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UA 5.1


College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Economics Records


Department of Economics, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University




6.0 linear feet (6 records center boxes)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Economics Records, UA 5.1. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The Department of Economics offers undergraduate academic programs in Economics (with an optional Business specialization), Agricultural Business, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Entrepreneurial Studies. The collection consists of reports by faculty and graduate assistants for the Economics Department, the Agricultural Experiment Station, and for the Cooperative Extension Service. Also included are general office records produced by the Economics Department.

Historical Note

Work in general economics dates back to the beginning of instructional work at South Dakota State College, when it was taught under the name of political economy. Later, it was taught with history and philosophy, but finally achieved full independence when, in 1921, the Department of Farm Economics was created as a separate department. Development in this department consisted mainly of teaching, research and extension. Over the years, the Economics Department has established itself as a pioneer in the scientific study of the economic problems of South Dakota.

According to the 1996-1998 Undergraduate Bulletin, the Economics Department trains students to apply economic concepts and techniques for decision-making in fields such as agricultural business, agricultural economics, economics and business. The objectives of the curricula taught in the department are to present the general economic principles necessary to understand the complexities of the economic business world and provide a foundation for graduate work in economics, agricultural economics, business administration, management, finance, law and other related areas of study.

The Economics Department offers majors leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in either agricultural business or agricultural economics from the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. The department also offers a major in economics leading to a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Arts and Science. Within the economics major, a student can choose an option in business economics. Minors are also available through the department in accounting, agricultural business, agricultural marketing and economics. The programs provide students with a background to pursue careers in farm and ranch management, agricultural finance, agribusiness, banking, business finance, business management, sales and marketing, government service and related fields.

Contents Note

This collections is composed of administrative material and various publications. The administrative material includes newsletters, programs, pamphlets, reports, and posters. The publications are composed material created by the Economics Department for the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, pamphlets, research reports, and staff papers. These publications cover economic topics related to agriculture and farm and ranch management.

Key Words

  • South Dakota State University. Economics Department.

Container List

11Ag Business (pamphlet)1998
12Agri-Business Day (registration forms)1971-1979
13Annual Economic Scholarship Awards Banquet (programs)2005
14Banker's Short Course and School (programs)1952-1953
15Building Agricultural College in Coroico Province of the Nor Yungas Bolivia, South America (report)1992
16Business of Economics (newsletters)1986-1987
17Department of Economics (newsletter)2001, 2004, 2006
18Economics Commentator No. 454: Recognizing Agriculture's "Multifunctionality" Implications for Policy Making in the United States (newsletter)2004
19Economics Commentator No, 456, Local and Regional Policy Implications of Agriculture's "Multifunctionality" (newsletter)2004
110Economics Commentator No. 465, Payments for Environmental Services from Agriculture: Experience in the United Kingdom (newsletter)2005
111Economics Commentator No. 466, Experiences with Quality Labeling of Food Products2005
112Economics Commentator No. 480, Agri-Environmental Policy Options for Working Lands in the next United States Farm Bill (newsletter)2006
113Economics Commentator No. 483, Competing Visions of U.S. Agriculture: We Can Have Our Cake and Eat it Too in Reforming Federal Farm Policy? (newsletter)2007
114Economics Commentator No. 484, Time for change in U.S. Farm Policy: Fundamental Reform Emphasizing Institutions Based on Agriculture's Multifunctionality? (newsletter)2007
115Economics in a changing competitive world (info sheet)undated
116Economics at State (newsletter)1990
117Economics Department Holiday Greetings1988
118Economics Department Newsletter1995
119Economics Forum and Workshop on Economics Education (program)1953
120Economics Tribune (newsletter)1987
121Farm Set for Bookkeeping Class at Dakota Agricultural Collegeundated
122Graduate Study in Agricultural Economicsundated
123Impact of South Dakota Agriculture (joint newsletter with Cooperation Extension Service)1990-1998, 2000
124Posters (Econ Club, new students, seniors)2002
125Seminar: Rolland E. (Bud) Anderson on World Agricultural Markets1989
126South Dakota's Rural Industrial Development (program)1944
127Symposium with Theodore W. Schultz A Centennial Event (program)1981
128Workshop on Economic Education for Teachers (program)1954-1955
129Agricultural Experiment Station: Achieving More Freedom by Farm Tenancy Improvement, C218undated
130Agricultural Experiment Station: Agronomic, Economic, and Ecological Relationships in Alternative (Organic), Conventional, and Reduced-till Farming Systems, B7181993
131Agricultural Experiment Station: Budgets for Major Crop Enterprises in South Dakota, C2261979
132Agricultural Experiment Station: Commercial Bank Financing for Industrial Development, B649undated
133Agricultural Experiment Station: Economics Analysis of Ranch Organization in Central South Dakota, Bulletin 331969
134Agricultural Experiment Station: Economic Feasibility Methods: New Agricultural and Rural Enterprises, B7031988
135Agricultural Experiment Station: Economic Potentials of Irrigated and Dryland Farming in Central South Dakota, Bulletin 4441955
136Agricultural Experiment Station: Farm Rural Economy and Policy Implications of Sustainable Agriculture in South Dakota, B7131992
137Agricultural Experiment Station: Flexible Cash Rents, Circular 185undated
138Agricultural Experiment Station: Goals and Rules for Farm Tenancy Improvement1960
139Agricultural Experiment Station: Investigation of Irrigation Development in the Big Sioux River Basin and the East Dakota Conservancy Sub-District, Part I: Report1969
140Agricultural Experiment Station: Local Public Finance Impacts of Rural Residential Development: A Case Study in the Rapid City School District of South Dakota, B650undated
141Agricultural Experiment Station: Management of Working Capital, Bulletin 5831971
142Agricultural Experiment Station: Ranch Management: Handling Drought, C255undated
143Agricultural Experiment Station: Rangeland Leasing Markets in South Dakota, B716undated
144Agricultural Experiment Station: Rural Manufacturing Development, What Influences It? A Study of South Dakota in the 70s, B683undated
145Agricultural Experiment Station: Scenic and recreational river designation: What happened to the James? B6891983
146Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Trends 1991-1996, C2591996
147Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Agricultural Land Values, Cash Rental Rates, and Cropshare Rental Practices:1993, C2561993
148Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates: 1994, C257undated
149Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates: 1995, C2581995
150Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Farmland Market Trends 1991-1997, C2601997
151Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Irrigation, Regional Shifts During the 1970s, C2431984
152Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Farmland Market Trends, 1991-1999, C2631999
153Agricultural Experiment Station: South Dakota Farmland Market Trends, 1991-2006, C271undated
154Agricultural Experiment Station: Why South Dakota's Branch lines Face Abandonment, C244undated
155Cooperative Extension Service: Property Taxes Payable for County Purposes in South Dakota, 1964 Report A651965
156Cooperative Extension Service: Annual Report, Planning for Tomorrow Today, South Dakota Financial Analysis Summary, EMC9181990
157Cooperative Extension Service: Billion Dollar Agriculture for South Dakota, EC656undated
158Cooperative Extension Service: Building Good Communities for the Future, EC6481966
159Cooperative Extension Service: Comparative Crop Budgets for Planning a Cropping Program in South Dakota, EMC8641993
160Cooperative Extension Service: Do You Want to Live in the Country? EC714undated
161Cooperative Extension Service: Economics of Community Services, Budgeting Methods, EC7321979
162Cooperative Extension Service: Economics Newsletter No. 1861982
163Cooperative Extension Service: Farm Machinery Costs, Own, Lease, or Custom Hire, EC8991994
164Cooperative Extension Service: Financing Alternatives for Fuel Alcohol Production Facilities, EMC842undated
165Cooperative Extension Service: Harvest Management for Producing Alfalfa in South Dakota, EC898undated
166Cooperative Extension Service: Hospitality Tips for Employees Serving the Traveling Public, EC719undated
167Cooperative Extension Service: Industrial Revenue Bonds: A Tool to Assist Rural Development, EC689undated
168Cooperative Extension Service: Management Guide for Planning a Farm or Ranch Business, EC716undated
169Cooperative Extension Service: Management Guide for Planning a Farm or Ranch Business, EC7441986
170Cooperative Extension Service: Management Guide for Planning a Farm or Ranch Business, EC744 Revised1989
171Cooperative Extension Service: National Water Issues1982
172Cooperative Extension Service: Planning Prices and Livestock Budgets, EC7451986
173Cooperative Extension Service: Planning Prices and Livestock Budgets for Farm Management Programs, EC7451991
174Cooperative Extension Service: Planning and Zoning in South Dakota, EC650undated
175Cooperative Extension Service: Production Supply and Demand Estimates for Grains Grown in South Dakota 1978-1985, Grain Price Outlook 1985-1986, EMC8811985
176Cooperative Extension Service: Rates Paid for Custom Work in South Dakota, EC7481983
177Cooperative Extension Service: Rates Paid for Custom Work in South Dakota, EC783undated
178Cooperative Extension Service: Some Guidelines for Organizing Economic Development Efforts in South Dakota Along Trade Area Lines, EC651undated
179Cooperative Extension Service: Strengthening South Dakota Tourism, EC717undated
180Cooperative Extension Service: South Dakota County Salary Survey, Report C651965
181Cooperative Extension Service: South Dakota Range Sites, EC7361980
182Cooperative Extension Service: South Dakota State and Local Government Finance Statistics, EMC823undated
183Cooperative Extension Service: South Dakota Tax Facts for Financing State and Local Government, EC7461982
184Cooperative Extension Service: Use of Custom Rate and Cost Information for Farm Machinery Management Decisions, EMC8961987
185Cooperative Extension Service: Valuing a Standing Crop of Corn for Silage, EMC8251990
186Cooperative Extension Service: Wheat Transportation in Perspective, EC712undated
187Economics pamphlets: Analysis of Effects of Machinery Costs on Relative Profitability of Different Farming Systems, 93-21993
188Economics pamphlets: Case Study of the Profitability of a South Dakota Farm Using the Integrated Farm Management Program, 96-21996
189Economics pamphlets: Crop, Livestock, and Miscellaneous Statistics for South Dakota Agriculture, No.221947
190Economics pamphlets: Euro: Ready or Not? A Retrospective on European Unification: Some Lessons for 1999, 98-11998
191Economics pamphlets: Investigation into Possible Problems Arising from Repeal of the Personal Property Tax in South Dakota, 1381971
192Economics pamphlets: Projecting Brookings Growth from College Enrollment Estimates, 1051959
193Economics pamphlets: Ramifications of Land Values, Farm Policies, and Transportation, Highlights of Papers Presented at the Sixteenth Agri-Business Day: April 4, 1978, 155undated
194Economics pamphlets: South Dakota's Privately Developed Irrigation Systems, Energy Sources, and Water Sources, 85-11985
195Agricultural and Soil Geography of South Dakota, Pedology Report, 92-41992
196Agri-Environmental Stewardship Schemes and Multifunctionalityundated
197Bond Financing Possibilities for South Dakota Aqueducts1978
198Branch line Economic Feasibility Analysis: Andover, SD to Brampton, SDundated
21Branch line Economic Feasibility Analysis: Mitchell, SD to Rapid City, SDundated
22Branch line Economic Feasibility Analysis: Napa, SD to Platte, SDundated
23Branch line Economic Feasibility Analysis: Trent, SD to Elk Point, SDundated
24Budgets for Major Livestock Enterprises in South Dakota1980
25Central South Dakota Weather from 1873-19601962
26Data Bank Budgets for Livestock Enterprises1976
27Effect of Size and Business Organization on the Woman's Role in Farm Task Participation and Decision Making1991
28Electricity from Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Reservoirs: An Economic Analysis1997
29Fall River County Statistical Data1976
210Federal Financing Possibilities for South Dakota Aqueducts1978
211Future Milk Production of Eastern South Dakota1981
212Groundwater Management: Some Methodological Issuesundated
213Impact of Rural Development Programs on Tax Revenues and Government Services1975
214Industrial Development: Citizen's Workbook for Assessing Economic and Public Finance Impacts1976
215Installment Contracts for the Purchase of Land in South Dakota1959
216Looking Ahead Prepared for the South Dakota Associate of Automobile Dealers1963
217Major Uses of Land in the First Planning and Development District, SD1975
218Multifunctional Economic Analysis2004
219Pilot Study to Investigate Efficient Grain Transportation and Marketing Systems for South Dakota1976
220Putting it Together Key to Successful Farming1991
221Roles and Limitations of Enterprise Diversificationundated
222Rural Underdevelopment: Unemployment and Underemployment in South Dakota, EMC 8771984
223Some Business and Public Sector Effects of Irrigation Development1979
224South Dakota's Agricultural Economy in Perspective1987
225Successful Family Farming in Times of Crisis1988
226Study Committees for Community Development: Organizational Suggestions1977
227Travel and Tourism in South Dakota1977
228Understanding Swine Marketingundated
229Work Roles of South Dakota Farm Couplesundated
230Research reports: Decade of Growth in South Dakota Irrigation, 1970, 83-41983
231Research reports: National Agricultural, Food, and Public Policy Preference Survey: The South Dakota Perspective, 2001, 2003-12003
232Research reports: Agricultural Debt Perspective in South Dakota 1969-1989, 91-21991
233Research reports: Agricultural and Food Policy Decisions: A 1989 Perspective from South Dakota's Agricultural Producers, 89-41989
234Research reports: Agricultural and Food Policy Preferences: The 1994 Perspectives of South Dakota's Agricultural Producers, 94-61994
235Research reports: Alternative Road Networks for a South Dakota Township, 92-51992
236Research reports: Contribution of Alfalfa to Whole-Farm Profitability of Farming Systems in Northeast South Dakota, 93-31993
237Research reports: Crop Budgets for Irrigated Agriculture in Central-East Central South Dakota  1982, 82-21982
238Research reports: Evaluation of Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Corn Production in Brookings County, 95-31995
239Research reports: Farm Management Innovators: Characteristics of Eastern South Dakota Farm Operators, 92-41992
240Research reports: Farm Program Flexibility Options and Sustainable Agriculture, 91-91991
241Research reports: Livestock Budgets and Whole-Farm Economic Analysis: South Dakota Sustainable Agriculture Case Farms, 90-71990
242Research reports: Long-Term Productivity and Profitability of Conventional and Alternative Farming Systems in East-Central South Dakota: A Case Study, 94-51994
243Research reports: Near-Organic and Mainstream Crop-Livestock Production: South Dakota Case Study, 95-51995
244Research reports: Potential Use of the Conservation Security Program to Encourage Diverse Crop Rotations in Eastern South Dakota, 2006-12006
245Research reports: South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Rental Rates: 1992, 92-11992
246Research reports: South Dakota Farm Real Estate Values and Rental Rates: 1991, 91-31991
2 Research reports: South Dakota's Rural Roads: 1992, 91-101992
31Research reports: Water Institutional Structure in South Dakota, 91-51991
32Research reports: Water Institutional Structure in the Upper Midwest, 91-21992
33Research reports: Water Use Trends in South Dakota, 91-61991
34Research reports: Women in Agriculture: A Summary of the 1990 Research Project and Recommendations for Extension, 91-41991
35Research reports: Research reports: Trends in Water Use in the Upper Midwest, 92-31992
36Staff papers: ASEAN-4: Agricultural Diversification in the 1990s, 93-21993
37Staff papers: CROPBUDGET: Review and Application, 91-91991
38Staff papers: Crop Production Management in South Dakota: LISA Farmers Compared to Farmers in General, 91-71991
39Staff papers: Determining a Fair Beef Cow Lease Agreement When Risk is Considered, 93-11993
310Staff papers: Did the Voluntary Price Reporting System Fail to Provide Price Transparency in the Cash Market for Dressed Steers: Evidence from South Dakota, 2003-52003
311Staff papers: Differences in Longitudinal Union Relative Wage Effects Across Gender and Race, 90-101992
312Staff papers: Divestiture By-Pass, Entry, Cross-Subsidization: Conflicting Forces in the Deregulation of the South Dakota Telecommunications Market, 92-91992
313Staff papers: Discontinued Voluntary Price Reports for Live Cattle: Will They Be Missed By Producers? 2003-42003
314Staff papers: Economic Analysis of SODSAVER Provision of the 2008 Farm Bill for South Dakota, 2009-12009
315Staff papers: Economic Analysis Prepared for the Environmental Impact Statement on Black-tailed Prairie Dog Conservation and Management on the Nebraska National Forest and Associated Units, 2004-22004
316Staff papers: Economic Impact of Livestock Grazing and Recreation on the Ft. Pierre National Grasslands, 92-41992
317Staff papers: Effects of Including Alfalfa in Whole-Farm Plans: Comparison of Conventional, Ridge Till, and Alternative Farming Systems, 91-11991
318Staff papers: Effect of Uncertainty on a Joint Product of Smuggling, 92-61992
319Staff papers: Empirical Analysis of the Efficiency of Four Alternative Marketing Methods for Slaughter Cattle, 92-71992
320Staff papers: Empirical Issue of Smuggling: A Discussion of Methodology, 92-31992
321Staff papers: Examining Economic Impact and Recovery in South Dakota from the 2002 Drought, 2003-82003
322Staff papers: Factors Influencing Post-Contract CRP Land Use Decisions in South Dakota, 94-31994
323Staff papers: Family Farms: Forces Shaping Their Future, 91-21991
324Staff papers: French Quality and Eco-Labeling Schemes: Do They Also Benefit the Environment? 2003-72003
325Staff papers: Impacts of Federal Farm Program Payments on Cropland Values and Rental Rates: Evidence from County-level Data in South Dakota, 2004-12004
326Staff papers: Impacts of Rising Energy Prices on the Attractiveness of Sustainable Farming Systems, 91-41991
327Staff papers: Implications of Freedom to Farm for Crop System Diversity in the Western Corn Belt and Northern Great Plains, 99-31999
328Staff papers: Implications of Sustainable Farming Systems in the Northern Great Plains for Farm Profitability and Size, 93-51993
329Staff papers: Interface of Agricultural Land Leasing, Conservation, and Value sets: An Analysis, 2003-32003
330Staff papers: Irrational Markets, Irrational Investors: The Foreign Card, 2003-12003
331Staff papers: Labor Unions and Racial Wage Differentials: A Longitudinal Analysis, 91-61991
332Staff papers: Major Characteristics of and Post-Contract Land Use Intentions for Conservation Reserve Program Wetland Tracts, 94-21994
333Staff papers: Mandatory Versus Voluntary Price Reporting: An Empirical Investigation of the Market Transparency Controversy, 2002-42002
334Staff papers: Organic Versus Sustainable Fed Cattle Production: A South Dakota Case Study, 95-21995
335Staff papers: PLANETOR: Review and Application, 91-101991
336Staff papers: Potential for Cost-Share Policies to Improve Quality Without Reducing Farm Profits, 96-41996
337Staff papers: Price Transparency in the Voluntary Price Reporting System for Live Cattle: Theory and Empirical Evidence from South Dakota, 2005-12005
338Staff papers: Quality and Eco-labeling of Food Products in France and the United States, 2002-72002
339Staff papers: Results of Economic Department Alumni Survey, 93-31993
340Staff papers: Retained Ownership Revisited: The Economic Significance of Genetic Variability, 92-81992
341Staff papers: Risk and the Economic Incentive to Retain Ownership of Steer Calves, 2003-62003
342Staff papers: Risk and Market Participant Behavior in the U.S. Slaughter Cattle Market, 94-41994
343Staff papers: Role of Industry Attributes in Determining the Pattern of U.S.-Canada Intra-Industry Trade in 1997, 2004-32004
344Staff papers: Skills and Training Needed by Farm Management Researchers in the Future: Discussion, 93-41993
345Staff papers: Smuggling and Parallel Markets for Exports, 91-81991
346Staff papers: Sustainable Agriculture Development in China: Report of a Field Visit, 90-41990
347Staff papers: Sustainable Agriculture Policy Analysis: South Dakota On-Farm Case Studies, 90-51990
348Staff papers: Teaching Introductory Statistics: A Graphical Relationship between the Cumulative Distribution Function and the Probability Distribution Function, 92-51992
349Staff papers: Typical Farm Theory in Agricultural Research, 90-61990
350Staff papers: Uncertainty over the Quality of Labor Inputs: A Nonmonopoly Theory of Union Wages and Hours Worked, 00-82000
351Staff papers: Underlying Values and Beliefs Modern Science Versus Sustainable Development 92-111992
352Staff papers: Working Lands Agri-environmental Policy Options and Issues for the Next United States Farm Bill, 2006-32006
353Economics Annual Report1925
354Economics Annual Report1926
355Economics Annual Report1927
356Economics Annual Report1928
357Economics Annual Report1929
358Economics Annual Report1931
359Economics Annual Report1932
360Economics Annual Report1936
361Economics Annual Report1937
362Economics Annual Report1938
363Economics Annual Report1939
364Economics Annual Report1941
365Economics Annual Report1944
366Economics Annual Reportundated
41Supplementary Report1938
42Economic Scholarship Banquet1971
43Reports1974, 1991-2005
44Statistical Bulletin1975
45Share Analysis1976-1980
46Economics Staff Family Photos1977, 1982
47Frank Puhr Award Contest Papers1978-1987
48Research reports: Local Economic Impacts of the Missouri River Reservoirs Folder 1 of 21978
49Research reports: Local Economic Impacts of the Missouri River Reservoirs Folder 2 of 21978
410Scholarship Banquet1978
411Scholarship Banquet1979
412Scholarship Banquet1980
413Frank Puhr Memorial Award1983-1991
414Research reports: South Dakota in Maps1985
415Staff papers: Appendix to Finpack Paper1987
416Structural Changes1987
417Report for the 1989 CSRS Review Team1989
418Dedication of SDSU Economics Computer Laboratory1990
419Economics Department Extra Photos1990
420Economics Department Banquet1991
421Ricky Gilbert1991
422Scholarships Award Banquet1992
423Economics Department Banquet1993
424CSRS Review1994
425Denver Trip1994
426Economics Banquet1994
427Economics Picnic and Hobo Day1994
428Farewell Party1994
429Economics Department Extra Photos1995
430Economics Banquet1996
431Economics Scholarship Banquet1996
432Newspaper Articles1996-1997
433Scholarship Awards Banquet1996
435Brookings Consumer Surveyundated
436Economics Department Extra Photosundated
437Chuck and Dean Farewell Partyundated
438Land Sales Figures, Soils and Crop Yieldsundated
439Color Photographsundated
440Faculty and Students Photographsundated
51Academic Program Review2011
52Comprehensive CSREES Review1994
53Cooperative State Department of Ag. Comprehensive Review1964
54Cooperative State Research Service Attachment1994
55Cooperative State Research Service Report Review Team1984
56Cooperative State Research Service Report Review Team (1 of 2)1989
57Cooperative State Research Service Report Review Team (2 of 2)1989
58Cooperative State Research Service Review Team Report1979
59Cooperative State Research Service Review Team Report1984
510Department Heads1921-2014
511Department History1938
512Department History1985
513Department Information1981
514Department Information Staffing, Structure, Objectives, etc.1967-1968
515Directories etc.1956-1957
516Early Correspondence (former staff members)1987
517Economics Building1974
518Economics/Business Pamphlets & Booklets 1890-1981undated
519Economics Department Facultyundated
520Econ Department Review1994
521Economics; Extension (early histories)1971
522Economics Newsletter1981
523Economics Newsletter (Tribune)1985
524Economics Newsletters1983
525Economics Picture and CD1952
526Economics Publications1980-1985
527Economics Research1974
63History of Economics at SDSU1981
64History Economics2010
65History of Extension Work in Economics1912-1937
66Institutional/Program CSREES Review2002
67Institutional Program Review1989
68Institutional Program Review1994
69Institutional Program Review (1 of 3)2002
610Institutional Program Review (2 of 3)2002
611Institutional Program Review (3 of 3)2002
612Institutional Program Review2014
613Internal Program Review1979
614Magnitude and Location of Low Income Problem1959
615Missions, Goals, and Objectives1983
616Personnel 1884-1891undated
617Planning-Outlines (notes on committee meetings)1980
618SDSU-USD Alumni Speechundated
619South Dakota Agriculture and Its Problems1964
620State of South Dakota Tax Reform Bill1972
621Funded Research Projects2014
622Selected Presentations from a Symposium with Theodore W. Schultz1981
623Theodore W. Schultz [10 Black and White Photos]1981