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Signage and Postings

Bulletin Boards and Display Cases

Display cases assigned to and used by a department shall be the responsibility of the department. University display cases used by and for the University shall be maintained by Facilities and Services. All new display cases or bulletin boards must be approved prior to installation and meet Facilities and Services standards. 

SDSU Publicity/Posting

Information Exchange in the University Student Union (SSU 150) completes campus-wide posting approval. Any posters that do not have the Approved Information Exchange seal in the lower left corner will be removed.

To be approved, all posters must meet the following advertising guidelines:

  • Events/services must be open to the SDSU community, relate to a university approved organization and/or activity and show obvious and legitimate sponsorship by:
    • SDSU departments, offices or colleges
    • SDSU recognized student organizations
    • Official SDSU committees
  • Posters must have an English translation of anything in another language.
  • Use of SDSU copyrighted images must be approved via University Marketing and Communications Graphic Identity guidelines. Questionable use of images will be referred to University Marketing and Communications for their approval.
  • Any content on event postings related to upcoming elections must conform to all laws as regulated by SD Secretary of State Office.
  • The fliers can NOT have the following: promotion of alcohol or other drugs, explicit sexual material, profanity or ads that compete with Dining Services or Jackrabbit Central
  • Fliers may be posted as early as 6 weeks before the event.

Posting inside the University Student Union:

  • Information Exchange staff will post only one copy of the poster in the designated location. Please work with Information Exchange staff for your posting.

Posting outside of the University Student Union:

  • All posters, advertisements and announcements must have a seal of approval from the Information Exchange, the Union, before they may be displayed.
  • Approved and sealed posters can be displayed only on designated bulletin boards, tack strips, etc. Selected locations will be coordinated with the appropriate departments within the building. See the Facilities Managers/Departments for designated areas.
  • Posters may NOT be hung on doors, windows, equipment, glass doorways or any other non-designated area.
  • All posters need to meet fire code requirements; posters cannot cover more than 5% of any wall.
  • Organizations must take down fliers after the event.
  • Posters, advertisements and announcements that do not relate to a university approved organization and/or activity will not be approved for display and if displayed without the approval of the University Student Union will be removed.

Residential Life Specifics:

  • All flyers/posters/banners must be approved for posting by the CD/RHD, dated, and stamped with the hall name of the residence hall where they will be displayed, before they will be posted.
  • With permission of the CD/RHD, materials may be left on a table in each building lobby for promotion of off-campus businesses or organizations. Such material must be consistent with Residential Life and university policies and philosophies.
  • Organizations or individuals wishing to advertise or publicize in student mailboxes must follow guidelines noted in Residential Life “mail” and “solicitation” policy.

Exceptions to these guidelines

  • Student Body Elections
  • Hobo Day Activities