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High School Senior Honors Recital


The purpose of the event is to honor the best high school senior musicians in the state by providing them a solo performance on the SDSU campus. If selected, the performance will also serve as the official audition for a talent-based music scholarship. This event offers a longer, more intimate setting for them to perform and interact with faculty.

The recital will truly be a celebration of music involving students at a very high level of performance, and selection can be a nice addition to their resume. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your student to be chosen as one of the best in their class!


  1. Fill out the online application and create an mp3 digital recording of their truly best performing ability.
  2. Submit the application and upload the recording online by Nov. 27, 2023.
  3. The results of the audition will be communicated by Dec. 18, 2023. If chosen, the student(s) will perform in the recital on Sunday, Feb. 4th, 2024 in the evening. The night will consist of music, food and refreshments.

Submission Guidelines

  1. A high-quality mp3 recording is recommended. Recordings are due Nov. 27, 2023.
  2. Music selections can be a movement of a concerto/sonata or aria; any standard solo repertoire such as music performed for Solo Festival is acceptable.
  3. If the music requires accompaniment, the recording must be accompanied. If selected, an accompanist may be supplied by SDSU for the performance.
  4. The music selection must not exceed ten minutes in length.
  5. Each contestant will be notified by email of their acceptance by Dec. 18, 2023.
  6. The selection submitted on the recording will be the selection performed on the recital.
  7. The decision of the Senior Honors Recital Selection Committee is final.

Questions can be sent to Michael Walsh.

Application Form