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University Apartments Staff

Campus Apartment Manager

The Campus Apartment Manager (CAM) works with you in maintaining the University Apartments and surrounding community.  The CAM is a resource for you regarding living in University Apartments and being a student here at SDSU.  The CAM checks in and out all residents, is available for assistance, writes a monthly newsletter for University Apartments, and more.  It is a good idea to get to know your CAM. 

Keeping the apartments and surrounding neighborhood in good repair requires a cooperative effort.  Residents should report all maintenance problems and/or repairs to either the Campus Apartment  Manager at 605-690-2666  or Department of Residential Life personnel at 605-688-5148.  Routine maintenance and repairs will be completed during normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 53 p.m.).

Maintenance personnel will replace light bulbs at no charge if the burned out light bulb is left in the light fixture until maintenance replaces it.
If a sink or tub begins to drain slowly, residents should call and report it.  Under no circumstances should a resident use any type of drain cleaner.  When a resident makes a request for repair work, they give authorization for University personnel to enter their apartment, whether or not anyone is home, to complete the repairs.  Personnel will not enter an apartment before 9 a.m. unless an emergency exists.  When University personnel need to enter an apartment other than to make repairs initiated by the resident, the resident will be given notice of such entry a minimum of twelve hours prior to the entry.  In emergency situations, University personnel may enter the apartments without notice.  The following maintenance and repair policy applies to all University Apartment residents:

  1. Lawn:  Residential Life personnel maintain lawns in all areas.
  2. Snow Removal: Residential Life personnel will remove snow from the main sidewalks. The Resident is responsible for keeping the porch, steps and feeder sidewalk in front of their apartment free of ice and snow.
  3. Repair/Painting:  The Resident is not permitted to do any painting or make any repairs in or around the apartment.  A resident who makes repairs or does any painting, despite their workmanship, will be assessed charges for the repairs.
  4. Damage/Repair Charges:  Except for normal wear and tear, the resident is responsible for all damages to the apartment.   Repairs necessitated as a result of negligence or carelessness on the part of the resident, his family members and/or guests will be billed to the resident.  It is considered negligent NOT to report maintenance concerns that result in damage to University property.