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Collection Summary


UA 5.0


College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. Dean's Office Records


Circa 1890-2019


Office of the Dean, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University


5.84 linear feet (5 records boxes, 2 document cases)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Box 2115, 1300 North Campus Drive, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

Open. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item, UA 5.0,box #, folder #, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences Records, South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences has a three-fold mission to teach, conduct research, and use extension programs to serve people in South Dakota, the nation, and the world. The collection is composed of general office records and financial records generated by the Office of the Dean for the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.

Historical Note

The Morrill Act of 1862, the act that allowed for the 1881 establishment of South Dakota State University, required instruction in agriculture. Courses in all areas of agriculture were taught, and many courses in other disciplines had an agricultural focus. In 1897, when the first official departments were established at South Dakota State University, four specifically agricultural departments were formed: Agriculture, Architecture and Agricultural Engineering, Dairy Science, and Geology and Agronomy. Other related departments, specifically Horticulture/Forestry and Botany/Zoology, were also established at this time. In 1908, the School of Agriculture joined these departments as a secondary school program devoted to "preparing rural students for life on the farm."

By 1924, the Division of Agriculture established many of the departments that are found in the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences today. The division included not only the various academic departments, but also the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Cooperative Extension Service, which had been founded by the Smith-Lever Act in 1914. The School of Agriculture was included until it was dissolved in 1960. In 1964, the Division of Agriculture became the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences when South Dakota State College became South Dakota State University.

The academic program in the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences is twofold: one deals with the traditional field of agriculture and the other deals with the biological sciences.

Agricultural work is divided into four areas: academic programs, research, extension, and statewide services. Experiments and investigations for the benefits of agriculture are done in connection with problems of livestock, natural resources, field crops, veterinary science, horticultural crops, agricultural economics, dairy, landscape design, and mechanized agriculture. The results of research form the basis for classroom instruction, extension work, and for a means of answering inquiries coming into the university. The Extension Service takes the work of instruction statewide by bringing results of research to every home.

Work in biological sciences is mainly in the departments of biology/microbiology and wildlife/fisheries sciences. Biological science is an integral part of all departments that deal with plant and animal sciences.

Content and Arrangement

Contents Note

This collection is composed of general office records and publications generated by the Office of the Dean for the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. Folders consist of correspondence, course changes/additions, fact sheets, short course and conference materials, college promotional material, newsletters, brochures, posters and other publications. Also included are budgets and financial reports for the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. Included are salary budget, budget reports for the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and financial reports for the Cooperative State Research Service, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture. The salary budgets, also called salary lists, are comprised of position listings for each department within the college, the contract pay for the previous year and the recommended pay for the upcoming fiscal year. Correspondence and research on the contract pay for faculty and staff in other institutions can also be found in this collection.

Subject Headings

  • South Dakota State University. College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences

Container List

11ABS News (e-newsletter)2006
12ABS News (e-newsletter)2007
13ABS News (e-newsletter)2007
14Accomplishments and future directions: executive summary1997
15Ag/Bio (newsletter)1990-1991, 1995
16Ag/Bio (newsletter)2000-2002
17AgBio (newsletter)2003-2005
18AgBio (newsletter)2006-2007
19Ag-Bio Careers Day (promotion, program)1999-2000, 2005
110Ag-Bio Faculty Handbook for Advisors1984
111Ag-Bio Interaction and Communication (faculty presentations) (promotion)1973-1975
112Ag-Bio Student Handbook2005-2006
113Ag-Bio Vision (newsletter)1987-1988, 1990
114Ag Research Biotechnology (newsletter)2000-2001
115Agricultural Biofuels: technology, sustainability and profitability conference (program)2007
116Agriculture Related Issues Task Force (background materials notebook)1997
117Annual Report - Help South Dakota During Challenging Times2009
118Class surveys (fact sheets)1960-1976
119Correspondence1966-1967, 1969, 1973, 1975, 1987-1988
120Course changes and/or additions1967-1975
121Course outlines1971
122Dean's Newsletter1973-1985
123Events (lists, invitations)1967
124Fact books, fact sheets1999, 2002, 2007
125Farm and Home Week (programs)1927-1987
126Extension Vision for the 21st Century2000
127Farmers Institute (poster)1890 circa
128Farms of America [4 framer prints and plaque]1985
129Fertilizer short course (programs)1951-1953
130First Country Life conference (program)1914
131Growing South Dakota [magazine]2010
132Growing South Dakota [magazine]2011
133Growing South Dakota [magazine]2012
134Growing South Dakota [magazine]2013
135Highlights of staff and students (Creating Opportunities for a Lifetime fact sheet)1989
136The Impact of South Dakota State University-College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences (125th Anniversary report)2006
137Institutional On-Farm Training conference (program)1954-1955
138International Wheat Surplus Utilization conference (program)1958
139Pamphlets (promotional)1955
140A Plan for College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences: Accomplishments and Future Directions - Executive summary1992
21Agricultural Experiment Station budget1947-1948
22Agricultural Experiment Station budget1955-1957
23Agricultural Experiment Station budget1957-1959
24Agricultural Experiment Station budget1965-1966
25Agricultural Experiment Station budget1966-1967
26Agricultural Experiment Station budget1968
27Agricultural Experiment Station budget1968-1969
28Agricultural Experiment Station budget1968-1969
29Budget of the State of South Dakota, Biennium 1957-19591957-1959
210College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences budget1969-1970
211College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences salary budget1964-1965
212College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences salary budget1965-1966
213College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences salary budget1966-1967
214College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences salary budget1967-1968
215College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences salary budget1968-1969
216Cooperative State Research Service financial report1967-1968
217Cooperative State Research Service financial report1968-1969
218Division of Agriculture budget1951-1953
219Division of Agriculture budget1958-1959
220Division of Agriculture salary budget1942-1947
221Division of Agriculture salary budget1947-1948
222Division of Agriculture salary budget1948-1949
223Division of Agriculture salary budget1950-1951
31Division of Agriculture salary budget1951-1952
32Division of Agriculture salary budget1952-1953
33Division of Agriculture salary budget1953-1954
34Division of Agriculture salary budget1954-1955
35Division of Agriculture salary budget1955-1956
36Division of Agriculture salary budget1957-1958
37Division of Agriculture salary budget1958-1959
38Division of Agriculture salary budget1959-1960
39Division of Agriculture salary budget1960-1961
310Division of Agriculture salary budget1961-1962
311Division of Agriculture salary budget1962-1963
312Division of Agriculture salary budget1963-1964
313State-wide services assigned to State College financial report1947-1953
314Substation budgets - Needs for appropriations1945-1954
315Promotional material (scratch pad, foam $ signs)undated
316Annual Report - 2018 Plan2017
317Recognition banquet (programs)2004, 2007
318SDSU Farm and Home Fest [programs]1987
319Soil and Land Valuation conference (programs)1931-1933, 1936, 1938-1940
320Soil Conservation Society of America Chapter annual meeting (programs)1950-1951, 1953
321The South Dakota Agriculturalist (magazine)1937-1938
322South Dakota Thriving (magazine)2007
323South Dakota Thriving (magazine)2008
324South Dakota Thriving (magazine)2009
325Student Agricultural organizations at South Dakota State College (brochure)undated
326Sun Grant Initiative (clippings, brochure, promotional pen)2001
41Ag Day [t-shirt]2012
51Agriculture and Biology Newspaper [Fall 05 and Spring 06 one copy]2005-2006
52Annual Report2008
53Annual Report2009
54Annual Report2015
55Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station Info Sheet2007-2012
56Enrollment Statistics1970-1979
57Enrollment Statistics1980-1990
58Enrollment Statistics1990-1996
59Growing South Dakota [magazine]2010
510Growing South Dakota [magazine]2011
511Growing South Dakota [magazine]2012
512Growing South Dakota [magazine]2013
513Growing South Dakota [magazine]2014
514Growing South Dakota [magazine]2015
61Growing South Dakota [magazine]2016
62Growing South Dakota [magazine]2017
63Growing South Dakota [magazine]2018
64Growing South Dakota [magazine]2019
65Investiture of Dr. Barry H. Dunn, South Dakota Corn Utilization Council and Dean of Biological Sciences2010
66Northern Plains Biological Field Station Newsletterundated
67Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory Brochureundated
68Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory Dedication1993
69Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory Penundated
610Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory: Phillip Plumart Sidewalk Superintendent Certificate1992
611Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory: Stress Mechanisms Symposia Stress Responses Symposia; Stress Management Symposia1993
612Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory: Proceedings; Stress Symposia; Mechanisms, Responses, Management1993
613Recognition banquet (programs)2012, 2015
614South Dakota County Profiles2007
615State Farmers Institute Poster1898
616Student Agricultural Organization at South Dakota State Universityundated
617Thriving Magazine Fall2009
71Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2001 Fall
72Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2001
73Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS] -working copies2001
74Enrollment and placement2001-2002
75Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS] -working copies2001-2002
77Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2002
78Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2002-2003
710Enrollment and placement2003
711Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS] -working copies2003-2004
713Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2004
714Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2004-2005
716Placement and information2004-2005
718Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2005-2006
720Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2006-2007
723Placement Forms2006-2007
724Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2007-2008
725Placement survey [folder 1 of 2]2007-2008
726Placement survey [folder 2 of 2]2007-2008
727Graduate Placement2007-2008
728Food and Agricultural Education System [FAEIS]2008-2009
730Teaching and Advising Faculty Directoryundated