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Web Services Support

Baseline Web Services

University Marketing & Communications (UMC) has established a list of baseline web services that it provides at no charge to all internal clients, including administrative offices, colleges, departments, service units and other groups.

Resources for Web Editors

To teach web editors how to add, edit and manage online content on, and includes access to Drupal “Paragraphs” elements that provide layout flexibility for landing pages.

Learn more about paragraph elements

UMC provides web editors with access to Siteimprove accessibility software and training on how to use it — a requirement that must be met by all web editors before they are granted access to editing tools—to assure that all content posted on SDSU official and affiliated websites is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 (Level A and AA) and Section 508 Standards.

Siteimprove Tutorials

UMC provides a set of instructions for web editors, including an online blog with notifications and additional information.

Provided for web editors to get individual assistance with web-related issues.

Tuesdays from 1-3 p.m.

Contact web support to report bugs or errors occurring in pages or tools, or to request assistance resolving issues with

Additional Support and Services

An audit and review of content and layout on college and department landing pages will be done and recommendations provided.

Annual set-up and access to (Google) analytics will be provided upon request to web editors for their pages. Creating heatmaps (Hotjar) to showcase user behavior on specific webpages.

UMC will provide a connection to permit the display of a feed from Facebook on landing pages.

Custom URLs and URL forwarding can be provided on an as-needed basis.

Custom Web Services

Web Projects

UMC can create and implement (or facilitate creation and implementation of) custom web projects — including, but not limited to, web tools, web pages, websites, content types and other features — on and affiliated sites, for an additional hourly cost. UMC will advise those requesting special projects as to their appropriateness for inclusion on

Custom projects can be implemented two ways:

  • Internal

    Through UMC identifying, integrating and implementing existing Drupal modules on or an affiliate website; or

  • External

    Through referring clients to the University’s web development firm of record (currently Blend Interactive of Sioux Falls) to build more complex, individualized projects.

  • Development of custom tools for use within or affiliated sites to support the business goals of university colleges, departments or units (for example, the Explore Majors and Careers tool, ADRDL User Guide, etc.).
  • Development of custom pages within that fall outside the scope of UMC baseline services for use within or affiliated sites.
  • Providing theming for custom projects that is consistent with theming.
  • Creating custom content types, style sheets, templates, etc. to provide project functionality.
  • Creating custom web graphics (for example, animated GIF or SVG or modals like those).
  • Providing necessary tools and training to allow management of specialized custom web tools, pages and sites by web editors.
  • Providing custom copywriting and content editing assistance.
  • Providing photography and video services.
  • Development of a new Drupal website for an SDState affiliated organization, to be published outside of (including custom templates, style sheets, content types, etc.). Note: Non-SDSU web projects will not be accepted—potential clients will be referred to external providers.

For any custom projects, UMC and/or its web development firm of record will provide a detailed scope of work, including specific deliverables, an estimate of costs, compatibility information and a projected timeline for delivery.

Fee Structure

Write or edit web content$35/hr.
Update existing web content/content management$35/hr.
Create custom HubSpot newsletter header (or other template) and set up account$100 annual fee
Create custom web graphics (for example, animated GIF, SVG or modals)$35/hr.
Create a new content type and custom tool(s) to manage it$50/hr. (estimate for entire project to be included in scope of work)
Build specialized tools to manage and display dynamic content (for example, the Explore Majors and Careers tool or the ADRDL tool)—will be referred to external providerapprox. $195/hr.

Build a new Drupal website for an SDSU-affiliated organization, to be published outside of (including templates, style sheets, content types, management tools, etc.)—will be referred to an external provider

Note: Non-SDSU web projects will not be accepted—customers will be referred to external providers.

approx. $195/hr.

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