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Mathews Hall

Mathews Hall

I Love Mathews Because...

"There are great events in Mathews: Grill 'n Chill, board game programs, and study groups!"

Hall Features

  • Wireless internet
  • Laundry in the basement
  • 24-hour visitation
  • Piano room
  • Elevator
  • Basement Classroom
  • Kitchen in the basement
    • Cooking supplies
  • Basement recreation area
    • Pool table
    • Flatscreen TV with cable

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History of Mathews Hall

Hubert Mathews came to SDSU in 1898 from Willow Lake as a student. He returned to SDSU as a physics and chemistry instructor and is credited with organizing the Electrical Engineering Department and Engineering division. He served as the vice-president and acting president in 1905-06 and was also a mayor of Brookings.

Built in 1962, Mathews Hall is part of the Grove area group of residence halls. It is located directly south of the Student Union and north of Grove Hall.