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Events on Campus

All campus events, University sponsored and non-University sponsored, are scheduled through Central Reservations (6127).  Scheduling events or activities in general classrooms during normal school hours is done through the Registrar's office (6027).  All non-class events must be scheduled using a SAARF (Student Activities Authorization Request Form). Exceptions are all athletic facilities and some events at Performing Arts Center. However, all departments should communicate with Central Reservations so that their schedule is accurate for all SDSU facilities. The SAARF form is generated from the Central Reservations office and facilitates good communication for all the offices on campus which can help make an event successful. This includes any events in buildings, parking lots and on the greens.

Some departments, such as Music (Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center), Animal Science (for ASA), Athletics, Theatre (Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center), ROTC, South Dakota Art Museum, Student Union, food service locations and the Performing Arts Center, may have unique scheduling arrangements. Please work with those departments in addition to Central Reservations to ensure you have  

Planning through Central Reservations will ensure that your event has all the facility related supplies and the building and/or rooms are properly prepared for your event, including restroom supplies and proper heating/cooling levels.