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Frequently Asked Pride Questions

Do I have to be a music major to join the Pride?

No. 80% of the Pride of the Dakotas, Pep Bands and Concert Bands are comprised of non-music majors. Each year we have over 30 different majors represented in our band enrollment.

Is previous marching band experience necessary for admission to the Pride?

No. In fact, nearly 60% of all new band members come from high school band programs that have no marching programs. We have a great system of student leadership that provides new members with outstanding instruction in marching fundamentals.

Do I have to pay extra for band trips and travel?

Practically all expenses are covered by University funding, including transportation, housing and meal expenses. For major, multi-day trips such as previous trips to Florida and California, some additional funding is required and may include fundraising. Trips such as these only occur every four years, and advance notice is always given.

When do each of the bands practice?

The Pride practices Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. for one hour. Schedule conflicts are not encouraged, but policies permit one schedule conflict per week for such things as science labs and honors courses. The Symphonic Band meets one day per week through Marching Band season, then meets three days a week after Marching Band is completed. All other concert bands begin at the end of Marching Band season. Jazz Ensembles meet both semesters.

May I receive credit for being in the Pride?

Yes! All ensembles are one-credit courses. Ensembles meet the pre-2012 Institutional General Education Requirement #3 and the new Institutional General Education Requirement #2.