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Residential Life & Student Handbooks

Housing Contract

Residents are responsible to know and abide by this contract. Information found in the Residential Life Online Handbook and/or SDSU Student Code applies as addenda to this contract. This document is signed in the housing application.

Residential Handbook

Living on campus at South Dakota State University offers an opportunity to learn more about friendship, hone important life skills, compare and contrast personal perspectives with other students, and work with other students to build a positive community. Living on campus is about learning and applying what you learn. Policies and procedures found within this handbook add a structure for how 4,000 students can share space effectively. Those who are mindful of how their decisions have impact on their neighbors generally have great and memorable experiences.

SDState Student Handbook

The South Dakota State University Student Handbook includes information about campus resources, university history, safety information, student rights and responsibilities, student grievance procedures and more. The SDSU Student Handbook lists general and contact information for key services including disability services, health and wellness services, student activities, etc.