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Creative Services & Branding

Creative Services and Branding serves as the university's brand ambassadors and guardians of SDSU's marks, graphic identity and brand standards; collaborates and consults with various colleges, departments and units to meet design, photography and related needs.

Our Services

Marketing and Brand Management

The South Dakota State University marketing division provides strategic and tactical marketing services, including brand management, positioning and messaging, and advertising. The division is also responsible for the development and implementation of the university’s strategic marketing plan. The department aids the university in reaching its strategic and operational goals by building awareness, preference and loyalty among its current and prospective stakeholders.

The university currently has two main marks: the stretch SD serves as the institutional logo and is to be used on all publications as well as by Athletics; the Jackrabbit is the mascot of the university and used by Athletics, the SDSU Alumni Association and student organizations.

There are a few basic rules that apply to each mark:

  • Each mark must be used in its entirety. Using only a portion of the mark is not allowed.
  • Each mark must be used in the proper colors, with no color substitutions or embellishments.
  • Marks cannot be altered in any way, for example, the jackrabbit cannot wear a cowboy hat or be dressed in scrubs.
  • Marks cannot be overprinted, and a ring of 3/16-inch clear space must surround the logos at all times.

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