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Naming Guidelines and Waiver Procedure

Signage Guidelines

All signage for donor recognition shall be in compliance with campus design guidelines. Display and/or signage depicting a named facility, space or program shall follow university standards and be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services. University signage standards are outlined below.

  1. Buildings
    • Exterior: The approved facility name will appear in an appropriate size and style on the exterior of the building and will be readily visible.
    • Interior: Building signage and honorary naming signage shall be located at the main entrance to the building. Signage will be an appropriate size and finish compatible with existing interior finishes.
    • Construction completion signage: According to Board of Regent's policy (6:7), each building upon completion shall have signage which includes the following: name of the building/facility; date of construction; governor; South Dakota Board of Regents members; South Dakota State University; SDSU President; South Dakota building authority and architects/engineers.
    • Major Building Components: Unenclosed Interior Spaces shall place an appropriately sized sign stating the donor name at a maximum of two entrances to the space.
    • The purchase and installation of all plaques must be coordinated with both the SDSU Foundation and SDSU Facilities and Services.
  2. Interior Spaces
    • An appropriately sized sign stating the donor name shall be placed at the entrance to the space according the Facilities and Services policies.
    • The purchase and installation of this plaque shall be coordinated with both the SDSU Foundation and SDSU Facilities and Services.
  3. Outdoor Spaces
    • Landscaping
      • Campus landscaping features may be donated in honor or memory of an individual, association, business, company or corporation. Common examples may include gardens or tree plantings.
      • All outdoor donations shall be recorded at the SDSU Foundation and with the Department of Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape and Parks and shared with Facilities and Services. The plant species, varieties and appropriate size shall be approved by the Campus Planning and Design Committee, which serves as the Campus Tree Board, to meet the requirements to maintain South Dakota State Tree Campus USA designation. Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services reserves the right to recommend species and location.
      • Long-term upkeep of these types of spaces will rest with Facilities and Services.
    • Other Outdoor Naming Opportunities include, but are not limited to, fields, courts, plazas, gardens, gates and walking paths.
    • Visual recognition for outdoor spaces shall be dealt with on an individual basis with particular concern regarding practicality and maintainability. Special considerations shall be given to maintenance obligations of outdoor spaces or structures, such as mowing, weed control and snow removal.

Waiver Procedure

There may be extraordinary cases whereby exceptions will be granted to this policy. These will be reviewed by the president and, when warranted, approved by the Board of Regents.

For additional information on naming policies, view 6:3 Naming Facilities and Units under Appendices on Policy and Procedures.