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Water Bottle Refill Stations

water fountain

Water bottle refill stations can be found across campus and in most academic or office buildings. This is not a comprehensive list of all buildings on campus. 

Buildings with water bottle refill stations:

  • Agriculture Museum  
  • Alfred Dairy Science Hall 
  • American Indian Student Center 
  • Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab 
  • Animal Science Complex  
  • Art Museum  
  • Avera Health & Science Building 
  • Bailey Rotunda 
  • Berg Agricultural Hall  
  • Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics & Engineering Hall  
  • Crothers Engineering Hall  
  • Daktronics Engineering Hall 
  • DePuy Military Hall 
  • Dykehouse Student-Athlete Center 
  • Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Lab 
  • Facilities & Services Building 
  • Facilities & Services Customer Service Center 
  • Grove Hall 
  • Harding Hall 
  • Hilton M. Briggs Library  
  • Horticulture and Forestry Building 
  • Larson Commons 
  • Mcrory Visitor Center  
  • Miller Wellness Center 
  • Morill Hall 
  • Old Horticulture Building 
  • Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center  
  • Plant Science Laboratory 
  • Psychology, Sociology, and Rural Studies Building 
  • Pugsley Continuing Education Center  
  • Raven Precision Agriculture Center 
  • Sanford-Jackrabbit Athletic Complex  
  • Solberg Hall  
  • The Barn 
  • University Student Union 
  • Wagner Hall 
  • Wecota Hall 
  • West Hall 
  • Yeager Hall 

Regular water fountains can be found in most academic buildings.

This list was updated in June of 2023.