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Police Ride-Along Program

Regulations for Participants in University Police Department Ride-Along Program

  1. All applicants for participation in this program must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Anyone wishing to participate in this program needs to complete the application form and turn it in to the Police Department at least 1 week before the requested date and time of the ride-along.
    1. You will fill out and sign the waiver in-person before you participate in the ride-along.
  3. The review of all applications will include a local and state criminal record check. An applicant who has a felony record or a misdemeanor record which involves moral turpitude or dishonesty may be excluded from participation in this program.
  4. Once approved, participants shall be notified if the request has been approved.
    1. If the requested date and time is not possible, you will be contacted to schedule a different date and time.
  5. Participants should arrive at the station at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ride-along. If the participant is not present at this time, the department reserves the right to cancel the ride-along rather than delay the officer from going on duty while necessary forms are completed.
  6. Participants shall play no active role in the police function. They must only act as an observer unless otherwise directed by their host-officer.
  7. Participants shall not be allowed to operate any police equipment unless directed to do so by a police officer in an extreme emergency.
  8. Participants must always remain in the police vehicle until directed otherwise by an officer.
  9. Participants must not speak to victims, witnesses, prisoners or other persons associated with a police event. Should a witness, prisoner, victim or other person speak to the participant, the participant should politely direct the person to speak to one of the officers present.
  10. Participants are encouraged to ask questions of the host officer. However, such questions should be asked after the police event has been resolved so as not to interfere with the police operation.
  11. Participants shall not bring cameras or any recording devices without the express written permission of the Chief of Police.
  12. Participants shall not enter any person’s residence while participating in the ride-along unless the host officer has asked and has been granted express permission from the homeowner/occupant to allow the ride-along participant entry.
  13. Participants shall always follow the instructions of the host-officer during the ride-along.
  14. Participants shall not be allowed to carry any firearm or other weapon, even when otherwise authorized by law, while participating in the ride-along program.
  15. Participants should be dressed in comfortable, casual but conservative clothing during the ride-along.
    1. Pants and collared shirt for men; Pants and blouse for women.
    2. Participants who are inappropriately dressed, as determined by the supervising officer, shall not be allowed to participate in the program on the assigned date.
  16. Participants shall only be allowed to participate in this program once every 6 months unless approved by the Chief of Police.