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University Apartments Costs & Services


The Huggins and Skylight Apartments are both affordable and close to campus, meaning you won't need to spent time commuting everyday! These apartments have many features including a full-time staff member to help when needs arise. Check out how these apartments compare to others in the area.

 Market Comparison

*Based on the average 2-bed room per person, per month in the Brookings Community


Rent RateUtilitiesInternetDepositFurnishingsCommuting CostsTOTAL
Southeast Apartments$593/bedroomNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge$593
Southeast Townhouses$742/bedroomNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge$742
Huggins Apartments$484/bedroomNo Charge$64$40No ChargeNo Charge$588
Skylight Apartments$484/bedroomNo Charge$64$40No ChargeNo Charge$588
Brookings Mid Market Costs$519$75$64$44$25$20$747

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available for residents' use in the Huggins and Skylight Apartments through the use of Hobo Dough. Please do your part to keep the facilities neat and clean. If the machines are not working, you should write a work order or notify the Campus Apartment manager, Money lost in the machines may be refunded by contacting Card Services located in the Student Union.