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Social Media Branding

South Dakota State University official accounts should follow branding standards laid out by University Marketing and Communications. Branded accounts represent the university and are required to follow the policies and guidelines laid out by the Digital and Social Media group.

Upholding the university brand does not start and stop with the marketing department. All employees shape the SDSU brand through their actions, comments and messages to stakeholders.

Additional branding information can be found below, and through the University Graphic Identify Standards.


Account names should include South Dakota State University, SDState, South Dakota State or SDSU. Consistent naming across social media accounts is preferred and can assist with brand recognition and increased engagement.

Examples include:

Instagram: @sdsustudentactivities

Twitter: @SDStateCAFES

Facebook: South Dakota State – College of Nursing

Official university accounts should be easily identifiable as SDState affiliates and must include either an approved logo or university-related photo in the profile picture and header, when applicable.

Approved logos and photos can be found through the University Brand Toolbox. If you need a customized logo lockup for your college or department, contact Andrea Kieckhefer.

The use of the SD Logo Lockup is restricted to SDSU departments, colleges, athletics, affiliated organizations and administrative units.

The Jackrabbit logos are primarily for use by Athletics. They are not for scholarly or academic use. Official student organizations and the SDSU Alumni Association may use the Jackrabbit marks.

Consistent use of South Dakota State University's official colors is critical to building brand consistency and awareness in the marketplace. The South Dakota State University brand color palette consists of primary, secondary and accent colors. The university’s primary colors are SDSU Yellow and Blue, which must be a prominent and integral part of all university communications produced in color.

Additional standards for color usage.