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Study Abroad Opportunities

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French, German and Spanish faculty members accompany students each summer to study in Latin America or Europe for a month or more. Some of the study abroad locations in the past have included: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Heidelberg (Germany), Oaxaca (Mexico), Paris (France), Quetzaltenango (Guatemala), Valencia (Spain) and Winnipeg (Canada).

During the summer semester 2018, our faculty took students to Costa Rica. For more information contact Jose Alvarez and/or Jeremy Rud, or visit the Study Abroad of the Office of International Affairs.

Past Programs:

Semester/Year Programs

All language majors and any other interested students are encouraged to engage in longer-term study programs for a semester or a year in order to truly enter into the culture and language. Students in recent years have studied in places as diverse as France, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain. Modern Languages faculty and the Office of International Affairs will be happy to help you find the right program for you. To discuss options in Spanish, see professor Christi Garst-Santos.

Germany - Summer 2018
Costa Rica - Summer 2018
Hattie Sete - Marrakech, 2017