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Young Hall

Young Hall

I Love Young Hall Because...

"The community in each wing and throughout the building feels like a second family."

Hall Features

  • Wireless Internet
  • Jackrabbit C- store
  • 24-hour visitation
  • Sand volleyball courts

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History of Young Hall

The building is named in honor of Gertrude S. Young a distinguished Teacher of History who started at SDSU in 1907. She served as an associate professor and full professor of history, and in 1943 was awarded Faculty Emeritus of history upon her retirement.

Young Hall is a four-story hall built in 1969 located on the east side of campus between Student Center Lane and 16th street. It is joined with Binnewies Residence Hall by the Larson commons. When you include Caldwell you create what is referred to as the Larson area.