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Nod Research App

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South Dakota State University is proud to announce Nod, a research app for students that taps into positive psychology and the science of social connections to help students build the friendships they want and need. Forming and maintaining social connections is a challenge and remains a core component of the student experience. Not is not a social media app, but is all about helping you achieve your social goals in real life.

The Science Behind Nod

The Nod intervention is rooted in evidence-based practices including principles of positive psychology, cognitive and behavioral skill-building, and mindful self-compassion.

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So how does it work?

  1. Download Nod on your cell phone and create a confidential account with your campus credentials.
  2. Explore ideas, reflections and testimonials.
    1. Ideas: prompts based on the science of social connection that help you take action.
    2. Reflections: short in-app exercises to process social experiences, track your mood, reduce self-criticism, and build resilience.
    3. Testimonials: real student perspectives on social connection.