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Donor Recognition Locations, Facilities and Organizations

Signage Locations

Newly developed and donated facilities should be built with a central donor recognition area in a public space. Existing facilities should utilize a central public donor recognition area as much as possible. The installation of recognition signage should be at an appropriate level to allow for maximum viewing for the general public. Font size, room/space size and the visual plane at which the signage will be viewed should be accounted for in the development of any signage project.

Complex Facilities and Organizations

Building Exterior

Complete buildings to be named after a benefactor(s) have the name of the organization or individual displayed in an appropriate university typeface on the building facade. The size of the letters must be appropriately proportional to the original building design. To maintain the overall integrity of the campus environment, corporate marks/symbols, or logotypes are not preferred on the external facade of any university building or on any external building signage.

Building Interior

Recognition of a benefactor(s) on the interior of a building must include the organization or individual's name displayed in the official university typeface. The benefactor's corporate logo may also be used (see corporate logo standards).

College/Department Names

Recognition of a benefactor(s) for a named college/department should be displayed on the interior of the building in which the organization's main office is located. The recognition may be displayed either outside and or inside the dean/director/department head's office.

Interior Spaces of Buildings

Recognition of a benefactor(s) for a room, laboratory or other interior spaces should be recognized outside the room in the corridor near the main doorway. The size of the sign will be 3 inches high by 12 inches wide, mounted above the 3-inch by 12-inch corridor sign. In addition to the corridor signage, if deemed appropriate by the South Dakota State University Foundation, recognition of the benefactor(s) may be located inside the room, but is not required. The sign will be placed in a prominent location within the room deemed appropriate by Facilities and Services. The size will vary depending on the space available.

Outdoor Space;

Recognition of a benefactor(s) for an outdoor space should be placed in a prominent location. The size of recognition must be appropriately proportional to fit the integrity of the location.