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Housing and Meal Plan Costs

Housing Costs

Wondering about the cost of living on campus this year? Below are the rates for the 2022-2023 academic year. These rates are per semester. 

Residence Halls

Traditional Halls



Single – Abbott, Caldwell, Spencer, Thorne$3,644.00
Single – Ben Reifel, Hyde, Honors, Schultz$3,610.00
Single – Binnewies, Young$2,758.00
Single – Brown$3,106.00
Single – Hansen$2,700.00
Single – Mathews$2,950.00
Designed Single – Abbott, Spencer, Thorne$3,139.00
Double – Abbott, Caldwell, Spencer, Thorne$2,916.00
Double – Ben Reifel, Hyde, Honors, Schultz$3,056.00 
Double – Binnewies, Young$2,068.00
Double – Brown$2,419.00
Double – Hansen$1,877.00
Double – Mathews$2,209.00
Triple – Ben Reifel$2,513.00

University Apartments



Meadows North & Meadows South$2,915.00
Skylight/Huggins 2&3 Bedrooms/Month$463.00
Skylight 1.5 Bedroom/Month$612.00
Garden Square 2 Bedroom/Month$473.00
Garden Square 3 Bedroom/Month$512.00
Southeast 1 Bedroom/Month$911.00
Southeast 2 Bedroom/Month$703.00
Southeast 3 Bedroom/Month$619.00
Southeast 4 Bedroom/Month$567.00
Southeast Town House/Month$709.00
Thornbers Studios/Month – 1303 7th St.$364.00
Thornbers Studios/Month – 1311 7th St.$393.00
Thornbers Studios/Month – 710 13th Ave.$208.00
Sundal Studio/Month$393.00
Sundal 1 Bedroom/Month$463.00
Sundal 2 Bedroom/Month$663.00




Summer Double Occupancy$79.00/week
Summer Single Occupancy$104.00/week
Summer Apartment$154.00/week

Meal Costs

Premier All-Access: Unlimited meals at Larson Commons plus $70.00 Flex Dollars per semester$2,000.00
100 Block: 100 meals at Larson Commons plus $845.00 Flex Dollars per semester$1,561.00
50 Block: 50 meals at Larson Commons plus $1,230.00 Flex Dollars per semester$1,561.00
Silver Flex$1,561.00
Bronze Flex$1,342.00
West Flex (available to upper division students living in Hansen Halls and Meadows Apartments)$780.00


  • Food Service Room and Board
  • Brown Hall Room and Board
  • Mathews Hall Room and Board
  • Pierson Hall  Room and Board
  • Hansen Hall Room and Board
  • Binnewies/Young Hall Room and Board
  • Meadows North Room and Board
  • Meadows South Room and Board
  • Caldwell Hall Room and Board
  • Cleveland Abbott Hall Room and Board
  • Velva Lu Spencer Hall Room and Board
  • Josef Thorne Hall Room and Board
  • Ben Reifel Hall Room and Board
  • Honors Hall Room and Board
  • Hallie Walker Hyde Hall Room and Board
  • Theodore Schulz Hall Room and Board

Purpose: Pay cost of operation for food service and residence halls.

The Board of Regents' definition of a charge is as follows:

The University may assess students incidental charges for miscellaneous services the University has been granted authority to administer, provided that the services do not have a direct or specific relationship to a course offering.

Students enrolled in certain courses for which the services of an outside vendor are required may be assessed a charge for the course. Students enrolled in programs requiring malpractice or other insurance may be assessed a charge to recover payments made on their behalf.