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Jackrabbit Forensics

2020-21 Forensics Team

Jackrabbit Forensics

Opportunities are provided for participation in SDSU's nationally recognized intercollegiate Forensics, or speech and debate, program. Local, regional and national participation is sponsored. Activities include debate, public speaking and oral interpretation in contests, workshops and public performances. Any regularly enrolled undergraduate student is eligible to participate. University credit may be earned regardless of major.

The Program

Jackrabbit Forensics is a comprehensive, co-curricular forensics program that competes in the 11 American Forensics Association events and parliamentary debates. Our team is one of the oldest student organizations on campus. We have a rich tradition of excellence in collegiate oral interpretation, speech and debate. Our program is rooted in education for speakers of all levels.

Any student enrolled at South Dakota State University is eligible to participate. Every year there is an audition process for interested students. Students will receive academic credit for their participation in the co-curricular activity.

Program Philosophy

The South Dakota State University Forensics team is rooted in the liberal arts tradition to both be an extended classroom for students and achieve competitive excellence. All members of the team represent the School of Communication and Journalism, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and South Dakota State University.

2020-21 Forensics Team


The Jackrabbit Forensics Team's primary goal is to develop and enhance oral communication skills through competitive and community performance or public address, limited preparation events, oral interpretation and debates. Together, the team will set competitive and growth goals. Additionally, each individual will set competitive and growth goals with the Director of Forensics.

For additional information, please contact Andrea Carlile, Director of Forensics.

Donate to the Forensics Team through the Alumni Scholarship Fund

We are excited to announce our Jackrabbit Forensics Alumni Scholarship Fund! If you are interested in supporting our students on the Jackrabbit Forensics Team, please go to this site. Select Scholarships for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and in the notes section write Jackrabbit Forensics Alumni Scholarship Fund.

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