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Housing and Meal Plan Costs

Housing Costs

Wondering about the cost of living on campus this year? Below are the rates for the 2023-2024 academic year. These rates are per semester. 

Traditional Halls



Single – Abbott, Caldwell, Spencer, Thorne$3,812.00
Single – Ben Reifel, Hyde, Honors, Schultz$3,776.00
Single – Binnewies, Young, Pierson$2,885.00
Single – Brown$3,249.00
Single – Hansen$2,824.00
Single – Mathews$3,086.00
Designed Single – Abbott, Spencer, Thorne$3,283.00
Double – Abbott, Caldwell, Spencer, Thorne$3,050.00
Double – Ben Reifel, Hyde, Honors, Schultz$3,197.00 
Double – Binnewies, Young, Pierson$2,163.00
Double – Brown$2,530.00
Double – Hansen$1,963.00
Double – Mathews$2,311.00
Triple – Ben Reifel$2,629.00
Meadows North & Meadows South$3,049.00

University Apartments



Skylight/Huggins 2&3 Bedrooms/Month$484.00
Skylight 1.5 Bedroom/Month$640.00
Southeast 1 Bedroom/Month$953.00
Southeast 2 Bedroom/Month$735.00
Southeast 3 Bedroom/Month$647.00
Southeast 4 Bedroom/Month$593.00
Southeast Town House/Month$742.00
Sundal Studio/Month$411.00
Sundal 1 Bedroom/Month$484.00
Sundal 2 Bedroom/Month$693.00




Summer Double Occupancy$83.00/week
Summer Single Occupancy$109.00/week
Summer Apartment$161.00/week
Premier All-Access: Unlimited meals at Larson Commons plus $70.00 Flex Dollars per semester$2,127.00
100 Block: 100 meals at Larson Commons plus $845.00 Flex Dollars per semester$1,660.00
50 Block: 50 meals at Larson Commons plus $1,230.00 Flex Dollars per semester$1,660.00
Silver Flex$1,660.00
Bronze Flex$1,427.00
West Flex (available to upper division students living in Hansen Halls and Meadows Apartments)$830.00


  • Food Service Room and Board
  • Brown Hall Room and Board
  • Mathews Hall Room and Board
  • Pierson Hall  Room and Board
  • Hansen Hall Room and Board
  • Binnewies/Young Hall Room and Board
  • Meadows North Room and Board
  • Meadows South Room and Board
  • Caldwell Hall Room and Board
  • Cleveland Abbott Hall Room and Board
  • Velva Lu Spencer Hall Room and Board
  • Josef Thorne Hall Room and Board
  • Ben Reifel Hall Room and Board
  • Honors Hall Room and Board
  • Hallie Walker Hyde Hall Room and Board
  • Theodore Schulz Hall Room and Board

Purpose: Pay cost of operation for food service and residence halls.

The Board of Regents' definition of a charge is as follows:

The University may assess students incidental charges for miscellaneous services the University has been granted authority to administer, provided that the services do not have a direct or specific relationship to a course offering.

Students enrolled in certain courses for which the services of an outside vendor are required may be assessed a charge for the course. Students enrolled in programs requiring malpractice or other insurance may be assessed a charge to recover payments made on their behalf.

If you do not select a meal plan you will be assigned the default plan of 50 Block & $1,114.00 in Flex.

  • All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. The only exception is if you are a 2021or earlier High School graduate and live in Meadows apartments.
  • If you are a 2023 High School graduate, you can only choose a Block Meal Plan.
  • If you are a 2022 High School graduate or higher and select a West Flex Meal Plan, we will default you to the Bronze Flex Meal Plan as 2022 AND UP are NOT ELIGIBLE for the West Flex Plan.

The policy for the South Dakota State University Housing & Residential Life Meal Plan Exemption/Accommodation Guidelines and Process are established for students requesting an exemption from the SDSU Meal Plan program. The Meal Plan Exemption Policy covers meal plans for all students required to purchase a meal plan.

To initiate the Meal Plan Exemption/Accommodation process, please review our website.

The last day to change your Fall 2023 Meal Plan Option is Monday, August 28, 2023 at 5:00 PM