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Workplace Intercultural Competence Certificate (Undergraduate)

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In an increasingly diverse world, are you prepared for success?

Today’s professionals need to navigate multiple cultures and bridge cultural differences to succeed in an increasingly diverse work environment. As workplaces across the nation become more diverse and even local companies have global connections, employers are demanding more interculturally competent professionals whose ability to understand differences, identify commonalities, and promote integration can foster a more inclusive work environment and maximize company productivity.

In SDSU’s School of American and Global Studies, we prepare students who meet these needs of future employers. The Workplace Intercultural Competence Certificate prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage diverse workplaces in a variety of settings including business, construction, agriculture, and hospitality. Students gain a basic understanding of the challenges of second-language acquisition and the role that cultural norms, traditions, and belief systems play in our daily interactions, Students acquire and hone the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to work in a diversity-rich setting. Students are introduced to basic theories and research regarding intercultural competence.

Is it for you?

This program will be a good fit if you:

  • Want to set yourself apart from other job applicants
  • Are interested in global issues and how the world is impacted by globalization
  • Will work in an industry with global reach (engineering, agriculture, business, and even health care)
  • Want to develop your listening, reading, writing, critical thinking, and overall communication skills
  • Like to learn about other cultures

Career Opportunities

  • Pursuing a certificate can help give you a competitive advantage in any chosen field