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Being a University, SDSU has the unique opportunity to educate on and advance sustainable efforts. Not only will these efforts enhance campus sustainability, but they will also assist in other university-wide efforts. The following pages will emphasize the importance of sustainability and its relationship to SDSU, as well as provide directives on how we can advance our sustainability efforts.

Three overlapping circles that represent the three pillars of sustainability (economic, social, & environmental) and how sustainability comes from achieving all three.

South Dakota State University will inspire faculty, staff, students and visitors to live more sustainably through campus-dedicated efforts to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability.

SDSU promotes and encourages sustainable lifestyles through the integration of sustainability concepts in academics, engagement, operations and administration.

Sustainability Definition
Sustainability is the formation of a better society through the interdependent actions of improving environmental quality, increasing economic prosperity and instilling social justice for present and future generations.

Campus Sustainability Plan 

Sustainability Guide