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Language Placement Information

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How do I get credit for language classes I've already taken?

If you've taken any language classes in high school, you should take the online placement exam to find out which course you should take. We don't want you to get lost in a class that's too difficult or bored in a class that's too easy! Plus, if you place into a course beyond the first semester, you can pay a small administrative fee and get the credits for previous courses in the sequence from 101 through 202. All you have to do is take the course that you place into and pass with a C or better. Then, when the grade has been posted, you can go to the Testing Center office at 1100 College Avenue (south of the Dairy Bar) to pay the administrative fee. It's that simple!

Take the Placement Test
You will have to enter your personal information. No Student ID needed.

You may take the exam more than once if you feel that the results don't accurately reflect your ability. You should print out the results of your placement exam to bring to meetings with your advisor or to the first day of class. If you have any concerns about your placement, please feel free to discuss them with department faculty.