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For Our Music Students

The SDSU Music Program provides both majors and non-majors with the opportunity to participate in several areas of study and performing groups. These groups have performed throughout North America and Europe and continue to receive national acclaim for their level of performance.

Applied Music

Instruction in applied music is offered in piano, voice and all instruments of the band and orchestra (no guitar). Professors provide a thorough basis for the development of individual performance through weekly recital forums and special recital programs at the junior and senior levels. Visit our Applied Teaching Studio pages for more information.

Music Education

Serving the vital area of teacher training, music education is a degree program of major importance at SDSU. With a staff of authorities in the educational techniques of music teaching, students receive thorough preparation for this profession. This program continually produces teachers of merit who achieve professional success by combining methodology with the knowledge gained in the basic music study, the mastery of applied skills, student teaching insights and the invaluable experiences of public performance.

Music History

A traditional, intensive study of music history is undertaken by music majors. The Department also offers an eclectic series of courses for students seeking to satisfy requirements in the general education curriculum. These include introductory surveys in Western Art Music, Global Indigenous Musical Traditions and the American popular genres of jazz, blues, country and rock and roll.

Music Entrepreneurship

This area offers many exciting opportunities for those who desire a combination of traditional music training and studies in business, economics and entrepreneurship. With a staff involved that is involved in a wide range of real-life activities associated with the curriculum, students receive excellent preparation utilizing their musical interests in an entrepreneurial environment. An internship program further enhances the student's preparation in this field.

Music Performance

As an aural art, performance is the logical result of the study of music. All students on campus are encouraged to participate in a performing organization based on individual talent and successful audition. For a music major, performance experience provides cultural enrichment and lifetime enjoyment. SDSU maintains performing organizations of the highest caliber to provide students with a variety of meaningful musical experiences.

Music Theory and Composition

Three expert faculty lead courses in the theory of music. Music majors are required to take four semesters of theoretical fundamentals. Many choose to pursue this subject beyond the core by taking advanced electives in theory and composition.