administrative: Expedition Wheat Investigation2005-2006
835Administrative: Financial Reports2005
836Administrative: Foundation Seed Stocks Financial Report2005-2006
837Administrative: Hazardous Materials and Lab Safety2005
838Administrative: Lab Safety Committee2005
839Administrative: Maintenance and Repair2005-2008
840Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Foundation Seed and Nola and Jerry Roitsch2005
841Administrative: Memo of Understanding: John and Elva Crothers Research Grant Program2005
842Administrative: Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center Annual Report2005
843Administrative: Mill Project Proposals2005
844Administrative: National Agricultural Biotechnology Council 192005-2007
845Administrative: N.C.R.A.2005
846Administrative: Northern Plains Milling Research Institute2005
847Administrative: N.P.B.L. Keys2005
848Administrative: Risk Management Committee2005
849Administrative: Fiscal Year 2006 Salary2005
850Administrative: South Dakota Beef Industry Council2005-2011
851Administrative: SDSU Equine Materials2005
852Administrative: Soybean Fiscal Year 20062005
853Administrative: State Appropriations Testimony2005
854Administrative: Upper Midwest Hydrogen Initiative2005-2006
855Administrative: Wheat Fiscal Year 062005
856Administrative: Agreement: USDA/Agricultural Research Service and SDSU/Agricultural Extension Service2006
857Administrative: Animal Health Research Capacity Fiscal Year 20052006
858Administrative: Annual Progress Report 20052006
859Administrative: Annual Reports2006
860Administrative: Capital Improvements2006, undated
861Administrative: Annual Report of the South Dakota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit2006
862Administrative: Corn Fiscal Year 2006-20072006
91Administrative: Fiscal Year 2005 Research Report2006
92Administrative: Foundation Seed Stocks Financial Report2006-2007
93Administrative: Intellectual Property Disclosure2006
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95Administrative: Lease: SDSU Dairy Research and Training Facility2006-2007
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99Administrative: Progress Report2006
910Administrative: Research Funding Requests Fiscal Year 20072006
911Administrative: Salary List Fiscal Year 20072006-2007
912Administrative: South Dakota Corn Utilization Council Funding2006-2009, 2011
913Administrative: SDSU AgBio Magazine2006
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916Administrative: Wheat Fiscal Year 20072006
917Administrative: Ag Experiment Station Budget Summaries2007
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921Administrative: Creation of Ag Field Lab and Research Facility at SDSU2007-2008
922Administrative: Foundation Seed Stocks Financial Report2007-2008
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924Administrative: Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center Annual Meeting2007
925Administrative: National Agricultural Biotechnology Council 192007
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928Administrative: Research Funding Request Fiscal Year 20082007
929Administrative: Seed Technology Laboratory Study2007
930Administrative: S.O.D.A.K. Genetics Minutes2007-2008
931Administrative: South Dakota Agriculture Bulletins2007-2008, 2010
932Administrative: South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Funding2007-2011
933Administrative: Soybean Fiscal Year 20082007
101Administrative: Wheat Fiscal Year 20082007
102Administrative: Agreement: US Climate Reference Network Equipment2008
103Administrative: Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab AAVLD Accreditation Review Folder 1 of 22008
104Administrative: Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab AAVLD Accreditation Review Folder 2 of 22008
105Administrative: Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Advisory Committee Meeting2008
106Administrative: Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Annual Report2008
107Administrative: Annual Progress Report2008
108Administrative: Fifth Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Summary Proceedings2008
109Administrative: Beef Nutrition Program Annual Report2008
1010Administrative: Fiscal Year 2009 Beef Research Funding Requests2008
1011Administrative: Fiscal Year 2009 Beef Research Funding Requests2008
1012Administrative: Corn Fiscal Year 2008-20092008
1013Administrative: Departmental Standards Documents2008
1014Administrative: Field Stations Correspondence2008, undated
1015Administrative: Future of the Biotech Seed Trait Industry2008
1016Administrative: Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center2008
1017Administrative: Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center Annual Report2008
1018Administrative: North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory Expert Panel Review2008
1019Administrative: Review Reports2008-2009
1020Administrative: South Dakota Cattleman2008
1021Administrative: South Dakota Crop Improvement Association Board of Directors Minutes2008-2009
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1024Administrative: Soybean Fiscal Year 20092008
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1028Administrative: Fiscal Year 2010 Beef Research Funding Requests2009
1029Administrative: Brookings Promotional Materials2009
1030Administrative: Drought Center2009
1031Administrative: Growing South Dakota's Future Strategic Plan2009
1032Administrative: Helping South Dakota During Challenging Times Annual Report2009
1033Administrative: S.D.B.I.C. Proposals2009
1034Administrative: South Dakota Crop Improvement Association John Kirby2009-2010
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111Administrative: SDSU President's Report2009
112Administrative: SDSU-SDCIA-Volga Farm Lease2009
113Administrative: Soybean Fiscal Year 20102009
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115Administrative: Accomplishments Report AD-421 Forms2010, 2012
116Administrative: Agreement: Bayer Crop Science2010
117Administrative: Agreement: SDSU and Monsanto Master Services2010-2011
118Administrative: Animal Care and Use Program2010
119Administrative: Animal Care and Use Program2010
1110Administrative: Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Annual Report2010
1111Administrative: Fiscal Year 11 Beef Research Funding Requests2010
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1113Administrative: Civil Rights Compliance Review Folder 1 of 22010
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1120Administrative: Lease: SDSU-City of Brookings, Municipal Airport2010
1121Administrative: Memo of Understanding: SDSU Seed Technology Lab2010
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1127Administrative: South Dakota Agriculture Bulletin No. 702010
1128Administrative: South Dakota Beef Industry Council2010-2012
1129Administrative: Soybean Fiscal Year 20112010
1130Administrative: Synergies of Indigenous International Collaboration2010
1131Administrative: West River Ag Center: Crops and Soils Research Annual Progress Report2010
1132Administrative: Wheat Fiscal Year 20112010
1133Administrative: Agreement: Confidentiality Schwens Res/Develop, Inc.2011
1134Administrative: Fiscal Year 2012 Beef Research Funding Requests Folder 1 of 22011
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1136Administrative: Cottonwood Renovation Plans2011
121Administrative: Intellectual Property (Royalty Income Distribution)2011-2012
122Administrative: Nebraska National Forest and Associates Units Land and Resource Management Plan2011
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126Administrative: International Arid Lands Consortium Board Meeting2012
127Administrative: Northeast Research Station 2011 Annual Progress Report2012
128Administrative: Fiscal Year 13 SDBIC Research Funding Proposals Folder 1 of 32012
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1210Administrative: Fiscal Year 13 SDBIC Research Funding Proposals Folder 3 of 32012
1211Administrative: Southeast Research Farm Annual Progress Report2012
1212Administrative: South Dakota Soybean Fiscal Year 20132012
1213Administrative: Work Unit Description AD-416 Forms2012
1214Administrative: S.D.B.I.C. Research Funding Proposals2015
1215Administrative: Agreement Agricultural and Biological Sciences/Agricultural Extension Service and Arts and Sciences/Chem. Mass Spectrometry Core Facilityundated
1216Administrative: Agreement: MOA Delano No Neck Scholarship, College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences at SDSUundated
1217Administrative: Agreement: MOA Donald-Francisco Kluckman Funds at SDSUundated
1218Administrative: Agreement: MOA John and Elva Crothersundated
1219Administrative: Agreement: MOA Mary G. Deckerundated
1220Administrative: Agreement: MOA Nathelle Maryland Deldoonundated
1221Administrative: Agreement: SD Seed Trade Association Foundation Seed Stockundated
1222Administrative: Agreement: USDA/Agricultural Research Service-NGIRL Northern Grains Insect Research Lab Cooperative Agreementundated
1223Administrative: Agreement: USDA Forest Service and SDSU Yellow Flowered Alfalfa Studyundated
1224Administrative: Bioenergy: Growing an Integrated Industryundated
1225Administrative: Extension Vision for the 21st Centuryundated
1226Administrative: Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystemsundated
1227Administrative: Improving Water Quality Oakwood Lakes-Poinsett Projectundated
1228Administrative: Inactive Cottonwood Station Photographundated
1229Administrative: Lease: Orrin Korth Northeast Research Stationundated
1230Administrative: Maps: Ag Research Field Stations SD and Surrounding Statesundated
1231Administrative: Maps: Field Station Sitesundated
1232Administrative: Methane Digester Videoundated
1233Administrative: Memo of Understanding: SCS @ SDSU and NE/Agricultural Extension Service/USDI/BIA @ UN Lincolnundated
1234Administrative: Memo of Understanding: Non-farm Seed Inc.undated
1235Administrative: N.E. Hansen's Contributions to Alfalfa Breeding in North Americaundated
1236Administrative: Northern Plains Biostress Lab Proceedings of Stress Symposiaundated
1237Administrative: Research Assessments and Exclusive Varietiesundated
1238Administrative: SD Certified Premium Beef and Natural Beef Protocolsundated
1239Administrative: SDSU Bio economy Research Complexundated
1240Administrative: Sun Grant Initiative Project Reportundated
1241Administrative: ZBB Committeeundated
1242Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Animal Care Faculty1993
1243Administrative: Animal Resource Wing1993-1996
1244Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Letters and Etc.1993
1245Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Correspondence and Report1994
1246Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Folder 1 of 21995, 1997-2002
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1248Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Terms1995-1997
1249Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Correspondence1996
1250Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Requests and Reports1996
131Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Site1996-1997
132Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Status1996-1998
133Administrative: Animal Resource Wing External Funding1997
134Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Information1997-1998
135Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Planning Group Folder 1 of 21997-1998
136Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Planning Group Folder 2 of 21997-1998
137Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Accounts Report1999-2000
138Administrative: Animal Resource Wing Meeting1999
139Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service: USDA/Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service Correspondence1993, 1995, 1999, 2001-2003, 2008, undated
1310Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Dairy Science1993-2005
1311Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Economics1993-2001
1312Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review College of Family and Consumer Sciences1993-2005
1313Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Biochemistry1993-2003
1314Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Ag and Biosystems Engineering1994-2004
1315Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Microbiology and Biology1994-2009
1316Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service: CSRS/USDA Correspondence1995-2002
1317Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape, and Parks1995-2003
1318Institutional Program Reviews: Departmental Review Agricultural Research Service1998-2008
1319Institutional Program Reviews: Dairy Science Department1999
1320Institutional Program Reviews: Review of Department of Dairy Science1999
1321Institutional Program Reviews: Plant Science1999-2000
1322Institutional Program Reviews: Animal and Range Sciences Folder 1 of 22000
1323Institutional Program Reviews: Animal and Range Sciences Folder 2 of 22000
1324Institutional Program Reviews: Plant Science Department Folder 1 of 22000
1325Institutional Program Reviews: Plant Science Department Folder 2 of 22000
1326Institutional Program Reviews: Program Reviews and Reports2001-2004
1327Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department2001
1328Institutional Program Reviews: Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences2001
1329Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Economics of College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences2002
1330Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Rural Sociology2002
1331Institutional Program Reviews: Horticulture, Forestry, Landscapes, and Parks Department2003
1332Institutional Program Reviews: Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service2004
141Institutional Program Reviews: Ag and Biosystems Engineering2004
142Institutional Program Reviews: College of Family and Consumer Sciences Review Digital Copy2005
143Institutional Program Reviews: Dairy Science Department2006
144Institutional Program Reviews: Program Reviews and reports2006-2008
145Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Animal and Range Sciences2008
146Institutional Program Reviews: Comprehensive Program Review Biology and Microbiology Department Folder 1 of 22008
147Institutional Program Reviews: Comprehensive Program Review Biology and Microbiology Department Folder 2 of 22008
148Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Plant Sciences Folder 1 of 22008
149Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Plant Sciences Folder 2 of 22008
1410Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Animal and Range Sciences2008
1411Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 1 of 62008
1412Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 2 of 62008
1413Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 3 of 62008
1414Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 4 of 62008
1415Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 5 of 62008
1416Institutional Program Reviews: Veterinary Science Department Folder 6 of 62008
1417Institutional Program Reviews: CSREES Final Report of Departmental Review of Rural Sociology Folder 1 of 22009
1418Institutional Program Reviews: CSREES Final Report of Departmental Review of Rural Sociology Folder 2 of 22009
1419Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Folder 1 of 22009
1420Institutional Program Reviews: Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Folder 2 of 22009
1421Terminated Projects: ABE: Hellickson Swine and Dairy Facility Design for Odor Reduction1999-2002
1422Terminated Projects: ABE: Todey, Impact of Climate and Soils on Crop Selection and Management1999-2004
1423Terminated Projects: ABE: Anderson, Enhancing Post-Frame Building Design Energy Efficiency2001-2009
1424Terminated Projects: ABE: Julson, Enhancing the value of SD Agriculturally Based Material2001-2006
1425Terminated Projects: ABE: Muthu, Acquisition rheometer for research and teaching2002-2003
1426Terminated Projects: ABE: Hellickson, Swine facility design for odor reduction2002-2005
151Terminated Projects: ABE: Muthu, Effect of cheese calcium and phosphate process cheese2002-2007
152Terminated Projects: ABE: Trooien, Assessing potential transport of antibacterial chemicals in the landscape2002-2004
153Terminated Projects: ABE: Humburg, Engineering tech applied to quality ag of N. Plains2002-2007
154Terminated Projects: ABE: Trooien, Management of water and biological effluent crop production in SD2002-2007
155Terminated Projects: ABE: Todey, Impact of Climate and Soils on Crop Selection and Management2004-2009
156Terminated Projects: ABE: Muthu, Acquisition of a texture analyzer for research and teaching2005-2006
157Terminated Projects: ABE: Hellickson, Bio filter design for reducing swine facility dust and odor problems and airborne diseases2005-2011
158Terminated Projects: ABE: Muthu, Improvement of thermal and alternative processes for foods2005-2010
159Terminated Projects: ABE: Anderson, Extinction coefficients for a PBR with different air2006-2008
1510Terminated Projects: ABE: Julson, Value enhancement of South Dakota agricultural renewable resources2006-2011
1511Terminated Projects: ABE: Humburg, Development of a tool for managing wheat quality2007-2008
1512Terminated Projects: ABE: Lei, Biomass torrefaction and catalytic pyrolysis to improve biofuel quality2008-2010
1513Terminated Projects: ABE: Todey, Climate changes and microclimate impact on grape Cultivars in the upper Midwest2007-2009
1514Terminated Projects: ABE: Muthu, Acquisition of differential scanning calorimeter for food and biomaterials characterization2009-2010
1515Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Clapper, Relationships among hormonal influences on growth, reproduction, and carcass characteristics in swine1997-2002
1516Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Daniel, Increased efficiency of sheep production1997-2002
1517Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Marshall, Genetic improvement of cattle using genetic information1997-2002
1518Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Pruitt, Prod systems to reduce cost of prod beef cows1997-2003
1519Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Smart, Improving sustainable use by livestock N. Great Plains1997-2002
1520Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Tiardes, Optimizing fuel resource use in beef feeds as energy source1997-2002
1521Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wulf, Genetic and environment factors affecting meat quality1999-2004
1522Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: McFarland, Molecular mechanisms regulating skeletal and differentiation2000-2005
1523Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Pritchard, Nutritional management of health and growth in beef cattle backgrounding2001-2006
1524Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Stein, Factors affecting nutrient utilization growing swine2001-2006
1525Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Clapper, Hormonal control for growth and reproduction in swine2002-2007
1526Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Daniel, Minimizing neonatal lamb losses2002-2007
1527Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Marbling and Fresh Meat Quality2002-2007
1528Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Pruitt, Prod systems to reduce cost of prod beef cows2002-2008
1529Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Smart, Improving economic and environment sustain stocking rate2002-2007
1530Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Tiardes, Alternative feeds energy and protein production systems2002-2006
1531Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Daniel, Jay, Adding value to SD and Great Plains lambs by evaluating and reducing the incidence of lung lesions2003-2004
1532Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Johnson, Grazing patterns and plant responses prairie vegetation2004-2007
1533Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Perry, Factors influencing fertility and reproduction in cattle2004-2009
1534Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Smart, Nitrogen cycling, loading, use efficiency prod systems2004-2009
1535Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wertz, Metabolic mechanism by which the orexigenic peptide ghrelin stimulates feed intake in ruminants2004-2007
1536Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Gates, Ecology and development yellow-flowered alfalfa2005-2008
1537Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: McFarland, Molecular mechanisms regulating skeletal and differentiation2005-2010
1538Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Rosa, Discovery and use of quantitative trait loci associated with growth, carcass traits and feed efficiency in beef cattle2005-2006
1539Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wertz, Regulation of feed intake, energy gain in cattle2005-2010
1540Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Clapper, Regulation of hormone secretion by cultured porcine2006-2008
1541Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Olson, Evaluation of the influence of grazing systems on patterns2006-2008
1542Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Pritchard, Identi-Fiscal Yearing management procedures to reduce marbling2006-2011
1543Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wertz, Relationship of ghrelin and leptin compensatory gain2006-2009
1544Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Johnson, Improving small ranch profitability by evaluation of alternatives in beef cattle enterprises2007-2012
1545Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wertz-Lutz, Interaction of nutrition and genes involved gain in beef2007-2009
1546Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wright, Effects glycerol on finishing lamb characteristics2007-2009
1547Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Gonda, Towards understanding the genetics of BVD in cattle2008-2010
1548Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Hostetler, Nutritional systems for swine increase reproduction efficiency2008-2013
1549Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Hostetler, Determination of selenium utilization during porcine pregnancy2009-2014
1550Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Mousel, Cow Camp2009
1551Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Winterholler, Management strategies to reduce input costs and improve efficiency of beef cattle production2009-2014
1552Terminated Projects: Agricultural Research Service: Wertz-Lutz, Influence of maternal nutrition x genotype interactions2010-2015
1553Terminated Projects: Ag Engineering: DeBoer, Management of irrigation tech and water to environmental impacts1997-2002
1554Terminated Projects: Ag Engineering: Humburg, Adaption of energy tech to Ag of upper great plains1997-2002
1555Terminated Projects: Ag Engineering: Muthu, Improvement of thermal and alternative processes for foods2000-2005
1556Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Westby, Pullulan commercially creating fungal overproducers1996-2002
1557Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Yen, Utilizing bio techniques to enhance wheat germ plasm1997-2002
1558Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Hildreth, Control of cattle parasites in SD profit assessment1998-2003
1559Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Troelstrup, Ecological analysis of land-water prairie environment1998-2003
1560Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Wang, Mechanism of viral persistence and pathogenesis1998-2003
1561Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Young, Understanding role of transferred...neonatal immune system1998-2004
1562Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Reese, Use of native plants development of niche market crops NGP1999-2004
1563Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Westby, Genes important in livestock health1999-2003
1564Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Cheesbrough, Genetic modification to enhance crop insect resistance2000-2005
1565Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Evenson, Characterization of livestock sperm DNA denaturation2000-2006
1566Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Granholm, Analysis factors regulate energy humans, livestock, mice2000-2002
1567Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Gibbons, Production of organic chemicals from biomass2001-2006
1568Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Granholm, analyzes of mammalian genes that regulate systemic physiology2001-2005
1569Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Gibbons, Science and Engineering for a bio based industry and economy2002-2007
1570Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: West, Microbial biomass conversion into specialty chemicals2002-2007
1571Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Yen, Utilizing bio techniques to enhance wheat germ plasm2002-2007
1572Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Hildreth, Parasite issues in SD beef production2003-2008
1573Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Troelstrup, Defining biotic integrity in prairie macro-invertebrates2003-2008
1574Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Wang, Recombinant vaccine develop viral pathogenesis and immunity2003-2008
1575Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: West, Equipment grant proposal for a freeze dryer system2003-2005
1576Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Brozel, Bacterial activity at interfaces2004-2009
1577Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Reese, Identification and evaluation of nutriceuticals from potentially new and established crops2004-2009
1578Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Reese, Characteristics and post-harvest stability niche crops the NGP2004-2005
1579Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Wang, Role of dendritic cells in PRRSV pathogenesis2004-2006
1580Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Cheesbrough, Genetic analysis and modifications of crop plants2005-2010
1581Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: West, Production of the commercially available polysaccharide gum curdlan using a corn-based process2005-2009
1582Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Bleakley, Enrichment, isolation, and identification of lignocellulose2006-2008
1583Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Gibbons, Multi-fermento system bioprocessing research2006-2007
1584Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Gibbons, Conversion of lignocellulose into biopolymers and chemicals2006-2011
1585Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: West, Production of a precursor chemical for plastic synthesis from raw glycerol2007-2009
1586Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Yen, Associate genes and micro RNAS with FHB resistance QTLS in wheat2007-2009
1587Terminated Projects: Bio-Micro: Yen, Global assessment wheat genes involved ignited jasmonates2007-2008
1588Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Brozel, characterizing soil bacterial community members that don't demonstrate carbon catabolite2008-2010
1589Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Gibbons, Developing a novel cyanobacterium to convert CO2 into ethanol2008-2010
1590Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Kaushik, Innate immune responses of porcine intestinal epithelial cells2008-2010
1591Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Wang, Interaction between PRRSV and interferon alpha/beta2008-2010
1592Terminated Projects: Bio/Micro: Bucking, Nitrogen fixating and mycorrhizal endophytes of the bioenergy crops prairie cordgrass and switchgrass2009-2010
161Terminated Projects: Biochem: West, Production of value-added microbial gums1997-2002
162Terminated Projects: Biochem: West, Corn-based production of commercial available gellan gum1999-2003
163Terminated Projects: Biochem: Evenson, Potential effects of genetically modified adult development2000-2002
164Terminated Projects: Biochem: Evenson, Molecular probes of bull sperm nuclei abnormal embryos2000-2003
165Terminated Projects: Biochem: Majerle, Rationally designed vaccine for roto dendrimer materials2000-2002
166Terminated Projects: Biochem: Rice, Acquisition of total organic carbon analyzer2001-2002
167Terminated Projects: Biochem: Rice, Acquisition of 10MM broadband NMR probe2002-2003
168Terminated Projects: Biochem: Schindler, Char. and plasticization of rigid soil organic matter2002-2005
169Terminated Projects: Biochem: Rice, Acquisition of a differential refractometer2003-2004
1610Terminated Projects: CEE: Berdanier, Development of analytical capabilities for the examination of treatment potential of human2008-2010
1611Terminated Projects: CES: Hegerfeld, Reducing food borne illness marketed food in SD2006-2008
1612Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hippen, Management systems for improved decision dairy herds1997-2002
1613Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Schingoethe, Metabolic relationships in supply lactating cows1997-2002
1614Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Schingoethe, ModiFiscal Yearing milk fat composition consumer acceptability1999-2004
1615Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Yeung, Expanding use of whey in food products2000-2006
1616Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hippen, Strategies for improved health and production dairy cows2001-2006
1617Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Mistry, Improvement of the nutrition value of dairy byproducts2001-2006
1618Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hippen, Metabolic relationships in supply lactating cows2002-2007
1619Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Kalscheur, Strategies to reduce nutrient losses dairy cattle2002-2007
1620Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Kalscheur, Management systems to improve economic dairy enterprises2002-2007
1621Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Schingoethe, Strategies to increase utilization of lactating cows2002-2007
1622Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Mistry, Microfiltration unit for dairy process operations2003-2004
1623Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hassan, Applications of exopolysaccharides-producing cultures in dairy products2004-2009
1624Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Schingoethe, ModiFiscal Yearing milk fat composition for improved nutritional and market value2004-2009
1625Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Baer, Flavor, texture, and nutritional enhancement of milk and dairy products2006-2011
1626Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hassan, Chemo-preventive effects of exopolysaccharides produced2006-2008
1627Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Hippen, Metabolic conditioning of early lactation dairy cows2006-2011
1628Terminated Projects: Dairy Science: Kalscheur, Combustion analyzer to determine nitrogen dairy cattle2007-2008
1629Terminated Projects: Econ: Fausti, Enhancing global competitiveness US red meat1997-2002
1630Terminated Projects: Econ: Janssen, Econ analysis of ag land markets management practices in SD1997-2002
1631Terminated Projects: Econ: Van der Sluis, Changes in ag food systems value-added activities1997-2002
1632Terminated Projects: Econ: Adamson, Rural labor markets and factors migration1998-2003
1633Terminated Projects: Econ: Qasmi, Changes in global patterns implications for US and SD1999-2004
1634Terminated Projects: Econ -Franklin, Perception of biotech, produced ag risk management2000-2006
1635Terminated Projects: Econ: Qasmi, Ag biotech economic implications for Midwest ag2000-2002
1636Terminated Projects: Econ: Taylor, Value added ag in SD: its impact on ag policy2000-2004
1637Terminated Projects: Econ: Cumber, Case profiles of profitability determinants in the SD beef cow-calf enterprise2001-2004
1638Terminated Projects: Econ: Dobbs, Agri-environmental policy options multifunctionality2001-2007
1639Terminated Projects: Econ: Eaheucry, The competitiveness of US meats2002-2007
1640Terminated Projects: Econ: Janssen, Representative farm and ag land market analysis for SD2002-2007
1641Terminated Projects: Econ: Van der Sluis, Value-added ag activities changing fiber system2002-2007
1642Terminated Projects: Econ: Adamson, Rural labor2003-2008
1643Terminated Projects: Econ: Cumber, Rural communities and quality of life2004-2009
1644Terminated Projects: Econ: Janssen, Agricultural and rural finance markets in transition2004-2009
1645Terminated Projects: Econ: Qasmi, Emerging globalization and its implications for agriculture in the US and SD2004-2009
1646Terminated Projects: Econ: Taylor/Klein, Value added ag in SD: opportunities value SD producers2004-2009
1647Terminated Projects: Econ: Van der Sluis, Sustainable bio-refining systems for corn in NC region2007-2008
1648Terminated Projects: Econ: Li, Statistical time series analysis of forward markets of agricultural products important to SD economy2008-2013
1649Terminated Projects: EHS: Bates, National grandfathers study2009-2014
1650Terminated Projects: EHS: Gillman, Interaction of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low income families2009-2014
1651Terminated Projects: FCS: Wang, Phytochemicals in soybeans1997-2002
1652Terminated Projects: FCS: Gardner, Promoting healthy families and communities education1998-2003
1653Terminated Projects: FCS: Lyons, Impact of technology on rural consumer food and fiber production1998-2004
1654Terminated Projects: FCS: Sergeev, Calcium and vitamin D regulation of livestock and poultry1999-2004
1655Terminated Projects: NFSH/FCS, Using state based interventions fruits and vegetables young adults2001-2006
1656Terminated Projects: NFSH/FCS - Krishnan, Value addition of cereal grains and oil-seeds food value2001-2006
1657Terminated Projects: FCS: Wang, Soy phytochemicals: chemistry, analysis health impacts2002-2008
1658Terminated Projects: FCS: Gardner, Promoting healthy families and communities education2003-2007
1659Terminated Projects: FCS: Gerham, Economic and psychological determinants savings behavior2003-2008
1660Terminated Projects: FCS: Wang, Acquisition of high pressure liquid chromatography system2003-2009
1661Terminated Projects: FCS: Wilson, Crossing paths: fostering social support pregnant Indian women2003-2006
1662Terminated Projects: FCS: Sergeev, Soy components and cell death in breast cancer2004-2009
1663Terminated Projects: FCS: Droke, Protective role of soy against obesity inflammation2006-2008
1664Terminated Projects: FCS: Droke, Dietary influences on obesity and chronic inflammation2006-2011
1665Terminated Projects: FCS: Droke, The protective role of soy isoflavones against complications associated with obesity and chronic inflammation2006-2008
1666Terminated Projects: FCS: Kattelmann, Diabetes education through talking circles2006-2008
1667Terminated Projects: FCS: Kattelmann, Promoting healthful eating to prevent excessive weight gain in young adults2006-2011
1668Terminated Projects: FCS: Krishnan, Enhancement of the economic and health benefits of cereal grains through processing and quality traits2006-2011
1669Terminated Projects: FCS: Sergeev, Calcium-dependent apoptotic targets of flavonoids and vitamin D in adipocytes2006-2009
1670Terminated Projects: FCS: Krishnan, Acquisition of text re-analyzer for post wheat quality research2007-2008
1671Terminated Projects: FCS: Oscarson, Community aging: using coaching seniors health2007-2009
1672Terminated Projects: FCS: Yao, Retirement adequacy of SD households2007-2011
1673Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennell, Dormancy and stress response of deciduous fruit crops1997-2002
1674Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennell, Rootstock and interstem effects on pomegranate fruit trees1997-2002
1675Terminated Projects: HFLP - Johnson, Restoring riparian woodland in agricultural ecosystems of the northern great plains1998-2003
1676Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennell, Freeze damage and protection of horticulture species1998-2003
1677Terminated Projects: HFLP - Schleicher, Evaluation, selection, management, turfgrass region in SD1998-2003
1678Terminated Projects: HFLP - Evers, Evaluation of native and introduced urban landscapes1999-2004
1679Terminated Projects: HFLP - Schaefer, Integrating biophysical functions riparian systems2000-2004
1680Terminated Projects: HFLP - Burrows, Cultural practices optimizing growth horticulture plants in NGP2001-2006
1681Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennell, Dormancy and early acclimation response woody plants2002-2007
1682Terminated Projects: HFLP - Johnson, Monitoring restoration progress of Mortenson Ranch SD2003-2008
1683Terminated Projects: HFLP -Schleicher, Evaluation of native and naturalized germplasm turfgrass in NP2003-2008
1684Terminated Projects: HFLP - Stubbles, Simultaneous economic impact forest county level2003-2008
1685Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennel, Multi-state evaluation of winegrape Cultivars and clones2004-2017
1686Terminated Projects: HFLP - Graper, Evaluation of native and introduced ornamental plants for SD2006-2011
1687Terminated Projects: HFLP - Fennel, Functional genomics of growth, dormancy and cold acclimation traits in Vitis species2007-2012
171Terminated Projects: HFLP - Johnson, Twenty years. of research and monitoring at the Mortenson Ranch: a synthesis2008-2013
172Terminated Projects: HFLP - Schleicher, Selection and improvement of Bouteloua gracilis for reduced-input turf in the northern great plains2008-2013
173Terminated Projects: HFLP - Stubbles, Expectations of use of the Black Hills National Forest by SD native Americans 20172008-2013
174Terminated Projects: Math/Stats - Chen, Bayesian mixed model to identiFiscal Year the expressed genes in non-replicated/small-sample microarray2007-2012
175Terminated Projects: Math/Stats - Djira, Biological assay: extensions, method comparisons and easy-to-use software implementations2007-2012
176Terminated Projects: Math/Stats - Ge, Online statistical analysis service for genomics data2007-2009
177Terminated Projects: Math/Stats - Chen, Developing a non-linear random effect model for limits of detection and quantification2008-2010
178Terminated Projects: Math/Stats - Chen, Research advances in agricultural statistics2008-2011
179Terminated Projects: NR - Graeb, Ecology and restoration of Missouri river reservoir ecosystems in SD2007-2012
1710Terminated Projects: NR - Jenks, Evaluation of survival and cause-specific mortality of white-tailed deer2007-2012
1711Terminated Projects: NR - Smart, Improving ecosystem goods and services2007-2012
1712Terminated Projects: NR - Smart/Troelstrup, Biotic integrity of northern prairie watersheds: invertebrate reference2008-2013
1713Terminated Projects: NR - Willis, Predator-prey relations in northern great plains fish communities2008-2013
1714Terminated Projects: NR - Bertrand, conservation of the fisheries and stream ecosystems in the northern great plains2009-2014
1715Terminated Projects: NR - Hubbard, assessing effects of the conservation reserve program on pheasant populations in SD2009-2014
1716Terminated Projects: NR - Smart, Conservation practices assessment of the lower bed river basin2009-2012
1717Terminated Projects: NR - Smart, Sustaining forage-based cattle production in a bioenergy environment2009-2014
1718Terminated Projects: NR - Bertrand, Understanding the ecological and social constraints to achieving management2011
1719Terminated Projects: NR - Brown, Potential for biotic impairment of sport fish population resulting from common carp infestation2011
1720Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Plant germplasm and info management and utilization1996-2002
1721Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Bleakley, Biological control of foliar and head disease of wheat1997-2002
1722Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Forage crop genetics and breeding yield and quality1997-2002
1723Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Hall, Develop and utilize of oats and rye adapted in SD1997-2003
1724Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Owens, Forage production, quality and persistence1997-2003
1725Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Rickerl, Agricultural wetland management1997-2002
1726Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sutton, Nondestructive freeze test using thermoelectric cooling1997-2002
1727Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Beck, DiversiFiscal Yearing crop rotations1998-2004
1728Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Breeding perennial grasses and legumes to stresses1998-2003
1729Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Chase, Genetics of fungal pathogens of row crops1998-2003
1730Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Weed management in conventional and alternative cropping systems1998-2003
1731Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Info support for pesticide use in minor crops1998-2004
1732Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Doolittle, Fate and transport of waste components land-treated1998-2003
1733Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Fuller, Ecological and alternative management root worms NGP1998-2003
1734Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Glover, Spring wheat breeding and genetics1998-2003
1735Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Johnson, Wireworms of the NGP1998-2003
1736Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schumacher, Management of eroded soils enhancement production environment quality1998-2003
1737Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Wicks, Corn genetics, physiology and breeding1998-2003
1738Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Woodard, Nutrient recycling in crop rotations1998-2003
1739Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Grady, Sunflower breeding and testing alternative crops1999-2004
1740Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Langham, Etiology and epidemiology of plant viruses in SD1999-2004
1741Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schumacher, Soil management for improved soil quality and reduced biostress1999-2004
1742Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Scott, Soybean breeding, genetics, and production1999-2004
1743Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Smolik, Persistence of heterodera glycines important nematodes1999-2004
1744Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Berg, Tillage and crop rotations for eastern SD2000-2005
1745Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carter, Soybeans transgene dispersal and feed and food2000-2002
1746Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carter, Plant biologic methods and application in agriculture2000-2004
1747Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Reducing potential for environmental organic chemicals2000-2005
1748Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Characterizing weed population variables reduce herbicide use2000-2005
1749Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gelderman, Influence of potassium rate on K deficiency in corn2000-2005
1750Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carlson, Using emerging tech to increase agro producer profitability2001-2007
1751Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Linking soil characteristics, remote site specific management2001-2005
1752Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Assessing nitrogen mineralization and minimize losses2002-2006
1753Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Ibrahim, Winter wheat breeding and genetics2001-2005
1754Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Kohl, Water and soil management for maximizing return to ag2001-2005
1755Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Malo, Pedology information transfer for SD2001-2006
1756Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Stein, Studies of host-parasite interaction fungal pathogens2001-2006
1757Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Bleakley, Biological control of fusarium head wheat diseases2002-2007
1758Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Conservation, management, enhancement, until genetic resources2002-2007
1759Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Breeding and genetics of forage crops industrial uses2002-2007
1760Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Linking ecological and soil properly info site specific management2002-2004
1761Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Richard, Bison Culture2002-2006
1762Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sutton, Drought and freeze survival of winter wheat2002-2007
1763Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Tilmon, Dynamic soybean pest management for evolving2002-2007
1764Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Breeding perennial grasses and legumes tolerance to stress2003-2008
1765Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Chase, Fungal pathogens of row crops2003-2008
1766Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Improving site specific management weed landscapes2003-2008
1767Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Doolittle, Soil quality and bioavailability of ecosystems of SD2003-2008
1768Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Fuller, root worm management and ecological consideration2003-2008
1769Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gelderman/German/Schindler, Estimating phosphorus release from SD soils2003-2004
1770Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Glover, Spring wheat breeding and genetics2003-2008
1771Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Johnson, Systematics of click beetles and wireworm in N America2003-2008
1772Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Owens, Management and persistence of forages used renewable resources2003-2008
1773Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sutton, SD plant physiology/plant symposium: back again2003-2004
1774Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Wicks, Corn breeding and sustainability2003-2007
1775Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Woodard, IdentiFiscal Yearing grain production practices organic carbon2003-2008
1776Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Beck, Developing Farming Systems Components2004-2010
1777Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carter, Molecular Markers for Soybeans2004-2009
1778Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, High value specialty crop pest management2004-2010
1779Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gallenberg, Seed Technology Center2004-2007
1780Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Grady, Sunflower breeding and alternative oil seed crops for SD2004-2009
1781Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Langhem, Etiology and Epidemiology of plant virus in SD2004-2009
1782Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Nleya, Develop management practices for cropping systems in western SD2004-2009
1783Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Scott, Soybean breeding, genetics, and production2004-2010
1784Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Shumacher, Carbon sequestration and distribution landscapes2004-2009
1785Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Shumacher, Soil management for improved soil structure landscapes2004-2009
1786Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Smolik, Biology and management of nematodes associated with soybeans2004-2007
1787Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Berg, Alternative crop, rotation, and tillage practices2005-2011
1788Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Impacts of C13 fractionation and maintenance rates2005-2010
181Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Characterize weed population dynamics decision making2005-2010
182Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Evaluating physical and biological ag contexts2005-2010
183Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gelderman, Precision in-furrow fertilizer placement for corn2005-2010
184Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Hall, Development of varieties for SD2005-2008
185Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Ibrahim, Winter wheat breeding and genetics2005-2010
186Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Turnipseed/Foster, Seed Technology, SD2005-2008
187Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Information age technology for integrated agricultural systems analysis curricula2005-2008
188Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Characterizing active soil organic matter pools2006-2011
189Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gonzalez, Metabolomics and functional genomics of seed lipid2006-2009
1810Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gu, Toward map based cloning of seed dormancy QTLS in rice2006-2008
1811Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Jeranyama, Botanical composition and lignocellulose: feedstock biofuel2006-2008
1812Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Malo, South Dakota pedology information transfer for resource2006-2011
1813Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sauer, Use of green algae for heterologous protein expression2006-2008
1814Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Smolik, Practical management of SCN and other nematodes2006-2008
1815Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Stein, Influence of environment expression of gibberella zeae2006-2008
1816Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Stein, Epidemiology and management of fungal diseases of small2006-2011
1817Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Tilmon, Biointensive integrated pest management strategies2006-2011
1818Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Turnipseed, Seed Technology2006-2009
1819Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Bleakley, Isolation and characterization of lignocell SD environments2007-2012
1820Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Glover, Conservation, management, enhancement and utilization resources2007-2012
1821Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gonzalez, Develop genomic tools for improvement feedstock crop2007-2009
1822Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Langam, Interaction of soybean mosaic virus infection and movement2007-2010
1823Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Stein, Development of integrated management rust wheat and barley2007-2010
1824Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sutton, Characterization of wheat model system biosynthesis2007-2008
1825Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sutton, Identification gene networks critical for winter wheat2007-2012
1826Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Tilmon, Developing molecular markers to assess aphid population2007-2009
1827Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Beck, Crop integration and production, SD2008-2010
1828Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Boe, Breeding perennial grasses and legumes for environmental purposes2008-2013
1829Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carlson, Industry-educator on farm research2008-2013
1830Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Chase, Management of rowcrop diseases2008-2013
1831Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Screening current plant genotypes suitable quality and stress2008-2009
1832Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, IdentiFiscal Yearing mechanisms of maize/weed microarray analyzes2008-2010
1833Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Using microarray analysis to examine physiological processes in crops competing with weeds2008-2010
1834Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Fire, atmospheric N depositions, water species control2008-2012
1835Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Linking applied and basic research to weed-crop competition2008-2013
1836Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Fuller, Corn root worm management and relationship maize environments2008-2013
1837Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Glover, Spring wheat breeding and genetics2008-2013
1838Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gu, Characterization of qSD7-1 locus for background of rice2008-2011
1839Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Hall, Development of oat varieties for SD2008-2013
1840Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Glover, Effects of genotype environment interaction SD spring wheat2008-2010
1841Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Johnson, Integrative biodiversity of terrestrial insects2008-2013
1842Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Lemme, Four states ruminant nutrition Consortium2008-2011
1843Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Owens, Management of forage crops for feed and bioenergy2008-2013
1844Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Tilmon, Biology, impact, and management soybean insect production systems2008-2012
1845Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Woodard, Determining sources of soil organic grain prod. Systems2008-2013
1846Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Beck, Forage crop cover crop and rotational grain crop integration and production2009
1847Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Berzonsky, Assessing the cost of pyramiding host resistance to biotic stress in crop species2009-2014
1848Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Carter, Genetics and mapping in glycine max and silphium2009-2014
1849Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Innovative seed technology for the identification of signaling pathways under heat and water stress2009
1850Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Deneke, SDSU integrated pest2009-2011
1851Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gonzalez, Applied crop genomics and genetics2009-2014
1852Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Grady, Sunflower germplasm improvement and alternative oilseed crops for SD2009-2014
1853Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gu, Identification and characterization of naturally occurring genes controlling seed dormancy to improve2009-2014
1854Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Langham, Etiology and epidemiology of plant viruses in SD2009-2014
1855Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Osborne, Biology, management and detection of field crop diseases in SD2009-2014
1856Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Ren, Objective bayesian analysis for spatial data2009-2014
1857Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Sexton, Intensification of cover crop use2009-2014
1858Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schumacher, Impacts of crop residue removal for biofuel on soils2009-2014
1859Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schumacher, Soil management for soil rehabilitation and bioenergy production2009-2014
1860Terminated Projects: Plant Science -Subramanian, Molecular and functional genomics of biotic interactions and abiotic stresses in SD crops2009-2014
1861Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Wu, Development and application of new quantitative genetic methodologies to the improvement of plants and animals2009-2014
1862Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Berzonsky, Winter wheat breeding and genetics2010-2015
1863Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Using innovative seed, soil and plant technologies for improved food security in a variable climate2010
1864Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Clay, Adaptive management techniques for increasing food production and carbon sequestration2010-2015
1865Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Gelderman, Correlation, calibration, and interpretation of soil and plant tests to make N and S SD crop producers2010-2015
1866Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Lemme, Rotational crop integration into dryland no-till farming systems in NGP fossil fuel inputs2010
1867Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Nleya, Integrating cover crops, annual forages, and legumes into winter wheat in western SD2010-2015
1868Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schumacher, Optimization of pyrolytic bio-oil production selected biomass feedstocks2010
1869Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Subramanian, microRNA-mediated regulation of auxin action during root nodule development in soybean2010-2013
1870Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Malo, Pedology information for SD resource management and environmental decisions2011-2016
1871Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Schaefer, Selection of native and introduced woody ornamentals for SD2011-2016
1872Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Tilmon, Integrated pest management strategies for soybean insect pests2011-2016
1873Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Wilson, Pesticide safety education program2011
1874Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Fuller, Survey entomologistundated
1875Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Hall, Variety testingundated
1876Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Horton, Plant Science administrationundated
1877Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Horton, Greenhouse-seedhouse maintenanceundated
1878Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Kingsley, Plant and soil Science - Highmoreundated
1879Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Kohl, Plant Science farmundated
1880Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Nleya, Research field station - Rapid Cityundated
1881Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Pollmann, Seed certificationundated
1882Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Smolik, Northeast research farmundated
1883Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Vacancy, Seed testingundated
1884Terminated Projects: Plant Science - Weber, Foundation seed stocksundated
1885Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Hess, SDSU census data center1997-2002
1886Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Hess, Consortium to address social, economic aspects of biotech2000-2005
1887Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Hess, Rural life census data center2002-2008
1888Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Arwood, Rural low-income families: well-being welfare reform2003-2008
1889Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Hess, North central regional center for rural development2004-2010
1890Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Redlin, Generational transfer alt. farms NGP region2006
1891Terminated Projects: R. Soc. - Hess, Rural life census data center2008-2013
1892Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Thiex, Analytical services1984-2019
1893Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Zeman, Survey of infectious, toxicology, and nutritional diseases of livestock1986-2012
1894Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Effect of dietary supplementation enter pathogenic bac.1996-2001
1895Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Enteric diseases of swine and cattle food safely1997-2002
1896Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hennings, PRRS: mechanism of disease and methods PRRS virus1999-2004
191Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Benfield, Genomic quasispecies associated with of PRRSV2000-2004
192Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Erickson, Biochemical basis for genetic K88 coli infections2000-2004
193Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Benfield, Veterinary virology symposium animal viral diseases2001-2002
194Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Controlling ovine viral diarrhea virus Pathogenesis2001-2006
195Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Evolving pathogens, targeted sequences respiratory disease2001-2006
196Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Daniel, Description, impact, and risk factors lesions in lambs2001-2006
197Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Evaluation of anti-diarrhea substances in pigs2001-2006
198Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Holler, Antimicrobial sensitivity and character campylobacteria2001-2006
199Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Ropp, Genetic analysis of PRRSV attenuation2001-2004
1910Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Enteric diseases of swine and cattle food safety2002-2007
1911Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Maternal regulation of neonatal immunity2003-2005
1912Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Development of a vaccine for protecting weaned pigs from Enterotosxigenic Escherichia Coli.2004-2009
1913Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hennings, Porcine reproductive and respiratory disease: methods for the integrated control2004-2009
1914Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Kaushik, Role of intestinal epithelial cells in mucosal immunity in domestic animals2004-2009
1915Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Mathees, Analysis of pesticides and related compounds2004-2009
1916Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Unique mechanisms of B cell subset development and function in domestic animals2004-2009
1917Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Collaborative initiative for therapy of TSE2004-2005
1918Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Fang, Genetic marker development NSP2 PRRSV2005-2007
1919Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Third international Rushmore conference2005-2006
1920Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Domestic surveillance, diagnosis and therapy of transmissible spongiform2005-2010
1921Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Zeman, National Animal Health Lab Network: South Dakota2005-2009
1922Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Bovine viral diarrhea virus infections in cattle: an emphasis on pathogenesis2006-2011
1923Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, An integrated approach to the control of bovine respiratory disease2006-2011
1924Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Fang, In Vivo Evaluation of genetic markers in the NSP2 region2006-2008
1925Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, An identification of antibacterial, anti-adhesive, and anti diarrheal compounds from native plants2006-2011
1926Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hardwidge, Quantification of enterotoxin-mediated epithelial cells2006-2008
1927Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Li, Development of avian metapneumovirus binding and entry2006-2008
1928Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, Enteric diseases of swine and cattle: Prevention, control, and food safety2007-2012
1929Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hardwidge, Discovery and characterization novel ETEC vaccine development2007-2008
1930Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hennings, Acquisition of BioPlex suspension array swine research2007-2008
1931Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Mechanisms of immune tolerance and BVDV persistence in sheep2007-2009
1932Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, A model for chronic wasting disease in Muntjac deer2007-2009
1933Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Bovine viral diarrhea virus persistent infection of White-tailed deer and their risk to domestic cattle2008-2010
1934Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Fang, The role of PRRSV non-structural proteins 1 and 2 in host immunity2008-2010
1935Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hildreth, Anthelmintic resistance issues in SD beef and sheep herds2008-2013
1936Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Zheng, Application of heat-stable toxin as an antigen in developing vaccines against enterotoxigenic2008-2010
1937Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Kaushik, Role of innate immune responses and cells in the intestinal mucosal immunity in domestic animals2009-2014
1938Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Mathees, Analysis of pesticides and related compounds2009-2014
1939Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Young, Role of fixed and migratory leukocytosin the pathogenesis of chronic disease2009-2014
1940Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Zeman, National Animal Health Lab Network: South Dakota2009-2010
1941Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Hennings, Nelson, Fang, Detection and control of porcine reproductive and respiratory diseases of swine2010-2015
1942Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in cattle: implications on innate immunity and acquired immune development2011-2016
1943Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Chase, Daly, An integrated approach to control of bovine respiratory diseases2011-2015
1944Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Francis, 4th International Rushmore Conference on Enteric Disease: methods for protection from infection2011
1945Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Nelson, Fang, Hennings, Improved methods for the diagnosis of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome2011-2012
1946Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Zhang, Infectious disease Pathogenesis study and Prevention development2011-2012
1947Terminated Projects: Vet Science - Fang, Innovative strategies to enhance PRRSV specific protective PRRS vaccineundated
1948Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Jenks, Strategies minimizing winter depredation white-tailed deer1997-2002
1949Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Willis, Human, habitat, and biotic influences on panfish population1998-2003
1950Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Brown, Yellow perch fingerline production Eastern SD2001-2006
1951Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Jensen, Merriam's wild turkey Black Hills of SD farmstead dependence2001-2006
1952Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Jenks, Intersexual variation in digestive white-tailed deer2002-2007
1953Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Jenks, Landscape ecology of white-tailed deer support management2002-2008
1954Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Willis, Prey fish dynamics in SD waters2003-2008
1955Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Brown, Culture strategies for producing advanced largemouth bass in the upper Midwest2006-2011
1956Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Jensen, Merriam's wild turkey Black Hills of SD and WY: survival and movements of gobblers related to habitat2006-2011
1957Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Rupp, Analysis of habitat use patterns and sightability of Rocky Mountain Elk in the black Hills of SD2007-2011
1958Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Rupp, Developing sustainable harvest strategies for cellulose-based biofuels: the effects of intensity and season2007-2009
1959Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Bertrand, Identification of polymorphic microsatellite loci in North American grass2008-2010
1960Terminated Projects: Wildlife - Rupp, Assessing the impacts of bioenergy production on wildlife populations2011
1961Terminated Projects: Census Data Centerundated
1962Terminated Projects: Ag Admin Kephart, Four-State Ruminant Consortium2002-2003
1963Terminated Projects: Warmann, Consortium for Alternative Crops2004-2006
1964Terminated Projects: Ext Admin Warmann, Crop Integration and Production, SD2006-2007
1965Terminated Projects: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering2000-2005
1966Terminated Projects: Animal Science Complex Renovation2002
1967Terminated Projects: Enforcement Alert2000
1968Terminated Projects: RCRA Overview: A Generator Perspective2000
1969Terminated Projects: Chemistry/Biochemistry2002, 2004
1970Terminated Projects: Confined Space Entry Training Program2002
1971Terminated Projects: Biology/Microbiology2004
1972Seed Releases: Barley Prilar1971
1973Seed Releases: Corn SDP21971
1974Administrative: Plant Variety Project - USDA Rules and Regulations1974-1978
1975Seed Releases: Listing Corn Lines1974
1976Seed Releases: Oats Spear SD 955 and 92031974
1977Seed Releases: Winter Wheat SD 7117, CI 172931974
1978Seed Releases: Releases Log1975-1976
1979Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat CO7250551975
1980Seed Releases: Corn SDP309, SDP316W, SDP317W1975
1981Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat Lancots1975
1982Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat Linden1975
1983Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat ND71211975
1984Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat OK66V26291975-1976
1985Seed Releases: Corn Inbreds 21 Lines1976
1986Seed Releases: Raspberry Pathfinder and Trailblazer1976
1987Seed Releases: Soybean Coles1976
1988Seed Releases: Sorghum RS455 and Female Parent1976
1989Seed Releases: Hard Red Winter Wheat KS741241976
1990Seed Releases: Hard Red Spring Wheat Newans and Lew1976
1991Administrative: Correspondence and Forms1979-1990
201Administrative: Plant Variety Project - Correspondence1979-2010
202Seed Releases: Soybean Amcor and Gnome1979
203Seed Releases: Soybean Corsoy 79 and Will1979
204Seed Releases: Soybean Century1979
205Seed Releases: Soybean Weber1979
206Seed Releases: Wheat CO701733, SD73160, SD753751979
207Seed Releases: Wheat Eureka1979
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4623Administrative: Committee of Evapotranspirationundated
4624Administrative: Snow Management Committee1971-1973
471Administrative: National Grassland Committee1972-1973
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475Administrative: Committee: North Central Increased Efficiency of sheep prod. Annual Report1977-1996
476Administrative: Regional Technical Committee and Representative1978
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478Administrative: Committee: North Central Increased Efficiency of sheep prod. Proposal1982-1987
479Administrative: Search Committee: College of Home Economics1985-1986
4710Administrative: Field Stations Pasture Res Correspondenceundated
4711Administrative: Inactive: Ag Experiment Station - Correspondence: Grove Les and grove Manufacturing1977-1982
4712Administrative: Middle west improvement committee soilundated
4713Administrative: Botany Biology Correspondenceundated
4714Administrative: Great Plains Ag Council Reports1949-1981
4715Administrative: Secretary-North central regional soil technical committee1950-1957
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4721Administrative: University Economic Development Advisory Council1986-1989
4722Administrative: University Economic Development Advisory Council1988-1992
4723Administrative: Projects: Vet Science Department1984-1996
4724Administrative: Projects: Vet Science Department various projects1984-1996
4725Administrative: Projects: Vet Science Department1984-1996
4726Administrative: Project: Ag. Exg - High temp short time extrusion processing .. Ag materials1990-1993
4727Administrative: South central Research station presho1957-1974
481Administrative: Research Projects Agricultural Engineeringundated
482Administrative: Irrigation Research Substation Budget, work plans, etc1959-1967
483Administrative: Eastern SD soil and water research farm, INC Madison1960-1974
484Administrative: US Irrigation and dry land field station research outline SD1962-1964
485Agricultural Research Service: Agricultural Research Service Animal Husbandry research division1964-1972
486Agricultural Research Service: Agricultural Research Service: Animal Husbandry research division1964-1972
487Agricultural Research Service: Lease: Plant Science Department pasture research center1965-1979
488Agricultural Research Service: Agricultural Research Service Animal Husbandry Research division clay center meat animal research center1967-1972
489Administrative: Written Statements Presented at Public Hearings regarding watershed Research Center1967
4810Research: Test Prairie Couteau crops and soils research station - Garden City1969
4811Research: Research Program Group 41972-1973
4812Research: Northeast research station Watertown1962-1973
4813Research: Agricultural Research Institute1980
4814Research: Research on Prairie dogs by Dr. Ray Moore1985
4815Research: Research on Prairie dogs by Dr. Ray Moore1985
4816Research: Great Plains Agricultural council1974-1975
4817Research: North Central research projects in soils1954-1956
4818Research: SESD Experiment farm legal matters1960-1966
4819Research: SESD Experiment Farm1960-1961
4820Research: SESD Experiment farm publicity1964-1966
4821Research: Seed Exp. Farm BD of Directors minutes1970-1974
4822Research: Seed Exp. Farm, progress reports1972-1974
4823Research: Extension Retirement Stag1981-1984
4824Research: Biostress: Plans Extension1989
4825Research: Extension Crops1990-1991
4826Research: James Wilson: Extension PAT1991
4827Research: James Grewing: Extension soils1991
4828Research: James Grewing Extension soils1991
4829Research: Robert Hall Extension Crops1991
4830Research: Robert Hall Extension crops specialist1991
4831Research: Pale Gallenberg Extension plant path1991
4832Research: James Gerwing Extension Soil Specialist1991
491Research: James Gerwing Extension Soil Specialist1991
492Research: Information about F. W. Parker1947-1951
493Research: Information on soil - 2721949
494Research: Information on W. H. Pierre1950
495Research: Information about the project: The major and minor group of base exchange minerals in soils1950
496Research: Info on Dr. Piem1956-1957
497Research: Information about secretary north central region1957
498Research: Info on Agricultural classes1957-1959
499Research: General papers about soils1924-1954
4910Research: General papers and publications (2 flower pictures)1949-1956
4911Research: General papers from Agricultural Extension Service1949-1959
4912Research: General Information1949
4913Research: Edward Twidwell: Extension forage1991
4914Research: James Gerwing Extension Soil Specialist1991
4915Research: Paul Johnson: Extension IPM Coordinator1991
4916Research: Edward Twidwel Extension Forage Specialist1991
4917Research: Bobo Keepers1987
4918Research: Bob's Deleted1988-1989
4919Research: Bob's Deleted1988-1989
4920Research: U.S. Irrigation and Dry land Field Station1932-1961
4921Research: Substations: Brand Inspections1937-1960
4922Research: Miscellaneous: Info about Ag. Exp Stat1941-1953
4923Research: Agricultural Extension Service Tech Notes and other documents1954-1962
4924Research: State Owned sub station leased and rented land South Dakota State College1957
4925Research: North Central Substation Advisory Group1958-1972
4926Research: US Irrigation and land field station proposed station closing1962-1965
4927Research: Substations: Superintendents Annual Meetings1963-1965
4928Research: Substations Livestock Inventory1963-1969
501Research: Substation Lands1966-1967
502Agricultural Research Service: Regional Swine Lab: Agricultural Research Service-USDA1966-1967
503Administrative: Irrigation Research Substation Techite Pipe Line Redfield1968-1969
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505Administrative: Leases: School and Public Lands, Antelope and Cottonwood Field Station Appraisal Prepared at Pierre, SDundated
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5014Administrative: Dr. Moore: Paper to be presented at 1977 XIII International Grassland Congress "Net Assimilation and congivity of Alfalfa Strands1976-1977
5015Administrative: Research on Prairie dogs by Dr. Ray Moore1985
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5017Administrative: Jim G Overheads-Originals1990-1991
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5022Administrative: Kentack, Benjamin Lettes about Garden Line1991
5023Administrative: Kentack, Benjamin Calls to Garden Line1991
5024Administrative: Proposal: Submitted to Government Office of Economic Developmentundated
5025Administrative: Regional Project and Other papers for Agricultural Extension Service1951-1959
5026Administrative: Inactive: Agreement-Micro (Westby with 3m) Attest Bio. Indicator spores1982-1983
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511Administrative: Fertilizer and Soilsundated
512Administrative: Guidance for Borrowing or Renting Equipment- Farm Departmentundated
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517Administrative: International Seminar Agricultural Economics1969
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5112Administrative: Research Needs in Animal Nutrition1975
5113Administrative: Inactive: Nasulq Meetings (annual) Minutes1976-1978
5114Administrative: Minnesota-North Dakota Flax Situation1973-1975
5115Administrative: The Characterization of Cellulosic waster as potential ruminant feeds1976-1982
5116Administrative: Solar Energy for Agricultural Application Meeting1977
5117Administrative: Super Weed Schools: Madison, Rapid City1978
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521Administrative: South Dakota Reporting Service1944-1960
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527Administrative: Spring Directors1975
528Administrative: North Central Directors NCORD1975
529Administrative: North Central Directors Spring Meeting, Fargo, ND1976
5210Administrative: Census of Ag Bureau of the Census 19781978-1979
5211Administrative: Street Improvement 22nd Avenue1981
5212Administrative: Lease: Harding County School Land Grazing1983
5213Administrative: Experiment Station: Fiscal Year 81 Project Descritrics Fiscal Year 82 Plant Projects: Goals and Object1981-1982
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5220Administrative: Mapsundated
5221Administrative: Maps (2)undated
5222Administrative: Maps (3)undated
5223Administrative: Maps (4)undated
5224Administrative: Slides on Insecticide Trailsundated
5225Administrative: Maps (5)undated
5226Administrative: Legislation1980
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11Station Biochemistry: Annual Reports1939-1945
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