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HubSpot Guidelines

Design Guidelines

Each email must have a header at the top, so the recipient knows who is sending it. Header graphics can be made by University Marketing and Communications. Should a user decide to create their own graphic, it must incorporate an according university logo and be approved by UMC. University approved colors can be used in each email and should fulfill accessibility requirements as well.

Contact Guidelines

Currently, UMC must maintain 220,000 or less HubSpot marketing contacts, to avoid large, additional charges under our new contract.

Here are a few parameters that UMC will implement to filter contacts:

  • Only UMC staff members with access to HubSpot can upload new lists to further prevent contact overages.
    • Users must allow 1-2 business days for new list uploads.
    • Heidi Bushong and Andrew Sogn can upload to HubSpot on the behalf of users.
  • Contacts will be filtered regularly to eliminate those who are not responding to email marketing content. These parameters include:
    • Removing hard bounces (email addresses that no longer exist, have been marked as spam, mailbox is full, etc.).
    • Removing unsubscribes.
    • Email marketing sends since contact’s last engagement are at four or more.
      • That were created 6-9 months before current date.
        • Current students, faculty and staff, SDSU Foundation, SDSU Extension, BOR staff are excluded from these parameters.
          • Select contacts and lists can be excluded with UMC approval.
      • Contacts typically will not respond to your content if they have not for a three-month period, based on guidance from our external marketing firm. Because some accounts within HubSpot have a longer communication plan, such as quarterly or semesterly emails, we have lengthened that time frame to 6-9 months. All other parameters are set due to recipients simply not receiving the emails.
      • The internal university audience will remain in the system so we have record of communicate attempts.
  • Should an account need a contact limit beyond 10,000 contacts (not including the internal university audience), UMC will review the account and accommodate, if needed.

Questions regarding these parameters and account use can be directed to Heidi Bushong.