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Student Resources

In addition to the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility, there are many great resources available for students at South Dakota State University. Check them out below!

On-Campus Resources

The AISC provides culturally appropriate retention advising and programming to increase the recruitment and retention of American Indian students.

Information on the American Indian Student Center

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is a comprehensive home for international student and scholar services, international undergraduate admission, study abroad planning, and community connections programs. All services and activities are intended to help enrich the experience of international students here at SDSU and to expand global engagement for all students, faculty, and staff.

Information about International Affairs

Jack's Cupboard is the free, on-campus food pantry at South Dakota State University. Our goal is to alleviate food insecurity among SDSU students by providing food and personal care items to Jackrabbits who need them.

Learn about Jack's Cupboard!

The Students' Association employs a lawyer to provide legal aid services to SDSU students. Legal aid cannot stand trial with students, but they can advise students on legal practices including rental agreements, citizenship procedures and other legal matters.

Learn more or schedule an appointment with the legal aid.

The Math Help Center provides free walk-in tutoring for students taking MATH 101, 103, 114, 115, 120, 121, 123, 125 and STAT 281 at SDSU. The MHC is located in Architecture, Mathematics & Engineering 292.

Learn more about the Math Help Center!

The Wintrode Tutoring Program provides small-group tutoring for CHEM 106, 108, 112, 114 and 328. Students can search for face-to-face and/or sessions held on Zoom.

Learn more about the Chemistry Help Center!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of weekly review sessions for students enrolled in historically difficult courses. SI is provided for all students who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. At each session you will be guided through this material by your SI leader, a competent student who has previously taken the course.

Learn more about SI or attend a session!

The Student Health Clinic provides quality primary care services including General Medical Care, Sexual Health, Immunizations, Physicals, Medication Administration, Lab Services and more!

The SDSU Jackrabbit Pharmacy serves all eligible SDSU students, faculty/staff and their family members. The SDSU Jackrabbit Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from doctors

The mission of South Dakota State University Student Health Clinic and Counseling Services is to promote the health and wellness of the university community, enhance student retention and support the academic and personal success of all students outside of the student health clinic. We offer competitively priced over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Learn more about any of these services, and more of what the Student Health Clinic has to offer!

Facilitating the transition from student to professional and helping students and employers connect are two goals that drive the services of the Office of Career Development. From students exploring career options and job possibilities to employers posting jobs and conducting on-campus interviews, we provide help both online and in person.

Learn more about the Office of Career Development!

The Ombuds Office is a private place to discuss your problems, concerns or complaints. The office is an independent problem-solving resource for all members of the university community. An Ombudsperson serves students, faculty and staff by providing a place to review options for resolving problems. The Ombudsperson is impartial and does not take sides in any conflict, but rather strives for a fair process and equitable results.

The Ombuds Office staff member will listen to problems and concerns, review possible options, explain policies and procedures, provide information regarding available resources, provide information about formal and informal grievance reporting options, make referrals and facilitate communication between people.

Learn more or contact the Ombuds Office

The mission of the South Dakota State University Testing Center (SDSTATE-TC) is to assist individuals to reach their academic and professional goals by providing a secure, friendly and comfortable environment where exams are administered, proctored and scored with integrity. The SDSTATE-TC adheres to the standards set forth by the National Collegiate Test Association Professional Standards and Guidelines.

Get more information on the Testing Center!

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is designed to provide a supportive community for students in the transition to college. Our enthusiastic staff provides various support services to promote each participant’s personal, academic and professional achievements. These supports include advising, academic resources, peer mentoring, career planning and involvement opportunities.

Learn more about the TRIO student support services!

The mission of the South Dakota State University Veterans Affairs Resource Center is to assist military veterans, their family members, and their survivors, in obtaining all federal and state educational benefits and entitlements they have earned by serving in the United States military and to provide guidance and support services that will aid veterans in their transition to academic and civilian life.

Learn more about the Veterans Affairs Resource Center!

Grounded in access and opportunity, these programs continue the efforts of Virgil and Josephine Wintrode to help students overcome obstacles and gain the skills they need to move forward with confidence. This purpose aligns with SDSU's land-grant mission to promote learning excellence and to provide educational access to all.

Learn more about the Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center!

The SDSU Writing Center serves all students enrolled in the university, both graduate and undergraduate. Students can chat about any type of writing that they have concerns about. Consultations take place during any stage of the writing process - from determining the ideas, focus and framework to citing sources and figuring out how semi-colons work and polishing the style.

The Writing Center staff is comprised of English instructors and students who have all taught English 101 and other writing courses or who have been trained to tutor in the Writing Center. They are experienced in working with students of all backgrounds, including second-language learners. Each session is devoted to an active and engaged learning experience in which the tutor and the student work together to improve writing.

Learn more about the Writing Center!

The Speech Center, located in Pugsley Center 305, offers an opportunity for CMST 101 students to practice their speech and receive feedback.

Schedule an appointment at the Speech Center

Digital Resources

Registration Self-Service offers students an enhanced experience web-based registration system. Students can reach Self-Service through the MyState dashboard. Use Registration Self Self-Service to prepare for registration, register for classes, plan ahead, browsed classes, and browse the course catalog.

Use Financial Aid Self-Service to check financial aid requirements, messages, status, and awards.

The Student Account Self-Service keeps all your academic and financial records.

Learn more information about SDSU Self-Service!

Rabbit Ride is a safe method of transportation for SDState students, Brookings community members, and visitors. Rabbit Ride is a partnership between the SDSU Wellness Center, The SDSU Students’ Association, the Brookings Area Transit Authority, the SD Office of Highway Safety, and the City of Brookings.

Learn more about how to get a ride!

With expertise in three main areas — SUCCEED, THRIVE, and MATTER—students can assess and improve their lifestyle in a way that captures their health, sense of purpose, and life trajectory. Based on input from the student, the portal shuffles its cards in order to serve the most relevant content for each, unique student.

Learn more about You@SDState!

South Dakota State University is proud to announce Nod, a research app for students that taps into positive psychology and the science of social connections to help students build the friendships they want and need. Forming and maintaining social connections is a challenge and remains a core component of the student experience. Nod is not a social media app, but is all about helping you achieve your social goals in real life.

Learn more about Nod and download the app!

Our office provides support for students, staff, and faculty.Technicians are available during regular working hours, five days a week. We're here to answer your technology-related questions.

Learn more about or contact the SDSU Support Desk!

Please note that this is not an extensive list of student resources. If you would like more information on available campus resources, please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility.