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Historic Buildings and Grounds

Efforts have been made to preserve some of the University's historic buildings and ground works. The Facilities and Services will provide guidance and direction for repair, renovation and restoration of facilities of the unique cultural legacy represented by these nationally recognized architectural structures.

Campus facilities that are listed on the National Register of Historical Places include:

  • Coughlin Campanile
  • Coolidge Sylvan Theater
  • Wecota Hall
  • Wenona Hall
  • Woodbine Cottage
  • Woodbine Cottage Rammed Earth Wall
  • Agricultural Heritage Museum                    
  • Dean of Agriculture Rammed Earth Wall

Criteria for acceptance into the National Register of Historical Places:

  • Association with events
  • Association with people
  • Distinctive characteristics, such as:
    • Work of a master
    • Artistic value
    • A distinguished entity
  • Data (past history or possible future history) plus integrity:
    • location
    • setting
    • design
    • materials
    • workmanship
    • feeling and association
  • Fifty years or older unless very significant.