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Hall Staff

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There are a number of people who make living in the residence halls a more pleasant experience for everyone. Hall staff are employed by the Residential Life. Read below for a breakdown on each position throughout our halls.

Residential Life Staff Position Descriptions

Residence Hall Directors (also known as RHDs) are professional, full-time members of the Department of Housing and Residential Life staff living in Ben Reifel, Binnewies, Brown, Caldwell, Hansen, Jackrabbit Village, Mathews, Pierson, and Young Halls. Each Residence Hall Director has previous residence hall experience and is well trained in helping students benefit from their college experience. The Residence Hall Director is primarily responsible for supervising and training the student staff (Community Assistants, Senior Community Assistants, Office Assistants, Senior Office Assistants), communicating with the administrative support and facilities staff, advising hall government, and the overall management of their respective residence hall.

Community Assistants (CAs) are full-time students whose part-time job is to assist you (the student). CAs are carefully selected to promote the University's primary mission: to aid you in your total development. CAs, as members of the residence hall community, assist residents in developing and maintaining an active, cooperative, and study-conducive atmosphere on floor/wing and throughout the hall. CAs also serve as campus resource links between students and other University services. Most importantly, your CA will be available to assist you whenever the need arises. As a resident, you are encouraged to acquaint yourself with your CA, who is a valuable resource person, if they can be of help to you.  

Each fall, the Community Assistant application opens up for the following academic year. If you are interested in applying for the CA position, please reach out to your Residence Hall Director.

The Housing and Residential Life Office employs Office Assistants (also known as OAs) who work in the main Housing and Residential Life Office located in Caldwell Hall. Office Assistants are responsible for answering phones, greeting guests, clerical and administrative tasks, and departmental office support.

Graduate Assistants (also known as GAs) are live-in graduate student members of the Housing and Residential Life Staff. They work one of two different roles for Residential Life, the Advising and Leadership GA and the Graduate Assistant for residence halls and apartments. 

The Advising and Leadership GA assists with the advising of the Residence Hall Programming Council and the Residence Hall Association while also supporting individual hall governments.  

The Graduate Assistant for the residence halls and apartments assist with the overall leadership of the building(s), facilities support, programmatic oversight, leadership over the front desk area, academic support, on-call responsibilities, and administrative aspects of the residence hall/apartment.  

If you are interested in a Graduate Assistantship with Housing and Residential Life please reach out to our office.

Student Life Building Services staff provide maintenance and custodial services to the residence halls. The facility staff in your hall strive to make "our halls—your home." The neat and clean appearance of the residence halls is a direct result of their efforts.  Your cooperation in caring for these facilities will help create a pleasant atmosphere in your hall. This means taking care of your individual rooms spaces as well as respecting community areas.