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Frequently Asked Questions

Many students run into questions before and during their time at SDSU. Our office has put together a list of questions and answers to help! If you any further questions, please reach out to the SDSU Residential Life email or give us a call at 605-688-5148.

A: Move-in weekend for the fall semester is held the weekend prior to the first day of classes. More information about move-in weekend is mailed out in the summer along with students' residence hall assignments. For spring move-in information, please call Residential Life at 605-688-5148.

A: All rooms are furnished with lofts, mattresses, desks, chairs and dressers for each roommate along with a mirror and wastebasket. Internet ports are also provided for free.

See Your Halls Furniture

A: Every hall on campus, with the exception of Caldwell Hall and Honors Hall, which house the Housing and Residential Life Office and the Honors College, are locked 24 hours a day. Students will access their individual halls with their student ID. Caldwell Hall and Honors Hall are locked at 5 p.m. every day.

A: Absolutely. Students who need any special accommodations are encouraged to contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at 605-688-5148. Our Disability Services Coordinator is also a great contact and can be reached at 605-688-4504.

A: Just fish. Students are allowed to have up to one 20-gallon aquarium or two 10-gallon aquariums per room. To learn more about our pet police, visit the Residential Life Handbook.

A: Basic cable is available for students to purchase through our local provide, Mediacom. Each room is set up with cable connections for easy access. Mediacom can be reached by calling 1-800-332-0245.

A: No; we no longer offer telephone services in individual rooms.

A: Futons that are 78" or less fit under the lofts. Please remember that hide-a-bed couches are not permitted in the residence halls.

A: No. South Dakota State University is a tobacco free campus. Smoking is not permitted in the residence halls or on the SDSU campus and it's buildings.

A: No. SDSU is a dry campus, which means that alcoholic beverages and empty containers are not allowed anywhere on campus.

A: No. Weapons of any kind, including shotguns, rifles, pistols, paintball guns, martial arts weapons and knives with blades longer than four inches are not allowed in the halls. The University Police Department offers gun storage at no charge to students.