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Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities allow students to apply their knowledge, get involved in campus and community activities, meet other students, and closely work with faculty, enhancing their academic experience and building an active learning community.

French Club

The SDSU French Club is a student-led organization seeking to engage students with the topics, languages and cultures learned in the classroom. Check the French Club out on Facebook.

Global Studies Club

The SDSU Global Studies Club is a student-led organization seeking to engage students with the topics, languages and cultures learned in the classroom. Check the Global Studies Club out on Facebook.

German Club

The SDSU German Club is a student-led organization seeking to engage students with the topics, languages and cultures learned in the classroom. Check the German Club out on Facebook.

History Club

The History Club is a student-run organization that works closely with the community, students and faculty in order to ensure a positive experience for all. They meet once a month and participate in various social activities. The first meeting is a social get-together in which new students may meet upper classmen and/or professors. It is very informal and a great way to get to know the people in your major.

History Club Officers:

President - Alanna Ragle
Vice President - John Jacobson
Secretary - Paige Barthel
Treasurer - Avery Sage
Communication Coordinator - Freddy Moran
Adviser - Dr. Graham Wrightson

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is SDSU's Historical Honor Society dedicated to research and education in the subject of History. It is considered a professional organization that involves students in the world of history and it looks great on any résumé. Every year at the beginning of the Fall Semester Phi Alpha Theta sponsors a mixer for professors and students and gives everyone a stress free environment in which to meet and get to know one another. If you meet the requirements, we suggest that you consider joining, since membership in an honor society is an indication of academic achievement. The lifetime membership fee is $50, which includes a one-year subscription to the society's history journal.

Phi Alpha Theta Officers:

President - Avery Sage
Vice President - Alanna Ragle
Secretary - Dustin Manzey
Treasurer - Holly Polak
Communications - Nathan Stafford
Membership - Ashley Davis
Adviser - Dr. Graham Wrightson


  • 12 credits in history
  • 3.0 GPA in History Courses
  • 3.1 Overall GPA Completion
  • $50 lifetime membership fee for new members
Political Science Club

Are you a Political junkie? Do you follow the elections endlessly? Do you like to debate politics with your friends? Are you looking for a way to build your resume and network with employers? If so, then the Political Science club is for you. Join our email list and come just for events, or get more involved if you want to highlight leadership skills, initiative and innovation on your resume.

Yearly Events:

  • History vs. Political Science laser tag
  • Pizza and presidential debates
  • Professor-Student Symposium
  • Hobo Day float
  • Making employment and paid internship contacts, including Daktronics legal office and the Pierre Legislative Internship Program.

Political Science Officers:

President - Kade Walker
Vice President - Jessica Johnson
Secretary - Eric Gednalske
Treasurer - Hayley Halverson
Adviser - David Wiltse, PhD

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is over 30 members strong. The goal of the club is to provide information that students need to help them make their decision as to whether to attend law school, where and how. Guest speakers will include current judges, law school deans and practicing lawyers. Their advice will range from how to prepare and succeed on the LSAT, to choosing the right law school to explaining job opportunities, especially in rural South Dakota. Furthermore, the Pre-Law Society seeks to expand the network of all its members. The Daktronics legal office is interested in annual meetings with the Pre-Law Society, as is the Pierre Legislative Internship Program, which pays $5,000 for their six week internship.

Pre-Law Society Officers:

President - Braedon Houdek
Vice President - Bryton Syverson
Secretary - Alissa Greenwald
Treasurer - Jacob Cartsen
Adviser - Lisa Hager

Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honor Society

Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica

Advanced level Spanish students who meet the academic criteria are inducted each year into Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society founded in 1919 at the University of California Berkley. Six new members were inducted into the society in April 2010. Members of Sigma Delta Pi at SDSU sponsor events such as faculty lectures, readings or films to promote the understanding of Hispanic cultures. For more information about the society, see the national Sigma Delta Pi website or contact Dr. Maria Spitz.

Spanish Club

The SDSU Spanish Club is a student-led organization seeking to engage students with the topics, languages and cultures learned in the classroom. Check the Spanish Club out on Facebook. Check the Spanish Club out on Instagram.

Spanish Round-Tables (Mesas de conversación)

Roundtable conversation hours throughout the regular semester take place in the department library (Wagner 104). These are opportunities for relaxed discussion in Spanish and are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Fall 2019 hours:

9:00am Daniela SantillánDaniela Santillán Daniela Santillán
10:00am Daniela SantillánDaniela Santillán Daniela Santillán
11:00am María Laura Velazco  Daniela Santillán
12:00pm María Laura VelazcoTeresa Toscano  
1:00pm  Teresa Toscano  
3:30pm   Daniela Santillán