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Faculty and Staff Resources

On-Campus Resources

South Dakota State University is committed to supporting new faculty and staff as they transition into their new roles. As new faculty and staff, there is a wide range of resources that will help to support the various roles you will play within the university community. The goal of the CETL New Faculty Onboarding Program is to provide you with a comprehensive set of resources, located in a central on-demand location, that can easily be referred to as you begin your career at SDSU or as questions arise later in your career as a Jackrabbit.

New Jackrabbit? Click here!

The Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center offers a variety of resources to help faculty and staff support the campus population. They provide resources for first-generation college students, international and/or ESL students, low-income students, the LGBTQIA+ population, student veterans, and more.

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The Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning offers comprehensive and innovative services designed to support and promote a culture of excellence in teaching and learning at South Dakota State University. CETL shares resources on effective and inclusive teaching, providing constructive feedback, advice for faculty and staff, and more!

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There are different types of technical support available to staff and faculty through the SDSU Support Desk. Not only is there support for faculty and staff who are experiencing technical difficulties, but many other resources are available as well. 

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The Faculty Senate is an elected body that develops and disseminates ideas for University improvement, engages in ongoing communication with the SDSU administration, contributes to the formation of general University policy, and performs those duties and functions especially allocated to or assumed by the faculty, subject to the limitations imposed by the laws of the State of South Dakota and the rules of the South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR).

Learn more about the Faculty Senate here!

SDSU has different types of faculty appointments- professional series, lecturer series, and librarian series. Each appointment comes with different expectations and requirements. 

To find more information on faculty responsibilities and assignments for professorial, lecturer, and librarian faculty members, click here!

There are two staff categories at SDSU- Civil Service (CSA) and Non-Faculty Exempt (NFE). Each category comes with different expectations and requirements.

The link below provides the most up-to-date version of the SDSU policies and procedures. There are also links to many other helpful resources as well, including the Board of Regents policy manual, SDSU handbooks, frequently asked questions, and more. 

To view the latest policies and procedures, as well as other helpful information, click here!