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SDSU Student Organizations

Four SDSU student organizations are advised by staff members within the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility. The students are the leaders in the planning and decision-making for their student organizations, and the staff members advise and provide support.

Student Orgs Advised Through OMAA

Black Student Alliance Logo


Black Student Alliance (BSA) is an organization that offers black students a form of identity and a social life with diverse activities having direct emphasis on African American culture. The organization also serves as an educational tool to promote cultural awareness to the South Dakota State University community and to enhance the appreciation of the richness and diversity of African American culture. BSA is open to ALL students, no matter their racial identification.

Gender and Sexualities Alliance Logo

 The Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) is a campus organization created to promote the education of students, staff and community members about LGBTQIA+ issues, gender identity and the current events in our society relating to these topics. Our goal is to break down the walls standing between those of differing sexualities and gender identities and expressions. We want to provide a safe environment for people of any sexuality or gender identity/expression, and help spread an inclusive mindset to others on campus and in the Brookings community.

International Dance Crew Logo

Who doesn’t like to dance!? The International Dance Crew (IDC) is here to share international and Hispanic/Latinx cultures with SDSU students, faculty, staff and the community of Brookings. The International Dance Crew will develop activities and programs that will engage participation through a celebration of cultures in various dance forms and share history, heritage and cultural contexts of it's many members. IDC will encourage an appreciation for the richness of diversity and complexity within the various cultures represented within the International as well as domestic Hispanic/Latino student populations.


The mission of the Latin American Student Association (LASA) is to inform, educate and provide SDSU students and community with a better understanding of the Latinx culture. LASA provides a support group system for Latinx students at South Dakota State University, the community, staff, faculty and anybody interested in learning about Latinx culture. LASA develops and implements diverse activities and programs that celebrate the rich heritage, history and culture of Latin/Hispanic people. We also encourage an appreciation for the richness of diversity and complexity within the Latin American population.

To find out more about South Dakota State University student organizations, please visit Jack's Club Hub, which is the go-to site for all things student organization related on our campus. Here, you can find information on meeting times, upcoming events, contact details and more!

Registered student organizations have the ability to sponsor lawful events, which are governed by SDBOR Policies, University Policy, and SDCL 13-53-52. South Dakota State University is not a sponsor of these events.