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YOU@SDState is a personalized web portal connecting you to online tools and campus resources to support your goals to succeed, thrive and matter.

Let YOU Help You

Make the most out of your college experience

YOU was created to closely match the lifestyle of college students.

With expertise in three main areas— SUCCEED, THRIVE, and MATTER—students can assess and improve their lifestyle in a way that captures their health, sense of purpose and life trajectory. Based on input from the student, the portal shuffles its cards in order to serve the most relevant content for each, unique student. 


Academics and Career


Physical and Mental Health


Purpose and Community

YOU Overview

YOU@SDState Walk Through

Get Started!

On the homepage, you can get an overview of the portal or just jump right in. 

As an extension of campus, YOU keeps all personal information that students and faculty/staff provide on the YOU portal private.

Once inside, students can start to customize their profile or take one of three reality checks. Both features are designed to cater content, like advice, quizzes, videos and campus resources based on general needs and interests of individual students.

The YOU portal is intended to be used throughout a student’s college life. With changing content and dynamic tools, there’s a use for YOU from move-in day to landing that first job.

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