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SDSU Ethics Lab

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The Ethics Lab is centrally concerned with the concept of experiment as it applies to the study of ethics.

  1. The Ethics Lab supports experiment in ethical theory in the grand tradition of philosophical reflection and theorizing.
  2. The Ethics Lab supports interdisciplinary empirical research in ethics-related fields of study, building on the new field of experimental philosophy and collaborating with other researchers in the natural and social sciences.
  3. The Ethics Lab is dedicated to informing and engaging public and university communities in order to foster sophisticated and informed dialogue on pressing ethical issues of general public concern.


The Ethics Lab supports a range of activities related to education, research and community engagement in basic, applied and experimental ethics. Examples of Ethics Lab activities include support of:

  • Student Assistantships supporting ethics-related teaching, research and community engagement;
  • Philosophical research in areas related to basic and applied ethics;
  • Empirical and experimental research on cooperation and ethical attitudes and behavior; and
  • University and public forums, speakers and events engaging pressing ethics-related topics.