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Our Work

Creative Services

Creative Services and Branding serves as the university's brand ambassadors and guardians of SDSU's marks, graphic identity and brand standards; collaborates and consults with various colleges, departments and units to meet design, photography and related needs.

Examples of work from the creative services division include posters, magazine covers, newsletters, brochures, display banners, programs and invitations as well as anything else that our clients request.

Magazine covers

"STATE Summer 2019 Cover"
STATE Summer 2019 Cover
"STATE Winter 2019 Cover"
STATE Winter 2019 Cover

Magazine layouts

STATE Winter 2020 Cover
STATE Winter 2020 Cover
"Pharmacy Magazine Table of Contents Spread"
Pharmacy Magazine Table of Contents Spread
College of Natural Sciences End of Year Publication
College of Natural Sciences End of Year Publication


"Football Athletic Poster"
Football Athletic Poster
"Baseball Athletic Poster"
Baseball Athletic Poster
"Men's Basketball Athletic Poster"
Men's Basketball Athletic Poster




SDSU New Student Orientation Brochure
SDSU New Student Orientation Brochure
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions Viewbook


Other Design Materials

"Move-In Weekend Snapchat Geofilters"
Move-In Weekend Snapchat Geofilters
"Softball Media Guide Design"
Softball Media Guide Design
"SDSU California Recruitment Banner"
SDSU California Recruitment Banner
"Starbucks Wall Graphic Mural"
Starbucks Wall Graphic Mural


"Photoshoot social media recruitment"
Photoshoot social media recruitment



"Pride of the Dakotas Trailer Wrap"
The Pride of the Dakotas Trailer Wrap
Business Economics. Built by you and SDSU billboard
Business Economics. Built by you and SDSU billboard


Built by you and SDSU ad
Built by you and SDSU ad
"First Impressions Hubspot Design"
First Impressions HubSpot Design

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications provides news service and distribution; manages media relations; maintains the university experts list; creates content across multiple platforms; participates in strategic planning; provides communications support for Imagine 2023 and other institutional initiatives; measures and evaluates results of communications.

News releases

Magazine stories

  • Tractors for Africa: SDState alum sends tractors to Africa in hopes of transforming their ag practices.
  • Madrigal Feaste: The 16th biennial Elizabethan Madrigal Feaste was a step back in time.
  • Out of the Darkness: Michael Orris’ journey to becoming a Jackrabbit was anything but easy.

Web Services

Web Services are the primary marketing and communications medium for the university; functions as a repository of information for multiple audiences, internal and external; fosters best practices and consistency across multiple technologies; presents content in effective, innovative and dynamic ways to enhance the university web presence.

Digital and Social Media

Digital and Social Media include the development, planning and production of marketing, promotional, news and online video projects that describe and promote SDSU. It also includes the use of web-based and mobile technologies to interact with a range of audiences through text, images, video, audio or shared links. UMC serves as the gatekeeper of the university’s social media policies and guides, providing assistance and training to colleges, departments and units seeking a social media platform and presence.