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In-Service Conference Credit

Attending the In-Service Music Conference for Credit

To earn credit from SDSU:

  1. Apply for undergraduate or graduate admission
  2. Register
  3. Submit your application for reduced tuition
  4. Make payment.

Questions about requirements for successfully completing the course can be directed by email to Dr. Kevin Kessler, or by phone at 605-688-5187.

Registration and Payment Process

MUS 492/592 - Topics - Music Education for 21st Century - 1 credit

Credit can be earned for the Graduate (MUS 592) or Undergraduate (MUS 492) level.

  1. Submit Application for Admission prior to February 8.
    If you are currently seeking a degree from SDSU, you can register for this course at your degree level on Self Service without submitting an application.
    1. Submit the Online Application.
      1. Select either the undergraduate or the graduation application.
      2. Apply as a student not seeking a degree.
        1. Graduate: Select the option "Non-degree seeking" when prompted.
          1. To facilitate registration, list MUS 592_S01 if prompted for course information.
        2. Undergraduate: Select the educational goal: “I do not plan to pursue a degree…”
        3. The application fee is waived for non-degree seeking students.
  2. Register for MUS 492 or MUS 592 - Application must be submitted prior to registering.
    1. Register online via Self Service in advance (Contact the SDSU Support Desk for assistance logging into Self Service).
  3. Submit Reduced Tuition Form
    The Application for Reduced Tuition
    1. Submit your application for reduced tuition to the Registrar’s Office table in the lobby area of Performing Arts Center on February 10-11 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.
    2. If you don’t have the form with you, send it by email to SDSU Registrar or fax it to 605-688-6834.
    3. The form must be completed and signed by your administrator (see information on the link) prior to and submitted with your registration.
  4. Make Payment
    1. Pay online via Self Service with credit card, debit card or eCheck (Contact the SDSU Support desk for assistance logging into Self Service).
    2. Or by phone at 605-688-6116 (eCheck payments only; checking account number and routing number required).
    3. Or In person Morrill Hall, Room 136 (cash or check payment only).
    4. Or By Mail (check only) to: Cashier’s Office/SDSU, SAD 136 Box 2201, Brookings, SD 57007

Tuition and Fees

MUS 492 S01

*Undergraduate with Reduced Tuition Form: $129.55
Undergraduate SD Resident: $259.10
Undergraduate Out of State: $376.10

MUS 592 S01

*Graduate with Reduced Tuition Form: $170.10
Graduate SD Resident: $340.15
Graduate Out of State: $654.05

*To be eligible for Reduced Tuition, the following criteria must be met per state law (SDCL § 13-55-23 through § 13-55-28):

  • Current teacher certification granted by the South Dakota State Department of Education.
  • Present employment as a K-12 teacher or vocational instructor (validated by a signed teaching contract) within the state of South Dakota.
  • Continued employment or teaching certification contingent upon completion of collegiate course work
  • South Dakota residency.
  • GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 or higher for any/all courses completed through this particular tuition program.

Questions: Please call the Registrar's Office at 605-688-6195 or the School of Performing Arts office at 605-688-5187.