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Facilities Related University Committees

Several standing University committees are concerned with specific aspects of project management:

  • Buildings and Grounds Committee and Landscaping and Site Development Subcommittee: Contact Facilities and Services for more information at 688-4136. 
  • Naming University Facilities Subcommittee:  Recommends guidelines for naming University facilities. Solicits and screens suggestions for names for University facilities. 
  • Space Assignment Subcommittee: Undertakes analysis of specific space needs and requirements; assists the Buildings and Grounds Committee by making recommendations on space assignments and recommends needs for University facilities to the Building and Grounds Committees. All room assignment or room use changes must be approved by the Space Assignment Committee.
  • Building Committee: Most major building projects will have a building committee appointed for each.
  • Parking and Traffic Committee: Advises on campus parking and traffic needs; recommends all parking traffic rules and penalties. Reviews and reacts to parking fee/vehicle registration charges and budgets prepared by Facilities and Services of funds derived from parking fees and fines. Reviews and reacts to the Facilities and Services parking lot construction and repair priority lists.
  • Loss Control Committee: Assists in identifying and addressing workplace and liability hazards on campus and reviews liability and workers' compensation losses to identify trends and determine appropriate courses of action to reduce future loses. They assist in the development of loss control and safety training programs. Periodically inspects agency facilities to identify and correct hazardous conditions.