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Website Rebuild

Rebuild Timeline

  • October 2023 - Design firm chosen.
  • November-February 2024 - Discovery Phase
    • Complete
  • April 2024 - Design Exploration
    • UX and UI design exploration.
    • Revising content governance plan and policy.
    • Reviewing designs for Visit and Admissions, Profiles, and Event Calendar.
  • November 2024 - Planned launch

Web Editors: Review content and remove unneeded pages. If you need assistance,


  1. Speed and performance – The coding is old, which slows down the site and impacts user experience. Our site was built in 2016 and, honestly, could have been rebuilt 1-2 years ago.
  2. Security – The older the site, the more customization is needed. The more you customize features within the site, the less secure it becomes.
  3. Support and maintenance – Drupal versions, like most CMS systems, have an end of life and are no longer supported. The current site was built in Drupal 8, which is no longer supported, and we have updated to Drupal 9. We are attempting to move to Drupal 10 but are having challenges due to legacy code all the way back to the Drupal 8 build.
  4. Navigation and content – The current navigation and content is causing duplication throughout the site. This is a leftover effect from the old site in the Common Spot and the challenges of building the first Drupal site. The more information posted to the site the greater chance of duplication based on current navigation framework.
  5. Technology advances – Technology continues to adapt, evolve and become better. Our current site right now is like owning and iPhone 9. Also, it is time to rebuild the APIs with things like Banner and EMS and prepare for the university’s move to the Slate content management system through admissions. The approval process can also be revisited.