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University Apartments Process

Your home close to campus!

Call our University Apartments your home and live close to campus! The Southeast University Neighborhood, Huggins Apartments ands Skylight Apartments are located close to campus while providing additional space for you and your roommates.

Apartment Application Timeline - 2024-2025 Application opens Oct. 1, 2023

Market Comparison

*Based on the average 2-bed room per person, per month in the Brookings Community

ApartmentRent RateUtilitiesInternetDepositFurnishingsCommuting CostsTOTAL
Southeast Apartments$593/bedroomNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge$593
Southeast Townhouses$742/bedroomNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge$742
Huggins Apartments$484/bedroomNo Charge$64$40No ChargeNo Charge$588
Skylight Apartments$484/bedroomNo Charge$64$40No ChargeNo Charge$588
Brookings Mid Market Costs$519$75$64$44$25$20$747