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EFHC Nomination Process

Nomination Form will Open September 2024

Printable Audition Procedures

Audition Procedures


  1. Recording Notes
    • One Recording Per Student
    • Only speaking will be to introduce the student
    • You do not need to make a professional style recording. The recording just needs to be clear and understandable. Using your phone/computer is acceptable.
  2. Start audition recording
    • The teacher reads the following:
    • “This is (student name). Auditioning for (alto or soprano) from (school name).”
      • Example: This is Jack the Rabbit. Auditioning for alto from SDSU.
  3. Melody Echo Patterns
    • Teacher sings or plays on the piano each of the following melodic examples.
    • Do not sing and play.
    • After each example is played or sung the student echoes (a cappella) using the syllable “loo”.
      • Exercise 1
      • Exercise 2
      • Exercise 3
  4. Prepared Song
    • Give the student the starting pitch G. Do not play any other type of introduction.
    • The student should sing the vocal line as written. Do not alter the rhythm or the pitches.
    • The student should complete the song a cappella.
    • The teacher may accompany the first two measures.
    • The song must be sung straight through without stopping.
  5. Post Recording Steps
    • Listen through the entire recording to make sure all elements were recorded and that everything is clear and understandable.
    • Save the file with these 3 elements:
      • Student Name
      • School Name
      • Part (A or S)
      • Example: Jack Rabbit_SDSU_A
  6. Upload Submission
    • Upload Alto submissions to the “Alto Submissions” folder
    • Upload Soprano submissions to the “Soprano Submissions” folder
    • If you need access to these folders, the link was in your confirmation email, or email to get the links.

SDSU Choral Day

Elementary Festival Honor Choir

Nomination Form 2025

To be submitted by the Nominating Music Teacher/Director/Private Instructor

Singers are current 4th, 5th or 6th grade students in your choral program.

Applications and audio files must be submitted by midnight on Monday, November 4th, 2024.

A $5.00 non-refundable application fee per nominated student must also be received by Friday, November 15, 2024.

Checks should be sent payable SDSU.

Please do not send cash. If possible, please send ONE (1) check per school.

Mail checks identified with school and “EFHC” to: Elementary Festival Honor Choir

SDSU School of Performing Arts

OLPAC Box 2830

Brookings SD 57007

Nomination Checklist

  1. Submit Nomination Form
    • Fill out the nomination form.
    • You can nominate up to 30 students on the same form or do a new submission per student. If you need to nominate more than 30 students, submit a second form.
  2. Receive links for audio upload
    • This year we will have a link for altos and one for sopranos.
    • Links will be included in your confirmation email when you nominate students.
    • The link from last year will not work for this year.
  3. Upload Audition Audio
    • The audio track should have all exercises included on one track.
    • Audio should be identified with the student’s name spoken at the beginning of the audio.
    • Please name your audio files with your school name, student’s name, and vocal audition
      • EX: S for soprano or A for alto
      • EX: HarveyDunn_ JaneSmith_S or Mickelson_JohnDoe_A
    • You will only have access to upload files, if you need to delete/change a file email:
  4. One check made out to SDSU for correct amount
    • $5.00 fee for each student audition. For example, if you are sending in 20 auditions, please send one $100 check.
    • All checks and money orders must have school name and “EFHC” written on them somewhere for identification purposes.