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Campus Safety

Campus Alert - Emergency Notification System

South Dakota State University maintains a Campus Alert System for the purpose of issuing immediate notification to keep the SDSU community informed and safe during an emergency situation. There are many components of the system that provide redundant layers of notification to ensure the widest possible distribution of the message, and these system components are regularly tested to ensure proper functionality.

SDSU Campus Alert System FAQ

Any active student, staff or faculty member of the SDSU community with an email address and password used to login to your email can subscribe. If are a volunteer or an SDSU tenant, email SDSU Emergency Management.

If you are not located on the SDSU campus or you live and work closer to another SDBOR campus, you would update your profile within the system by choosing the "Opt-In". This option will let you choose another campus to receive those alerts. All the campus's are listed and by checking that campus will ensure you are notified of those emergencies. This would also include "Timely Warnings".

To login to your profile go to the Campus Alert System.

Only if you are SDSU volunteer, visiting faculty or eligible tenant. The text messaging service is only one of several communication and information sources utilized at SDSU. Emergency information is available at SDSU Emergency Status and through additional components of the Campus Alert emergency notification system. Contact Emergency Management for more information.

The text messaging service is only one of several communication and information sources utilized at SDSU. Emergency information is available at SDSU Emergency Status and through additional components of the SDSU Campus Alert emergency notification system.

You will only receive emergency messages. Occasionally, SDSU may need to test our messaging network to ensure proper operation and functionality in the event of an actual emergency message broadcast.

The service is free; however, standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your carrier for details on your plan.

This is the source of SDSU's Campus Alert message system. Messages from SDSU Campus Alert are delivered by our partner, Everbridge.

Although all SDSU faculty, staff and students are mandated by the SDBOR to have their email uploaded to the system, you can opt-out all other contact information by logging into the Campus Alert System website and updating your contact preferences.

You simply log into Campus Alert System using your SDSU email address and password and update your account.

Not at this time. Only active students, faculty, staff and eligible campus tenants in SDSU community can participate. The emergency messaging service is only one of several communication and information sources utilized at SDSU. All emergency information is available online.

Prior to leaving, you can opt-out by logging into Campus Alert System website using your campus email and selecting Opt-Out and removing your contact information.

No. Neither the University nor partners will share any mobile phone information at any time with a third party.

In the event of an emergency, alerts will also be posted on the University's homepage. This will continue to be updated each time a message is sent to the campus community. In the event the University's website is down, the University Facebook page and SDState Emergency Management Twitter page will serve as the back-up pages for emergency information. This is available to all members of the community.

Upon the report of a dangerous or emergency situation, campus officials will confirm the existence of the threat. These situations may include but are not limited to law enforcement issues; hazardous material release; and hazardous weather affecting SDSU campus. As soon as SDSU officials have confirmed that a significant emergency or dangerous situation exists, SDSU officials consider the safety of the campus community; determine what information to release about the situation; and begin the notification process. The University may not immediately issue a notification for a confirmed emergency or dangerous situation if doing so would compromise efforts to assist a victim; contain the emergency; respond to the emergency; or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

This process is similar to each of the SDBOR campus's. If your location (work or school) is closer to another SDBOR campus you can "Opt-In" to receive emergency notifications from that campus. This would also include Timely Warnings. Go to Campus Alert System and choose to edit your profile, once in the system you can choose which Universities you want to "Opt-In". Make sure you click Save before exiting.

SDSU Alertus Desktop Notifications

South Dakota State University has partnered with Alertus notification systems to enhance the ability to communicate with the community in an emergency. University leadership has placed a high emphasis on emergency preparedness and more comprehensive safety and security measures within the university community. Alertus supports that effort.

We have combined our existing Everbridge Emergency Communications product with Alertus, creating a robust and redundant communication system. After extensive testing Alertus is now available for installation on personally owned Mac and Windows computers. Once installed, you will receive notifications through Everbridge in the manner you have selected and receive an Alertus announcement on your computer. To remove the message from your screen, simply acknowledge the alert.

Alertus will run on a Mac or PC and, once installed, automatically connects to our emergency notification servers. The tool is great for students, faculty and staff who take advantage of the SDSU network. Please note the software must be installed from a computer able to connect to InsideState or MyState with valid credentials. Afterward, it will work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

To ensure proper installation, make sure all computer system upgrades are installed.

Downloading and installing Alertus is quick, easy and takes just a few minutes. Once installed, the software runs in the background and you can verify it is connected by checking the icon in the System Tray (on Windows) or Menu Bar (on a Mac). If you have an active SDSU login, you can download and install Alertus.

Jackrabbits Guardian

SDSU has partnered with Rave Guardian to create a mobile app to provide personal safety to students. Jackrabbits Guardian provides a number of safety and communication tools for users.

Personal Guardians and the Safety Timer:

Students can identify the University Police Department, friends, roommates and family as “guardians” when setting their Rave Guardian Safety Timer. If a timer session expires before you check in or deactivate the timer, your guardians can see your information and location.

Emergency Button:

Direct, immediate connection to UPD with GPS location and personal profile information. Please note when the "Emergency" button is clicked that you will have to confirm you want to place the emergency phone call to the designated number.

Tip Texting:

Enables two-way crime tip reporting through text and images.