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Rabbit Ride

Rabbit Ride logo featuring a bus and the words "South Dakota State University" and "Rabbit Ride"

Free for SDSU students and visitors!

Rabbit Ride is a safe method of transportation for SDState students, Brookings community members and visitors. Rabbit Ride is a partnership between the SDSU Wellness Center, The SDSU Students’ Association, Brookings Area Transit Authority, the SD office of Highway Safety and the City of Brookings.

Rabbit Ride program goals:

  • To provide a safe ride home to potentially impaired drivers.
  • To keep the streets of Brookings safe.
  • To reduce the number of DWI convictions in Brookings.
  • To decrease the number of underage and high-risk alcohol drinking convictions.

Rabbit Ride operates during the academic year on Friday and Saturday evening from 9 p.m. until approximately 2:30 a.m. Rabbit Ride utilizes the “MyRide” app for on demand ride requests. You can reserve a ride by downloading “MyRide” in the Apple or Google Play stores. Once downloaded, open the app and select “South Dakota State University”. To request a ride, log into the app using your Single Sign On (SSO).

Rabbit Ride Rules:

  • Be respectful to the drivers, Rabbit Ride Monitors, other passengers and the BATA bus at all times.
  • Do not leave any garbage and ensure you have all possessions before exiting (especially keys and cell phone).
  • No tobacco products are permitted including smokeless tobacco and vapor-based products.
  • No food or drink (opened or unopened beverages)
  • Rabbit Ride reserves the right to refuse service to anyone exhibiting unacceptable behavior
  • All riders must comply to the BATA Passenger Handbook

SDState Students:
Set up your MyRide account!

Late Night?

Skip the walk and take a safe ride home. Request a ride on-demand with the MyRide service to get around campus safely after dark.

MyRide account

Brookings Community:
Call: 605-695-3984
to Request a Ride!