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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How do I apply for Housing?

A: To sign up for housing you will need to access MyState.  For more information, see the Apply for Housing page.  All students who are within two years of high school graduation are required by the
Board of Regents (BOR) to enter into residence and food service contracts with the University.  For more information on what qualifies as an exemption, contact Residential Life at 605-688-5148.

Q: Is the $75 confirmation fee refundable? 

A: New students who check into their housing assignments will receive $65 in Hobo Dough on their MyJacks in the first few weeks of the semester. Returning students who check into their housing assignments will receive $75 in Hobo Dough on their MyJacks card in the first few weeks of the semester. Students who cancel their housing application are subject to the cancellation policy below: 

  • If your application is canceled on or before May 31st, your $75 confirmation fee will be refunded to you. 
  • If your application is canceled between June 1st and July 31st, your $75 confirmation fee will be forfeited. 
  • If your application is canceled on or after August 1st through the date of 60% completion of the current semester, your $75 confirmation fee is forfeited and you will be charged a $200 early termination fee. 

Q:   When can I move in?

A:    Move-in weekend for the fall semester is held the weekend prior to the first day of classes. More information about move-in weekend is mailed out in the summer along with students' residence hall assignments. For spring move-in information, please contact Residential Life at 605-688-5148.   

Q:   What furniture is in my room?

A:   All rooms are furnished with lofts, mattresses, desks, chairs, and dressers for each roommate along with a mirror and wastebasket. Internet ports are also provided.

Q:   What size are the mattresses?

A:   All mattresses are extra-long:  80" x 36"

Q:   What should I bring with me to live in the halls?

A:   Your room will become "your home" while living on campus, so bring whatever you need to make it comfortable.  To see a comprehensive list of items, check out What to Bring.

Q:   What size futon or couch will fit under my bed?

A:   Futons that are 78" or less fit under the lofts. Please remember that hide-a-bed couches are not permitted in the residence halls.

Q:   Are pets allowed in the residence halls?

A:   Just fish. Students are allowed to have up to one 20-gallon aquarium or two 10-gallon aquariums per room.  (NOTE:  Students who reside in certain sections of Hansen Hall and the Meadows Apartments may have pets with prior approval.  A non-refundable cleaning deposit of $300 is required.)

Q: Is my emotional support animal allowed in the residence hall? 

A: If you are a student in University Housing with a disability and wish to pursue permission to bring an emotional support animal into university housing, please begin this process by contacting Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks at the SDSU Office of Disability Services.; or 605-688-4504.

Q:   Is cable TV available?

A:   Basic cable is activated for free for the first week students live on campus. After that students may to purchase cable service through our local service provider, Mediacom. This can be done by calling 1-800-332-0245.

Q:   Is telephone service provided?

A:   No; however, phone jacks are provided in each room. Students who desire to have a land line must bring a telephone and arrange for service with Swiftel Communications at 605-692-6211.

Q:   How do I access my residence hall?

A:   Every hall on campus, with the exception of Caldwell Hall, which houses the Residential Life main office, is locked 24 hours a day. Students will access their individual halls with a key or student ID. Caldwell Hall is locked at 5:00 p.m. every day.

Q:   Are there accommodations for students with disabilities or other medical needs?

A:    Absolutely. Students who need any special accommodations are encouraged to contact Residential Life directly at 605-688-5148. Our Disability Services coordinator is also a great contact and can be reached at 605-688-4504.

Q:   Does the University provide insurance for my property?

A:   No. We urge each student to purchase some form of insurance, whether it be renter's insurance or a rider on their parent's homeowner's insurance. The University is not liable for theft, damage or loss of personal belongings from any part of the residence hall.

Q:   Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?

A:   No. SDSU is a tobacco free campus. Smoking is not permitted on any part of campus. 

Q:   Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?

A:   No, except for Hansen Hall and Meadows Apartments for students who are of legal age to consume alcohol.  Otherwise, alcoholic beverages and empty containers are not permitted in residential facilities.

Q:   Are hunting weapons allowed in the residence halls?

A:   No. Weapons of any kind, including shotguns, rifles, pistols, paintball guns, martial arts weapons and knives with blades longer than four inches are not allowed in the halls. University Police offers gun storage at no charge to students.

Q: What form of payment does the Residential Life office accept?

A: We accept most major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards, checks and money orders. We do not accept cash.