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Email Marketing

Looking to send emails that catch the eyes of your readers? Do you want to know how recipients consume the information you send them? Using an email marketing tool may set you on the right path.


University Marketing and Communications uses HubSpot, an email marketing tool and offers access to various departments and entities across campus for a fee. Clients can work with UMC to obtain access, training and email templates so they can create their own content, on their own schedule.

Email Examples

First Impressions Email
RabbitFood Image
Updates from State Image
Wokini Email Image

How it works

Your template will be created to accommodate your marketing purpose. It will be customized with a predetermined header across the top, with correct university branding colors and fonts. Your settings will also be set, so users don’t have to worry about adjusting them each time they look to send an email.

Plug in text, photos, videos and links to your email template. Move elements across the page using the drag-and-drop editor. Preview your email through a shared link and test what it looks like on different devices and browsers. Set your subject line, recipients and send your email or schedule it for later. After the email is sent, users can access an analytics page with a click map, showing where recipients were interested to click through. You can also see what content was popular, who opened your email and when. Shorter emails are recommended, giving recipients a more consumable format of content.

How to sign up

Because this is an additional service, there is a fee to use HubSpot. Currently, for $100 per fiscal year, users can sign up, receive a basic template, header, settings and training. Multiple users can be on this account as well. Additional design fees apply for custom headers, images and templates.

Users will need to provide contacts and not list servers to be imported into HubSpot. UMC can work with you to help you obtain a list for you, if needed.

Training to use the service is conducted primarily over Zoom to enable screen sharing and to show how your template works. Sessions take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and can be done in a group. You must take a training session before access is granted to send emails.

Want to sign up?