Emergency Management


To prepare for, mitigate the effects of, respond to, and recover from real or potential man-made or natural disasters .


Provide leadership and oversee the planning, organization and management of emergency responses and related training in order to provide a safe campus. 


  • Maintain the SDSU Emergency Plan, both written and online
  • Coordinate with local, state and federal emergency planners
  • Provide emergency management training for the community
  • Provide leadership for emergency preparedness
  • Serve on the Emergency Management Team
  • Serve on the campus Risk Management Team

University’s leadership has placed an emphasis on emergency preparedness and the development of a community culture that values safety and security as a priority. To advance this priority the position of  Emergency Management Specialist was created in May 2012. The Emergency Management Specialist is the primary resource for emergency preparedness, and contingency and continuity planning.

The Emergency Management Specialist also:

  • Utilizes several supplemental methods to facilitate incident communications, such as Campus Alert
  • Participates in and conducts numerous exercises annually to empower participants, examine plans and equipment, and demonstrate decision making processes
  • Fosters numerous important internal and external partnerships
  • Collaborates and coordinates with various individuals, groups and agencies across the emergency management spectrum

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SDSU keeps campus community safe

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed several challenges for South Dakota State University, but action has been taken to best accommodate the campus community during this unprecedented time. Several units across campus have been activated to address the challenges.

ROTC Training to take place on SDSU campus this weekend

The following message was sent to the SDSU campus community and various groups pertaining to ROTC training this weekend on the South Dakota State University campus: