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Exterior Identification and Public Access

Building Identification 

Campus buildings will have lettering displaying the name of the facility attached to the building facade. The metal lettering will be Times New Roman typeface in a finish that contrasts from its background; options include black anodized, dark bronze anodized, medium bronze anodized or clear anodized. 

In situations where the building does not lend itself to exterior mounted signage, a ground-mounted sign will be located near the facility. Ground-mounted signs can be either single or double sided, which will be determined by the needs of individual situations. Ground-mounted signs and supports shall be fabricated from aluminum and installed into poured concrete footers. 

Facilities and Services will review and approve lettering, locations, size and finish of all exterior signage. 

Functional Area-Public Access 

Functions within buildings that require extensive access from the general public may be identified on the ground-mounted building sign. If a ground-mounted building sign is not present, a second building sign may be installed with the building name and public facility with approval of the Buildings and Grounds Committee as necessary. Funding will be the department's responsibility.

South Dakota State University Exterior Identification
Ground-Mounted Signage
South Dakota State University Exterior Identification
Building-Mounted Signage