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Safety & Security


Create and maintain a safe and secure environment where learning, research, and campus life can thrive.


A community culture that places a priority on safety and security results in a community where the likelihood of loss or harm are low and the sense of personal security and well-being are high.


The Office of Safety & Security places a high value on integrity, professionalism, honesty, knowledge, communication, collaboration and cooperation and will incorporate these values into all safety and security activities.

The Office of Safety & Security, reporting to the Vice President for Technology and Security, is responsible for creating and maintaining a culture where safety and security are primary university considerations.

A community with a culture placing safety and security as a priority is quantifiably safe and qualitatively secure: meaning the likelihood of loss or harm is low and the sense of personal security and well-being is high.

The Office of Safety & Security is comprised of the University Police Department, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the Office of Emergency Management. These offices exist primarily to work with the members of the university community to ensure the safety and security needs of the university are addressed in a persistent and professional manner.

The safety and security of a community is not the sole responsibility of those formally tasked to do so, but relies heavily on the acceptance of the shared obligation of the community they serve. Your active participation in the safety and security of South Dakota State University is important in making the university a great place to live, learn and teach.

To contact the University Police Department, dial 605-688-5117.

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