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Many departments want to add personal touches to the department or allow staff to personalize their office space. Some may want to add temporary decorations during special occasions such as Hobo Day or the winter holidays. The following guidelines should be used when selecting decorations, either permanently or temporarily.

  • No candles or any other open flame will be allowed.
  • Only fire resistant materials can be used for any decorations.
  • No paper is allowed in or on light globes.     
  • Nothing may be hung from the ceiling in public areas.
  • Nothing may be mounted or taped on exterior windows as they can break.
  • Only artificial Christmas trees may be used.
  • Only miniature lights bearing the UL label will be permitted.
  • All decorations must be placed away from heaters or other heat-producing devices.
  • Lights must be turned off any time the room is unoccupied.
  • Use of flammable materials for decorations will be avoided.